Monday, March 31, 2008

Hula - Black Pop Workout, Cut From Inside, Fever Car (12", LP, 12", all on Red Rhino, 1982, 1983, 1984)

From discogs: "The Sheffield based band Hula was founded in 1981. Three members (Mark Albrow, Alan Fish and Ron Wright) lived with Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Paul Widger (They must be Russians, Clock DVA, the Box) in a villa called Hula Kula. After trying the bass players Alan Watt, the notorious Chris Brain (Tense, NOS) and Mark Brydon (Chakk, Moloko), and after the replacement of Alan Fish by Nort (both drummed for the Cabs), Hula recorded the impressive album Murmur. Ingredients like cut ups, steady rhythms, and paranoia vocals were blended together into a unique white funky sound.
Hula recruited John Avery as a bass player. A bass player was necessary for the exciting live shows with lots of video material (Peter Care). Hula continued to bring out danceable 12 inches and more experimental albums. With this line-up Hula was more or less successful. International tours were made. Radio sessions for VPRO and John Peel were recorded and broadcasted. Being a support act for Depeche Mode implied performing live in Wembley Arena for huge crowds. After Nort left the band in 1986 the music changed, but still remained interesting. Later on Mark Albrow quit as well. When their record co Red Rhino went bankrupt they moved on to Wax Trax. They released the last Hula record: a Jimmy Hendrix cover of Voodoo Chile. The 12 inch did not sort out the desired effect. Jo Cammack joined in officially and they made new songs in 1991. Intimates say it is the best Hula ever made. For the public it is hard to judge, for the material is still in the vaults of the studio. Eventually Hula broke up."



Sunday, March 30, 2008

Merzbow - Lowest Music 2 (tape, Extreme XCT 010, ?)
Originally from 1982, when Merzbow released it on his own ZSF label, but this is the later re-issue on Extreme. Many collage like sounds and tape loops.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Reyvision - The Soundcage (LP, Silent Records, 1987)

There is hardly any information available on what Reyvision, even when the insert mentions all the names. It seems (!) that somebody called Reyvision produced this lot of music which was played by others. What is interesting, I think, is that this forecasts more the later ambient sound of Silent Records, more than PGR ever did. Just my opinion. A curious record, I think.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Nasmak - Indecent Exposure 3 and 4: The Smell Remains (2 tapes, Plurex, 1981)

Volume 3 and 4 of this series of Dutch band Nasmak long sketch books of sounds. See my previous posts for more information...

volume 3

volume 4

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Merzbow - Flesh Metal Oragsm (tape, Nihilistic Recordings, 1989)Merzbow - Flesh Metal Oragsm (tape, Nihilistic Recordings, 1989)

One of the harsher Merzbow releases here, which was released by Peter Zincken (of Odal and Fckn Bstrd's fame) Nihilistic Recordings, one his labels in the 80s. The funny thing is that the cover lists all the instruments used. I can imagine a few people raising an eye-brow: did he use that to make all this noise. But I like it. For some reason I can't upload an image


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hands To/Eric Lunde (split LP, Complacency CPD 03001, 1989)

I already posted some music by Hands To before, and here is a split LP that he did with Eric Lunde. Lunde was once a member of Boy Dirt Car and then went solo, concentrating on voice and electronics. I must admit I never really understood what it was all about. More about that when I post more. This LP shows his extended interest in sampling, breaking away from his earlier tape experiments. When Complacency released this album, they also released a LP by Illusion Of Safety and Holeist, a group with Eric, along with Jeph Jerman (Hands To) and Dan Burke (Illusion Of Safety). I have none of his tapes, but will post all the vinyl he released.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sexorama Volume Three (two tapes, ZSF Produkt, 1985)

Well, not post the other two Sexorama compilations straight away? On the first cassette of volume three, you'll find Controlled Bleeding, Klang, Le Syndicat, The Hanatarashi, Mauthausen Orchestra, Nord, Bourbonese Qualk, Merzbow. Etant Donnes, Solmania and Vittore Baroni and on cassette two NBN, Le Syndicat, Boh Boh, Klang, The Gerogerigegege, Tetsuya Fukui, Controlled Bleeding, Ardissono Carlo, Mentalvoid and Merzbow. And what I forgot to tell yesterday, neither of these volumes come with extensive booklets like volume 1.

