Monday, June 30, 2008

Chop Shop - Powerdrunk (tape, Banned Production BP 30, 1992)

I am not sure if I put the track titles right. They might also be the other way around. Nice tape by Chop Shop. I posted some of his music before.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Swallowing Scrap Metal (tape, Gut Level Music GL3, 1984)

Gut Level Music was a shop and label in Brockton, MA and only existed for a short while. Or least: it quickly disappeared after they released this cassette, a compilation with

A01 Autopsia Song Of Hate
A02 Blackhouse Long Live Life
A03 Blackhouse Abolition Of Strife
A04 Instruction* The End Of The Line
A05 Furry Couch Gutter Level Music
A06 Furry Couch Outta Da Blue
A07 FâLX çèrêbRi Lymphonoduli Aggregati
A08 White Hand This Is So
A09 White Hand One Blood One Land
A10 Pacific 231 (2) Mental Central Units (Private Aktion 2)
A11 Pacific 231 (2) Steel Days
A12 Pacific 231 (2) Fornication
B01 Controlled Bleeding Knees And Bones
B02 Final Solution (4) 3-15-84
B03 3,14 Incantation II
B04 H.G. Wells (3) Fond Memories Of Murder
B05 H.G. Wells (3) Information
B06 Coup De Grace Aufziehen 2
B07 Psyclones Norway Aktion
B08 Borbetomagus Rockland County Health Center 12-18-83

I didn't scan the entire booklet. Needles to say I don't have the elaborate edition as described on Discogs. Following track A12 there is also a short piece that is not on the cover, of rewinding tapes.


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Current 93/Nurse With Wound (tape, Staalplaat OOF, 1985)

Somebody spotted an aweful mistake totally mine! On May 18th I posted what I thought was the Last Few Days cassette on Staalplaat, but in fact it was the Staalplaat Current 93/Nurse With Wound release. If you already downloaded this release, then change the tags to:

1. Current 93 - NL Centrum Amsterdam 8-12-84
2. Nurse With Wound - NL Centrum Amsterdam 8-12-84


Friday, June 27, 2008

Daask - Beat Holy Island (tape, Staalplaat, 198?)

And to stay in the corner of Finger In The Dike, there is also this tape by Daask. I believe that this was a group of film/video makers, and this tape of course only contains the soundtrack, as recorded by Sluik/Kurpershoek. They worked together from 1982 to 2001 on music, video and visual art. Staalplaat released a CD by them. According to Frans de Waard's cassette catalogue Finger In The Dike released this, but the small booklet mentions Staalplaat. I gather just for distribution. Oh well. Nice industrial music.

I know that all the posts with files on Xirror have been removed and I am re-loading them on Share On All. Try again in the next few days for those.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Throw Me Your Finger - Eleven Chants From Heaven (In Stereo) (tape, Finger In The Dike, 198?)

The first time I heard Throw Me Your Finger was on the Korm Plastics compilation 'Katacombe Vol. 3', with an excellent piece of industrial drumming and classical music (Anton Bruckner, my father knew it). The only other release they have, save a track on the 'Illuminated No. 2', which I posted earlier and '6x10=60 volume 1', is this thirty minute tape on Finger In The Dike, one of the first Dutch cassette labels. According to the insert Throw Me Your Finger are Dirk de Vries and Roelof-Jan Minneboo, the latter still active in art (I believe) and as far as I know they were from Amsterdam. This tape wasn't the same as the first meeting, but 'I think He's Dead' is a very nice and humorous piece.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arcane Device - Seven (tape, Banned Productions BP 31, 1990)

"Arcane Device is the project of David Myers to release his experimental works with manipulated feedback processing. Myers invented his own machine for feedback and started releasing his first experimental works in 1987. He has also collaborated with people like Asmus Tietchens, Kim Cascone, and others and has his own label called Pulsewidth." This is his seventh release as Arcane Device.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strange Project - Some Bizarre (double tape, Zimbo Tapes 7 & 8, 198?)

