Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nasmak - Silhouette (LP, Plurex 3303, 1983)

Their fourth and final album, when they were reduced to a trio (Toon Bressers, Henk Janssen and Theo van Eenbergen). Some smooth and slick, a bit like Japan. Although it doesn't match the 3 previous records by them, it's not bad at all, but they do sound a bit tired, I think. Now it's time to work on posting their tape releases!


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RTC - Tomorrow We Talk About Your Career (2LP, De Fabriek Records & Tapes fabprod 10, 1987)

Already promised ages ago, but here its, RTC double LP on De Fabriek. RTC came from Groningen and played popmusic of an electronic nature. Sometimes with Dutch lyrics, sometimes english. The band consisted on Nick Roovers jr and Ron Overbeek, with various people helping out. The first record is 'yesterday' with songs from february till august 1986 and mainly from the core duo. The 'future' LP is a more extended line up.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Randell - Aanhoudende Kwesties (LP, Keerpunt Platen, 1987)

Danny of Das Ding also gave me this album, of which I never heard, not the artist nor the album. Randell came from the same part of the Netherlands as Das Ding (Zeeland) and lived in Amsterdam, was a painter and made crazy experimental music and vague poetry and text. It has the punk tag of pay no more, but it certainly evolved out of that. Danny has no idea what he does now. Apperently there should be a second LP too.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Cherry Orchard (miniLP, Lab Records lab 001, 1986)

One of the nicer things of doing a blog is the fact that I learn myself about forgotten music, or music I never heard (of). Cherry Orchard's miniLP was given to me by Danny Bosten of Das Ding, and it's a band he had with his brothers and is much more post-punk than electronic. 10 short pieces, with the 'pay no more' on the cover. The record didn't sell very well, and some 700 were put next to the garbage a long time ago. On Youtube there is a small film in which you can see them. They are the first band. The second is Cash Meat with Johan from Les Yeux Interdit (see previous post on Das Ding) on bass.


Stichting Ruimte - Follow Mod Compositions (tape, 198?)

In Vinyl there was an article on a new sound system developed at Steim, which if you read it, looks like very early sampling. The musicians in the article later released this tape of rather early primitive sampling techniques. Part rhythmic, part musique concrete. Besides the tape, I scanned the article for some reference. It's however in Dutch only.


Three Mad Dog (tape, 1985)

More percussion only music today, with this tape, private release by Three Mad Dog, the forerunner of Generated progression, of whom I posted a LP a long time ago. Three Mad Dog was Roderik Henderson and Anton Sauve, who studied carefully the works of Test Department. Lots of metal percussion. They won a prize, kind a like De Grote Prijs van Nederland, and split up. Henderson recorded the Generated Progression album and is these days a photgrapher. Sauve is a shepherd.I was away in the weekend, so today 3 posts, 2 now, 1 when I wake up.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Paleis van Boem - Mowgli Goes Kaka (LP, Plexus 08-23355, 1985)

Today I read a film review of a new Dutch film 'TBS' and it said it had too much music by Paleis van Boem. Some research learned that Paleis van Boem did a lot of movie soundtrack, including Oscar winning 'Karakter'. The band is a duo of Martin Vonk (Rotterdam, 16 january 1959) and Jaap de Weijer (Wageningen, 20 may 1959). In 1985 they recorded their album 'Mowgli Goes Kaka', which apparently is their only release ever. It's full of percussion music, which in those days was fasionable (Motel Bokassa and Slagerij van Kampen were other Dutch percussion only bands). This one is rather subdued and not rhythm heavy, more Steve Reich than ethnic, if you catch my drift.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bushido - The Sands of Nakajima (LP, Third Mind Records TMLP 10, 1985)

When I started this blog I had something different in mind than what it is, now after some six months. It had to be broader in music and from different countries. 95% or so is now from The Netherlands, so some people think it's all about Dutch music but it isn't. I came across this LP and thought it would be good to make the blog 94% Dutch. Bushid was Gary Levermore's project, the guy who also ran the Third Mind Label. Quite swollen keyboards, a bit pathetic, but perhaps also funny at that. I like them a lot! Their 'Among The Ruins' 12" can be found on Mutant Sounds, somewhere last year.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rik van Boekel - He He Wat Moet Dat? (tape, Kubus Kassettes kk021, 1984)