one two

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sexorama Two (tape, ZSF Produkt, 1984), Sexorama Four (tape, ZSF Produkt, 1986)

More compilations, but of an entirely different nature. Sexorama were five tapes in total. Number one was on Dual Track last year, and here are number two and four. Number three, a double tape, will come later, no doubt later this week. Sex was the most used thematic approach for compilations in the 80s, which probably said a lot about the sexual development of the young men creating noise music. Compiled by Masami Akita of Merzbow, you'll find Black Humoure, Toshifumi Kawase, Comando Bruno, Enhanta Bodlar, Null, Merzbow, Der Verboten, K, Pax Romana and Pornoise (all on Volume 2), and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Agencement, Smarsh (probably Smersh is what is ment), The Haters, Asmus Tietchens, The Ponchans, S Core, NP plus a whole bunch of Japanese character on Volume Four.



Sunday, March 23, 2008

Directions Two (tape, Direction Music, DMC 02, 1989)

Direction Music was a nice UK tape label with mostly electronic and some more experimental music, ran by Peter Harrison, who died in 2000 (and consequently the label stopped). He released tapes by Vidna Obmana, David Prescott, Maeror Tri, Contact With A Curve and some nice compilations, of which this is one. This is the tracklist for it:

A1 Muslimgauze Lion Of Kandahar (Excerpt)
A2a David Prescott Study For 2 Filters & Shortwave
A2b David Prescott The Last Of Proficiency
A3 N.R. Hills The Boat Of Nails
A4 Alto Stratus Sunken Nun
A5 Nurse With Wound Smooching With The Sacred Cow Of Om
A6 Plant Bach Ofnus Gader
A7 Jörg Thomasius Piano Loop
B1 Colin Potter The Burrowing Machine
B2 Conrad Schnitzler Con. 19/10/88 (Geburtstag Musik)
B3a Gen Ken Montgomery Snake Dance
B3b Gen Ken Montgomery Ships That Pass
B4 Pump Yukiko
B5 John Palmer Milkbottles That Move (In The Night)
B6 Arcane Device Untitled Feedback Piece
B7 Magenta Mirror Direction Matrix P


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Context - Verbindungen 2 (tape, Tonspur Tapes 55, 1994)

Context is the project of Stefan Schwab, who also ran the Tonspur Tapes label, releasing much of his own work, but also De Fabriek, Brume, The Haters, Big City Orchestra, Maeror Tri and many international compilations. On this tape, of which the title means 'connections', Context does music by mail collaborations with Big City Orchestra, David Prescott and Kapotte Muziek. The music is electronic, experimental, but quite enjoyable.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Henri Chopin - Poesie Sonore (tape, S Press, 1972)

One of the shorter tapes, with only two pieces by this by now very old sound poetry guy, not like Whitehead at all. Chopin started to work in the fifties with microphones and reel to reel tape machines and had a magazine with record 'Revue OU'. I believe much of his compositions are re-issued by now, but I'm not sure about this tape release. It's not the best quality aroun, but it gives you a fine idea of what it sounds like.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Iancu Dumitrescu/David Prescott (LP, Generations Unlimited, 1989)

I totally forgot I had this until I found it the other day. Of course from David I posted an album before. Here its a split LP with Iancu Dumitrescu. "Electro-acoustic composer born in Romania in 1944. From the age of seven to twenty-two he pursued conventional musical studies leading to an M.A. in composition at the National Conservatoire in Bucharest. In 1976, Dumitrescu founded The Hyperion Ensemble. With Ana-Maria Avram, he set up the Edition Modern record label in 1990." (source: discogs). The funny thing is that both have 2 tracks on this with one per artist on each side, unlike most split LP's which have two artists each on a side.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gregory Whitehead - Three Tapes

The other three tapes I have by Gregory Whitehead, 'Lovely Ways To Burn', 'The Respirator' (in zip three) and 'Phanton Pain' (in zip four). For more info see last week's post on this great sound poetry/radio play man.



Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kaiser Nietzsche - Non Plus Ultra (tape, Freedom In A Vacuum, 1989)

Towards the end of the eighties there was a growing interest from the industrial musicians in musique concrete, and some groups started to play music that was loud but more musique concrete, like THU20, P16D4, P. Children and also Kaiser Nietzsche from Canada. This trio of John Kamevaar, Thomas Handy and David Scurr only released three tapes, one LP and one split LP with Yuzuru Syogase (which is, I think still available on CD by Artware). Non Plus Ultra is their final cassette release. Only of Kamevaar I heard some more music in the middle part of the nineties.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Merzbow - Metal Mad Man (tape, SHFK7004, 1992)

I was flipping through the book that comes with the Merzbox, and noticed that this is close to one the last releases that Merzbow did on cassette. It already has the type of noise that he is best known for, so haters of true loud noise beware.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yeast Culture - IYS (LP, Petri Supply, 1990), Rena Leicia - The Exposition Of Nothing (7", Petri Supply, 1989?)

Certainly one the strangest bands I post about. It's mainly the work of one man, Abo, who lived back in Seatlle, where he had a label (Petri Supply), which also acted as a mail-order. His few releases (these two, plus a cassette, which I may have if I can find it) are highly cryptical releases, but with elaborate packaging, heavy silk screened covers, but no information. The 7" contains also a 10", 78 rpm record. The music on the 7" is created using the 10", of which he had 114 different ones, thus the total edition. On discogs we read about the LP:
"Released in an edition of approximately 500 copies on marbled grey vinyl and packaged in a screen-printed gatefold jacket. Both the inside and outside of the jacket, as well as the inside and outside of the inner bag were screen-printed (which means that all the copies are a little noisy due to contact with the printing). The gatefold sleeve also incorporated black and white contact sheets of the Madrona tree used in the recording of the album. One pocket of the gatefold includes leaves and/or branches from the tree used in the recording. The gatefold was closed by a circular sticker.
The original recordings were made over a three day period of the summer of 1989 at a rural location in Whidbey Island. Studio preparations were done at Incubator, and final mixdown achieved at Electric Eel recording studio. The second side was backwards out of phase version of the first side, meaning that theoretically if you played both sides at the same time, the sounds would cancel themselves out.
Aside from the 500 or so copies of the regular edition, there were about 60 which never had cov and remained in storage until June 2000 when Abo handmade completely different assemblage covers and labels for them. These copies also included new liner notes explaining the project. Each copy had a unique cover. Almost all of this "second edition" was sold through Anomalous Records."
Petri Supply also didn't release much either: there is the Yeast Culture cassette, a 7" co released with Korm Plastics and Selektion, a Kapotte Muziek LP, a Hands To LP (speaking of weird packages - wow) and Circusirus, a triple 7" package, which I still have problem figuring out who is who. I may post the Kapotte Muziek and Hands To LPs in the future.

just IYS download

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frank Dommert - Kiefermusik (LP, Entenpfuhl emm LP 01, 1990)

These days Dommert is still around, mainly doing work for labels as Sonig and helping out Mouse On Mars, but in the late 80s he produced some music himself. Three tapes, which I don't have, one 7" with HNAS (which I think is on Mutant Sounds), and 'Kiefermusik', the LP he recorded for his Entenpfuhl label, which also released the previously posted C. Schulz album. Dommert's own music owes more to musique concrete in similar vein as Hajsch. They all were members of Kontakta, a short lived but highly infuential band from Cologne.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Chop Shop - Scraps (tape, 1989)

Chop Shop is the work of Scott Konzelmann, who plays 'industrial music' which he makes using all sorts of installation like art pieces. Speakers and such like, through which he feeds his raw sound. 'Scraps' is a self-released tape. Other releases have been on RRRecords (a.o. one between steel plates), V2 Archief and Banned Production. His last release was from 2006, but in this century he is not as active as before.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Assemblage 1990 (tape, PBK, 1990)

Another compilation, different format and different artists. PBK is more an artist than that he ever ran a label, but in 1990 he released this compilation with mostly US artistsL Sound Theater, Hands To, Joseph Nechvatal, Art Simon, Illusion Of Safety and Jim O'Rourke plus a piece of his own. From abroad he had Vidna Obmana and Asmus Tietchens. Quite an interesting compilation of experimental music.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Strength (LP, Azteco Records, 1986)