Yesterday John P, formerly of Zimbo Tapes left behind some comments and it included a link to Hyves, the very Dutch equivalent to Facebook (or some such crap), so maybe go there. I'd prefer if John would start his own blog for the rest of Zimbo, because this double tape is about the last thing I have from this label: the final thing is a six or seven cassette compilation, which I may do, at one point further away in time and a regular cassette. This tape, Strange Project is a regular Zimbo release, but it came with a free tape, in an edition of 12 copies, also part of this post.

download or download

Monday, June 23, 2008

Laibach - Through The Occupied Netherlands (tape, Staalplaat ST00A, 1984)

Some days ago I posted the tape by Zirkus Beckmans, and I made a mistake. It's not part of the Documentation series but the Confrontation series by Staalplaat. The Documentation series started out a series of live recordings from Amsterdam's NL Centrum and the first two releases were Last Few Days (already posted) and this Laibach release. Also included a recording from De Kapel in Den Haag, a show organised by Pidoewa's Tony Blockdijk.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rudolv - Ksk Dokumentation N° 01: Hünchen-zerdresch-(a)akctionsjodlertum / … (erbrechend-[und]abreaktiv) (LP, Schimpfluch KSK 01, 1990)

One of the most curious, strange, interesting and collectable labels is surely Swiss Schmipfluch. Founded by Rudolv they deal with quite their own esthetic in musique concrete, electro acoustic music, noise and improvisation. Many of their albums are released in very small quantaties and have handmade covers. This record by labelman was released in an edition of 100 copies "packaged in white jacket with die-cut hole showing insect mounted on record label. Includes insert with information. This record includes material from various live actions performed between 1987 and 1990." I have more by this label, so watch this space.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mu - Motion In Tune (LP, Backstreet/Blacklash Records BBR 010, 1981)

A good friend of mine just purchased two records that I was most curious about. The other one will be secret until I post it, but here's Mu, a band with Peter Mensing, Koos Ver A, Peter Graute, Bob Knegt, Martin v.d. Leer, Wim Ver A, Linda Smits, Steve Keen and Sylvia Koch. Recorded at the labels Backlash Studio between 1979 and 1981. Rock music, with weird edges, perhaps a bit like Suspect, also on the label (and also on this blog actually). Not great, but nice enough.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Zirkus Beckmans - Kreaturen Der Hiesigen Epoche (tape, Staalplaat Documentatie/Monteur Verlag, 1984)

The final release I have here from Staalplaat Documentation series and it's by visual artist, cook and musician Fredy Beckmans. At that time he was very much into the circus acts and did a performance which is captured here around that theme. Quite a nice one. With partner Ynse Vugts (who also had a release in this series) he did performances playing a saw and an axe. Their label was called Monteur verlag, but I don't have any of those releases. These days he is more into cooking and building bird cages. No scans of the booklet.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Terminus - Collected Works (tape, Decay Int 88c, 1987)

Another band of which I only heard this tape. Included are Decay int man Hayo on keyboards and tape, Ozkr on bass, tape, Matz (guitar, voice) and Jaco (drums). This tape, title says all, is a collection of works recorded in Groningen, Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Leiden. More rock inspired improvisation.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Des Dyuvels Doedelsack - De Brug Der Zuchten (tape, Pidoewa, 1984?), Paul Bersee - Warmond Projekt (tape, Pidoewa, 1985?)

Two tapes by Pidoewa Tapes, which I believe were from Den Haag. Des Duyvels Doedelsack is a band of rock, funk, improvisation and experiments, but still sound pretty well. I have no idea who were part of this band. Paul Bersee's 'Warmond Project' is more like an soundscape. Again, no idea who he is or was. These two tapes are the only two I have on this label, which also released two tapes by Gammagluboline and one by Boogieman.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Ha Fijn 8.15 (tape, magazine, Edele Delen, 1986)