The final cassette that I have from the Kubus Kassettes label is this short thirty minute tape by Rik van Boekel, his second release for Kubus. Rik was a poet, who recited his poetry over music. Quite nice, but all in Dutch. I have no idea what happened to him.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grote Prijs Van Nederland 1983 (LP, Megadisc MD 8301, 1983)

Now we can judge for ourselves! Following the small discussion on the recent Tecnoville post, Mic send me the LP 'De Grote Prijs Van Nederland', I believe 1983 was the first edition. You could win money to go into the studio and perhaps a record deal. I don't like contests at all. I thought that most of these bands would be crap, but hey it's not bad at all. The pieces were all recorded at Lochem Festival, Lochem, Holland, 1983. Oh Neel was the winner, though they made a recorded and totally disappeared. You can't tell why they won, as they are the weakest link I think. Thanks Mic for sharing!

A1 Piu Piu - Laga Laga
A2 Piu Piu - Marsipeiner Baby
A3 Neel - Rosy Pictures
A4 Neel - Sensuous
A5 Koffieband, De - Ruzie
A6 Koffieband, De - Liefdesbeet
B1 Tecnoville - Dressed Up
B2 Tecnoville - Ego Life
B3 Tröckener Kecks - Mokerslagen
B4 Tröckener Kecks - Speelkwartier
B5 Tröckener Kecks - Koud En Donker
B6 Sammie America's Mam - This Is The Moment


Monday, January 21, 2008

Digit USA (tape, Kubus Kassettes kk 022, 198?)

Originally there were cassettes on Kubus in a series called "Digit": 'Storing Programm, Ready' (c10), 'New Acoustic Order (c10), 'Dig It' (c15) and 'Kontakt' (c20). I am not sure who the musicians are, but no doubt Rob Smit himself and Herbert van der Kaap. In all of these tapes they explore overtones. Later Kubus released the whole thing a c60 cassette, which is the one I have. No information at all, and since it's hard to tell where things should be separated, I left the whole thing unindexed. It's great electronic music, part experimental, part ambient.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alle 55 Kort (tape, Anti-Esthetische Dienst, 1985)

Niels from the 'Eet U Smakelijk' blog once had this label and released more punk oriented music. I have this tape, the only one from that label, which was true beast to record and make into MP3, but Niels supplied me in the past with great images and music, so a little favor to him this post, but I'm not branching my blog out to hardcore punk in the future. So 55 bands, 55 tracks by Dutch and Belgium hardcore bands from the mid 80s.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dojoji (12", Plexus, 1984)

A while ago I posted 'Six Simple Senses' which included a track by Dojoji, here is their only other release I know by them. The band consisted of Pien Selleger (bass), Ferdinand Rolle (drums), Hans Rath (saxophone) and Ted Langenbach (bass, percussion). The latter is still around with his Now & Wow club and whatever crazy party he put up in the last twenty or so years. On this record they also have a singer in the person of Lesley Woods, who was before this in Au Pairs. Great funk like music.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Parkhof 11/4/81 (LP compilation), The Hague 80 Live (LP compilation)

Two compilations album, both dealing with live recordings. I can be short about The Hague 80 Live, it's basically all quite dull, but the reason for posting this album is that it has some live tracks by Brommerz, and such it got mentioned in the punk book 'Het Gejuich Was Massaal'. The other bands like Ducks Nightmare, MM band, Iguana, Sierra and Leopard are crappy rock bands - IMHO.
The Parkhof album is one I heard about back in those days, but I could never get hold of a copy. This album has some great Dutch punk bands such Bizkids, Wanda’s, Hollands Glorie, Nixe, Rakketax, Krikk, Svätsox, De Groeten but also more experimental bands like Tox Modell and Another plus the totally bizar De No Lul with some dada rant. You get the Den Haag album as a bonus - you can easily get rid of it.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tecnoville - Glow (mini LP, Vinyl Records, 1983)

