Friday, February 15, 2008

Firebomb Fritz' Stylites - 19 May 85 Effenaar Eindhoven (tape, Zesde Kolonne, 1985)

Later today I will travel to Eindhoven for some business, so I thought it'll be good to present some music from that city. Well recorded over there. Tomorrow we'll have some musicians from that city. Firebomb Fritz' Stylites was, I believe, an off shoot of 23 Skidoo, and played some great industrial funk like music. Nothing more is unknown about them, and the cover holds no more info either. But it's great music.



elektrokapusciocha said...

the first track blew me off my chair, thank you! very good indeed

moroder odor said...

One of my favorite post that you have ever posted!!! I can't thank you enough. I never knew about this side project of 23 Skidoo.

It's an amazing tape. As with most of the 23 Skidoo stuff, it's really way ahead of it's time!

thanks again.