Today a short compilation, as requested by the guy who compiled it, Heer PJ (Roggeband). Ha Fijn was a magazine for poetry, comics and stories and had various issues - I don't excately recall how many. But with issue 8.15 there was a compilation cassette, fifteen minutes in length. It was the only issue with a cassette, and the thematic approach was computers. Industrialists as Jacinthebox and Kapotte Muziek are present, but also musicians and poets as Smeerpoets, Hugo Kaagman, Lucas Simonis, Dorpoudste De Jong, Heer Peejee, Diana Ozon and SP Vuyk. I didn't scan the entire magazine however.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

S.B.O.T.H.I. - Can The Sound Change - The Change Can Sound (LP, Vis A Vis Audio Arts, VLP-009, 1989)

So last week I was transferring various Touch Tapes, like Meridians 1 and 2, Touch Radio, Magnetic North and looking do Touch 33 ('Islands In Between') and Behzad 'Myth', but Touch doesn't like me to make this public available. So today, something else.

Of course you have to know that this album is by SBOTHI, otherwise it's hard to tell. The cover is all white with on one side 'can the sound change' and on the other 'the change can sound'. S.B.O.T.H.I stands for Swimming Behavior Of The Human Infant, the 80s nom de plume for Achim Wollscheid, who released a bunch of records and collaboration with P16.D4 on Selektion, and with Merzbow. In the nineties and beyond he worked under his own name, these days more with art than with music. Discogs lists 4 tracks or so per side, but I couldn't see where they start or end, so I left both sides unindexed. Nice scratchy copy, since I played mine on the radio a couple of times. Nice one.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Touch Travel (tape, Touch T:4, 1984)

As promised another compilation by Touch, here more or less based on the notion of world music, in an extensive meaning. "Wrapped in a plastic bag with printed matters inside featuring contributions by Peter J. Bach, Neville Brody, Mooie Charrington, Panny Charrington, Kasper de Graaf, John England, John Forsyth, Yvonne Forward, Malcolm Garrett, Carrie Greenaway, Mike Harding, Rob Keyloch, Ben Mandelson, Norrie MacLaren, Andrew McKenzie, Chris Moretone, Garry Mouat, Jill Mumford, Ben Murphy, Fachtna O'Kelly, Tony Reason, D. Styme, Sheila Rock, Kevin Ward, Damian Wayling & Jon Wozencroft." Didn't scan that, just ripped the scans from discogs, but the music is a fresh rip by me

A01 Eithne Ni Bhraonain An Ghaoth O'n Ghrian (The Solat Wind) (2:04)
A02 General Strike My Other Body (3:40)
A03 Brian Gulland & Frank Ricotti Journey (3:40)
A04 Swastikas Bells Untitled (0:28)
A05 1000 Mexicans Trans-Astrakhan (Seeing The World) (6:30)
A06 Old Silk Route Pig Slaughter (2:04)
A07 3 Mustaphas 3 Bam / Tsifteteli (3:49)
A08 Quimantu Interview (2:05)
A09 Unknown Artist Yanomamô Shamanism (2:38)
Recorded By - David Toop
A10 Old Silk Route Mule Bells (0:45)
A11 Eithne Ni Bhraonain Miss Clare Remembers (2:02)
B01 33 Notes From The Underground (2:36)
B02 Andrew Poppy But Does Winston Own A Straw Hat (Part 2) (3:37)
B03 General Strike Snowdrops (3:40)
B04 Quimantu Despedida De Salta (3:59)
B05 Jon Keliehor & Percussion Research Ensemble, The Trance Formations (4:24)
B06 Piedro Insipiedo Creatures Loves Sun (2:29)
B07 Cremation Gamelan Fires In Peliatan (2:12)
B08 Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart Tribal (6:06)

Link removed upon request from the label. sorry

Friday, June 13, 2008

Julian Bradley (single sided LP, Giardia, 1998)

As requested when I posted the Neil Campbell LP, here the single sided Julian Bradley LP, with handpainted cover, as released by Giardia. It's an edition of 100 copies, with a handpainted cover by Wolf Eyes member John Olson. Other than he's also a member of Vibracthedral Orchestra, I know nothing about him.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

John P - Zimbo Tapes 2ND Anniversary Edition (tape, Zimbo Tapes, 1986)