I posted their 4 track cassette on LeBel Period before. Tecnoville was a four piece group with two ex members of Tox Modell (who were also Det Wiehl) and two ex members of Workmates. This is the only record they ever made (the flexi disc from Vinyl has a track from the cassette) and was produced, quite nice actually, by Harold Schellinx of The Young Lines. Great post-punk/new wave. Six songs on the then so beloved format of a mini LP.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Blaze Colour - 12inch, 7inch, Live, Demo

As promised the complete works, as I have them at least, by the great Belgium duo A Blaze Colour. The 12" is their Plurex record, the 7" was self-released (no cover scans for those). To be complete I also included their track from 'Hours' compilation, which I posted earlier. A friend of mine gave me their demo, which is unindexed. The live recording was broadcasted by VPRO and is I believe from 1983. Simply one of the best minimal synth bands ever. Period. This should be a great CD but I never managed to get in contact with them. What a pity.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dutch Punk #14: The Nitwitz - Early works

One of my very very dear Dutch punk 7"s is the very first 7" by The Nitwitz. I don't know how often I played this, but this serieous fun punk band from Amsterdam always puts a big smile on my face. They started at the end of 1978 and worked along side The Ex, Workmates, Gotterflies. Their records were released on their own Vögelspin Records. In 1982 singer Erik Peters left and they changed their name to Balthazar Gerards Kommando (BGK), named after the murderer of the first Willem the Silent in 1584 an arguable one of the very first hardcore punk band in The Netherlands. In 1996 the band was reformed and released more records (hence the title early works here), they fall outside the limits I impose on myself for this blog. The Wielingen Walgt 12" has The Nitwitz on one side and the less punky but nevertheless also great Götterflies on the other side.

1. Nitwitz, 7inch, Vögelspin bite 001, 1980
2. The Worst Of, 7inch, Vögelspin bite 002, 1980
3. Wielingen Walgt, 12" split with Götterflies, Vögelspin big bite 004, 1981
4. The Scorched Earth Policy, LP, Vögelspin big bite 005, 1981
(their other early tracks you can find on the earlier post 'Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit', Dutch Punk #10)


Monday, January 14, 2008

Moniek Toebosch - I Can Dance (LP, Claxon Records 81-8, 1981)

It's been a long while since posting just a record, because of all the tapes and punk posts, but here is a crazy one. Moniek Toebosch, who calls herself a performer, actress, director and musician. She has worked with Micheal Waisvisz of Steim and produced this solo album of almost voice only. Recorded at Fylkingen, Steim, Shaffy Theatre and her private studio, Toebosch does crazy things with her voice. Improvised music! No matter how hard I looked and listen to the soundfile I couldn't separate the various tracks, so I made one track for the whole album. Moniek Toebosch' website is here


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ad van Buuren - Wervels En Flarden (tape, V2 Archief v202, 1985)

With this post I finish almost all V2 Archief tapes, one more to come which is the 'Dutch Tour' double cassette by Merzbow. Ad van Buuren hails from 's-Hertogenbosch and builts sound installations. In the early days doing so with reel-to-reel tape machines and objects producing sound, these days it's with relais peeping. Very nice mechanical music that has a great warmth to it. On 'Wervels En Flarden', his only release ever, there is the 'wervel side' (a-side) in which he works with tape manipulations of sounds and on the 'flarden-side' its something similar but only with voices. Great stuff. A great shame nothing was ever released from his tape-recorder installations.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

De Fabriek - Conseqences (tape, De Fabriek Records & Tapes fab 8, 1982)

In most articles and book I read about Conrad Schnitzler there is the mention of his 'Consequenz' LP and how he asked for people to sing on it, but it usually mentions that no-one ever did. Well, De Fabriek on this cassette, which is a pretty nice affair, I think, certainly for a band like De Fabriek who don't use many voices on their other releases. The usual early core of De Fabriek plays here: Richard van Dellen and Andries D. Eker. Nice early Fabriek and lots of Schnitzler.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Live in V2 - 22-12-84 No.1 (tape, V2 Archief v203, 1985)