And some more Vivenza can be found on this compilation LP from Italy, which has some 'big' names of those days like DDAA, P16.D4, De Fabriek, Human Flesh and then new T.A.C. from Italy. Each of them has quite some time at their disposal, so it became quite a nice compilation album.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vivenza - Machines (12", Musee St. Pierre, 1985)

Perhaps my final posting on the work of Vivenza, this is a rather short one, but quite nice example of his machine music. As my friend AV pointed out, the thing Vivenza didn't do was making music with recordings of machines. He made the scan of the Vivenza equipment as shown in the booklet of his V2 cassette. We can two putney at the core of his set up. Interesting. Find the picture separate from the post... The person in the picture is not Vivenza, in case you might wonder.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Gregory Whitehead - Six Tapes

This is the first of two posts with the tapes by Gregory Whitehead. " Gregory Whitehead is the writer, director and producer of more than one hundred radio plays, essays and acoustic adventures for the BBC, Radio France, Australia’s ABC, NPR and other broadcasters. His plays have won numerous major awards, including a Prix Italia for Pressures of the Unspeakable, a Prix Futura for Shake, Rattle, Roll and a Sony Gold Academy Award for The Loneliest Road. His recent (2005) production of Normi Noel’s No Background Music, featuring Sigourney Weaver, also received a Sony Gold Academy Award. Whitehead is a frequent performer in literary cabarets and mixed media theatre events, as well as a featured guest speaker at conferences and audio festivals throughout the US and Europe. He has collaborated with Mark Sussman and Allen Weiss on a Theater of the Ears, and has also experimented with small-scale puppet and toy theaters. He is co-editor of the influential anthology of writings on the history of radio and audio art, Wireless Imagination: sound radio and the avant-garde, and the author of numerous essays that explore the politics and paradoxes of radiophonic space."

In the 1980s he produced a whole bunch of tapes, usually with just one side used and can be funny and disturbing. Some of this were compiled on 'The Pleasure Of Ruins' CD by Korm Plastics in 1993, but all material here taken from the original cassettes

1. Disorder Speech (Minerva Editions, 1985)
2. Display Wounds (Minerva Editions, 1986)
3. The Pleasure of Ruins (Minerva Editions, 1988)
4. Beyond The Pleasure (Minerva Editions, 1987)
5. Reptiles And Wildfire (Minerva Editions, 1989)
6. Writing On Air (Minerva Editions, 1988)


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Merzbow & John Hudak - The Time Stream (tape, Sound Of Pug, 1989)

The master of noise versus the master of silence? I am sure it was never advertised as such, but it could have been. Merzbow you now heard; Joh Hudak: "Born 3 28 58 Framingham Massachusetts USA. John Hudak has been interested in sound and music from the age of four when he began to play a variety of instruments. At the University of Delaware (BA, English 1981) and Naropa Institute for the Arts (1979), he studied video, photography, creative writing and dance. He then began to create taped soundtracks for his solo performance art pieces. In recent years, he has concentrated on sound, particularly natural sounds. Hudak's current sound work focuses on the minimalism and repetition of sounds below the usual threshold of hearing, sounds that are filtered out or considered non-musical. These sounds are recorded, deconstructed and processed, their rhythms and textures being the basis for aural manipulations."


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Doc Wor Mirran - Breasts Of Misconception (tape, Tonspur Tapes, 1990)

"The actual name "Doc Wör Mirran" was thought up by Bernard H. Worrick while he and Joseph B. Raimond lived together in San Francisco in 1982. But the real history of DWM begins when Bernard H. Worrick and Joseph B. Raimond both moved to Nürnberg Germany in 1985, where Joseph B. Raimond bought an analog 8-track recording studio and began to record what has since become a huge body of recorded work. The concept of DWM though from the very beginning was to combine music, graphic art, painting, sculpture, poetry and just about every other medium of art into one project. The open-membership policy of DWM is an important part of the DWM philosophy.In the early 1990's, Bernard H. Worrick moved to Florida, taking with him an important part of the group's identity. But DWM has continued onwards without Bernard. Bringing Bernard back to Germany and returning him to the DWM fold has become one of the goals of the group. Although rarely playing live, DWM is not averse to live concerts, although playing live is not one of the priorities of the group. Since the departure of Bernard, DWM has become especially interested in collaborative efforts with other artists, both recorded and live. Recent developments with DWM include the formation of a new label within MT Undertainment devoted exclusively to the recordings, literature and artwork by DWM and its various members."

