Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Randell - Aanhoudende Kwesties (LP, Keerpunt Platen, 1987)

Danny of Das Ding also gave me this album, of which I never heard, not the artist nor the album. Randell came from the same part of the Netherlands as Das Ding (Zeeland) and lived in Amsterdam, was a painter and made crazy experimental music and vague poetry and text. It has the punk tag of pay no more, but it certainly evolved out of that. Danny has no idea what he does now. Apperently there should be a second LP too.



Frits said...

The second LP is called "Kleine kamers voor jou" and i think it is even better than the first! This guy is worth a CD box.

433 RPM said...

i later posted kleine kamers also. i am not a business man, but releasing this as a CD box sounds like a commercial suicide.