This tape documents one of the very early nights of the artists space V2 in 's-Hertogenbosch and has four tracks only by Jan de Jang, Kawazu/Bean/Mol, Didi de Paris and Club Moral. Especially for the fans of the latter this is an interesting tape. The same guy who delivered me the pictures of Horst Rickels earlier this week, also supplied the images from the booklet. The whole thing was packed in a fake leather wallet.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Z'EV - The Hottest Night (tape, Decay Int 111c, 1987)

I was browsing the web and noticed a new CD release by mister Z'EV on Korm Plastics called 'Outwaard', and I was reminded that I have this great tape by him on Decay Int., the label that brought you The Love Choir before and more in the future. If I'm not wrong the Z'EV< release is one of the few foreign acts on that label. In his discography in 'One Foot In The Grave' Z'EV writes: "Hayo den Boeft came to see in 1986 and as I had always wanted to release at least the two Z'EV sets from 12 Feb 1981 'in context', he agreed to put them out, even though the first set had alreday appeared as Elemental Music. I also did a 'formal' visual piece which was included in the package, using a detail from a newspaper photo, mirrored and repeated". Classic Z'EV stuff that, no doubt that new CD will sound different (well, at least the description sounds so)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Solenoid - Silex Hippopola (tape, New Bulwark Records & Tapes 202-8203, 1982)

Another release in New Bulwark's Records & Tapes 'Music For Modern Art Exhibitions'. Solenoid was three piece from Harderwijk. Their main man Klaas Mons also was part, at various times, from De Fabriek. He even played live under that name, I believe. New Bulwark does no long exist, but the follow up, Motok, just released an online compilation, with O.R.D.U.C., Ilo Istatov and others. Get it here.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Det Wiehl - three tapes

On Mutant Sounds you may have found their CD, which is a kind of best of from these three tapes. Det Wiehl consisted of the two guitarists from Tox Modell, Marc and Andre which later on founded Tecnoville. This was their hobby project, which resulted in these three tapes, of fine, hectic guitar playing, violin abuse, vocals and many guestplayers. They still exist and make music for theatre plays.

1. Nil (tape, Lebel Period lp 800, 1982)
2. Sicks (tape, Lebel Period lp 900, 1982)
3. It's A Great Day For Dying (tape, Lebel Period leb 185, 1985)

Discogs mentions another tape, 'Bidon Four', which I don't have. Anyone else?

their website is here

download download it's a great day

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dutch Punk #13

Finally the missing Rondos 7", their split one with Railbirds and the three remaining sides of the King Kong Records double 7" compilation. From the same label also the great Tandstickorshocks 7". It's not my own rip and my vinyl sounded particular dirty, but I did the scans. Oh, and no scans for the Rondos/Railbirds split 7". On the double 7" you'll find also Bunker, so I also enclose the Bunker 7" which they released themselves. As a extra, no scans either, not even a small image, the two 7"s by Amsterdam's Blitzz, the oldest punk band of this lot, and who were signed to EMI (the unlimited supply!).

1. Blitzz - So Free/Degeneration, 7", EMI, 1978
2. Blitzz - Go Now/You Got What You Want, 7", EMI, 1978
3. Rondos/Railbirds split 7", King Kong Records kkr 300379, 1979
4. Bunker - B-Shifts, 7", B-sides Vinyl 181180, 1980
5. Bunker/Railbirds/Rondos/Terminal City, double 7", King Kong Records kkr 160679, 1979
6. Tandstickorshocks - Allan Vogelan Hebban Nestas, 7", King Kong Records 5, 1980


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Horst Rickels - De 12 Apostelen (tape, V2 Archief v208, 1985), Simulated Wood - Simultaan (tape, V2 Archief v204, 1985)