A band with a large discography of which I only have some. Maybe I'll post some of their records. As outlined above DWM has various members who send in their music on tape, CDR or perhaps e-mail these days. On this particular release you'll find head DWM Joseph B. Raimond, Ralf Lexis, Peter Schuster (of Tesendalo), Micheal Wurzer, Denise Pawlak and Frans de Waard.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Herbert van der Kaap - Vertraag De Tijd (tape, Kubus Kommunikaties KK 005, 1981)

I wasn't aware at all that I had this tape, thinking I posted all the tapes that I had from this label. I have no idea who he was, but he was closely linked to the early Kubus releases, slowing down instruments, in this case all slowed down saxophones. It fits well with the ambient style of the early releases, and I would love to see CDR releases of it - perhaps being the only person in the world who would care about such a thing.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

De Grote Prijs Van Nederland 1984 (LP, CBS, 1984)

A while ago we had the first album that was part of De Grote Prijs van Nederland, a rather stupid competition for rock musicians. Ok, so I was wrong about the first year (1983); it had some nice music. The same Mic donated also the version from 1984, which is already a bit downhill for me, but I want you to judge for yourself. It has ska by The Original Talkatives, proto-alt.countryby Rebel, wave/rock by Buster Smiles, wave by Prima Volta, Garagerock Bad Bob and the winner was Gaga, who played afrobeat and of which later two members went to join Urban Dance Squad.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

La Sonorite Jaune - Anastia (tape, Complacency cpc 24, 1989)

I posted music by them before, but it's been quite a while. Time to do some more lovely spacious ambient industrial music by this French duo. Each of the three pieces is sub-divided in small parts, but I couldn't find any possibility to separate them. The cover says, that 'this is the fourth soundtrack to the 'Poetique Espace' celebration. Anastia is humbly dedicated to Yves Klein's memory.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Colorado (LP, RRRecords 074, 1988)

To stick in Colorado, Joel Haertling of Architects Office compiled this album with long forgotten bands like Doll Parts, Chaffed Chunk, Rick Corrigan, Joshua Stevens and Human Head Transplant. Also involved are Little Fyodor and City Of Worms (a Hands To related band), and of course Architects Office. A fine compilation of experimental electronics. There was also an 'anti -record' version of this with the Architects Office scratched out - I have no idea why (although I can assume). Anti-records were for a time a favorite RRRecords line of product.


Monday, March 3, 2008

Architects Office - Caswallon The Headhunter (LP, Silent Records SR 8602, 1986)

I guess this band is best known for working with experimental film maker Stan Brakhage. There is a video (not DVD, I guess) with four short films from him, and music by Architects Office. I believe Joel Haertling was the main man, but the membership was always quite open. I never knew what 'Caswallon The Headhunter' was about, it some kind of electronic opera, but it sounds nice. Spoken word, not so much to the foreground, collage and electronic music.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Etant Donnes - L'Eclipse (tape, Staaltape documentatie serie 00I, 198?)

The two brothers Hurtado who are behind Etant Donnes had already a whole bunch of cassettes on Bain Total, but here on this Dutch label a strong set of various live recordings. Cut-up, collage, industrial. Their performances were great. Their concert at V2 was perhaps one of the best things I saw in the 80s.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crash Worship - This (tape, a Rocco Fresco tape, 1987)

"Crash Worship's live shows are infamous for their unrivalled chaos and unlimited celebration. Led by a strong trio of drummers, the band creates an atmosphere of bacchanalia. Their recordings explore different aspects of rhythm and psychedelia." 'This' is the second tape release by them. Later the band released a bunch of CDs and vinyl, all which didn't have for me the same power as 'This' - and which I thus no longer have. Main man Marcus Wolf later was a member of Blood Axis with former Coup de Grace main man Micheal Moynihan.

Crash Worship sometimes appears with ADRV appended to their name, meaning Adoration De Rotura Violenta ("Crash Worship" in Spanish).

Tape is unindexed.