Two tapes dealing with Der Junge Hund member Horst Rickels. Simulated Wood was a group of him with Horst, Rik van Iersel (also of Der Junge Hund) and Joop van Brakel (of Nasmak) who played three simulatanous solo concerts in V2, who released aftewards a cassette. Highly concrete music of all sorts of acoustic objects rubbing and shaking. Perhaps a bit more interesting is the solo release by Horst. I culled this information from Discogs: "This tape was released in a plastic jewel box in wich a languet is mounted that was taken out of an old harmonium. Inside the box are some transparent inlays with picture, a music-score and text printed on it in black and white. The soundinstallation "De 12 Apostelen" originated in the project "Godenschemering II" that took place in the hall of the former factory V2 in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands in collaboration with Elviera Wersche. Because of the affirmative character of "The Year of Music 1985" the projectweek of april 29th until may 4th 1985 was declared to "Day of Prayer for Croaking". This last is a comment on the drowsy celebrations on may 1st, but also to remember the 130st anniversary of the futurist composer Luigi Russolo. The project was concluded with a performance on may 4th during a total eclipse of the moon. One week later the recordings for this cassette were made. The performers were : E.Werners, J.P. Hochet, N.Pauli, S.Wubben, W.'tHooft, Jong, A.Adriaansens."
All buyers of the cassette were invited to come five years later and bring their cassette and a new concert was played. I was there, but don't remember much of the evening, other than that it was funny to see all those boxes. Mine is broke by now, so a good friend of mine provided scans and photo's of it. The music is quite minimal and drone like, certainly for those who like Phill Niblock


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kalkulator (tape, Tear Apart Tapes tat 002, 198?)

The only other tape I have on Das Ding's Tear Apart Tapes is this excellent compilation, which only problem is the varying sound quality of some of the contributors, so some are pretty loud and some not. The Insane Music posse is here with Cortex, Human Flesh, Bene Gesserit, Subject and Pseudo Code. Jad Fair is a bit of an odd ball and the rest are Dutch, well, I think: Vovokai, Gammagluboline, Spastix, Ende Schneafliet, Baader Popgruppe, Zentak Medium, Das Ding, Act Of God, Rik van Boekel, Cretin Hops, Robotksi, Lab 80 and Naked Lunch.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Six Simple Senses (tape, Simple Tapes st 001, 1982?) What's Behind That Curtain (tape, Simple Tapes st 002, 1983)

Simple Tapes was an off shoot of a fanzine of the same name and which released three cassettes, these two compilations and a cassette by Dojoji, which I don't have. The focus was mainly not exclusively bands and musicians from Rotterdam. On 'Six Simple Senses' you'll find music by The Black Sheep, Reuter Taktik, Rigor Mortis, Niew Hip Stilen, Dolbies and Effective Fashion. More experimental music can be found on the other by musicians Herbert Verheij, Henk Elenga, Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx, Klein Karang, Willem Jacobs, Rob van Bolderen, Boston Tea Party, Willem Kamerbeek and Triomphe De Vienne - not many well known names, but it's surely worth hearing (of course, as I otherwise I wouldn't post it!).


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Enno Velthuys - Landscapes In Thin Air (tape, Kubus Kassettes kc 023, 198?)

The second release I post by this crazy dutch ambient composer and of a much better recording quality. The cover says it's been released by Kubus, but there is a stamp from Exart on the backside and according to the Cassette Catalogus it is indeed also released over there.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ovens Van Ondank - 1 (tape, Burp cassettes, 1983)

Somebody asked for some music by De Brassers, but you can find some of their music on their website and I lost their 'Levend' cassette over the years. But for those who like De Brassers and early Coitus Int, there is this great tape by Ovens Van Ondank, a trio of 'Frank, Robo, Makz and some instruments'. Great post punk depression music. I think it's the only thing they released. The tape is now in the dust bin since it stopped playing at the last track, but I think I captured most of it.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quest - The First Hour (tape, Korm Plastics kp 5696, 1996)

More fireworks, as promised on this cassette release from Quest. It was recorded in the very early hours or so of January 1st 1996. The complete title is supposed to be 'The First Hour Of 1996' - 'captured in an electronic ambience'. It was released as a cassette by Korm Plastics and later as a CDR by Bake Records. Quest is one of the many names used by Frans de Waard for his 'solo ambient music'. He also did a duo with Maurice van Dongen as QST, with kinda similar stuff. He no longer uses the name I think.