Another release on Zimbo, this time credited to John P, as we saw the main musician and owner of the label. This tape was released on the 2nd anniversary of the label and as it says on the cover, this release gives the listener a good idea of the music in those two years. A bit more experimental.

download or download

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mick Ness/Dante's Inferno (tape, Tago Mago Holland 4753, 1983)

I know, I should try to post the 2 LPs released by Mick Ness, an Amsterdam band, but I don't have those. Instead I have this. Mick Ness' real name is Mick Witkamp, who started to play music in 1975. After 1997 they are part of the Dutch no wave Ultra movement, with a drummer on a metal drum kit, saxophone and Witkamp on vocals. In this period they make the recordings for this tape. Later on they are less experimental and more Joy Division like. From 1989 Mick Ness is the frontman of a Hungarian band Sexepil.

On this tape there is also the French band Dante's Inferno, of whom I know nothing. The thing was released by Tago Mago, the infamous French magazine, who had a department in Holland at that time. I must have it somewhere, but not here where I live. So only the music.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frans Friederich - Genetic manipulation (tape, Decay Int, 1987)

Frans Friederich is a trumpet player, pianist, singer and composer and best known for his work in improvised music with Foreign Bodies (inc Geoff Leigh), Dull Schicksall and various others. Also he is working on a 26 CDR/CD of the alphabet. This tape, released by Decay Int is from the eighties and shows his solo work from that period well.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Richard Youngs - Motorway (tape, Chocolate Monk CHOC 052, 1994)

Perhaps the only (or perhaps only few) cassette release by this Scottish singer songwriter, who likes to play a bit of experimental music. From Wikpedia:
"Richard Youngs (born 29 May 1966) is a British musician with a prolific and diverse output, including many collaborations. Born in Harpenden, England, and based in Glasgow since the early '90's, his extensive back catalogue of solo and collaborative work formally begins with Advent, first issued in 1990. He plays many instruments, most commonly choosing the guitar, but he has been known to use a wide variety of other instruments and objects, including the shakuhachi, theremin, oven tray, dulcimer, a home-made synthesizer (common on early recordings) and even a motorway bridge. He also released an album which was entirely A Cappella.
He has toured only once (in 2002, supporting Low) and live appearances were, for many years, very occasional and almost always in Glasgow; he has stated publicly that he finds live performance "incredibly nerve-racking: stomach cramps, tension headaches...".[1] In recent years, he has performed more regularly and many of his recent shows have been predominantly vocal - he told The Wire (issue 284) "I went to a laptop concert and decided I was going to sing".
Motorway is mostly more experimental.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

AMK/PGR/AEM - Flatland (tape, Banned Productions, 1987)

In fact three solo projects, by turntablist AMK, PGR being Kim Cascone and behind AEM is Andrew Moore. There are tracks in which they all play together and some others are more duo or solo pieces. Quite gentle instrumental, experimental music.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Decode - De Nachtloop (tape, Staalplaat Confrontation Series, 198?)

Decode was a group of Quirijn Kuchlein, Ben Hollander, Reiner Swart, Chris Janssen and Marc Kuiper. They use tape-loops with shifting rhythms and sounds which they called 'combatritmiek'. Both sides have two tracks but the b-side was impossible to separate, so it comes unindexed. They also had a project Metaalstelling, in which they performed on metal, but I don't think anything was released by them.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Martijn Sandberg - My Adventures Under Ground (tape, Decay Int, 1985), Arie van Schutterhoef - Improvisaties En Stukken (tape, Decay Int, 1986)

On the Decay Int Tapes label today two fairly short releases, each around thirty minutes. Martijn Sandberg is unknown to me, and his music is made of improvisations on prepared piano and prepared acoustic guitar. Arie van Schutterhoef is these days a member of the Schreck Ensemble, along with Hans van Eck , of whom I posted a tape before. Here you can various of their older pieces. These recordings on 'Improvisatie & Stukken' belong to the oldest solo work of Van Schutterhoef.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Neil Campbell - These Premises Are No Longer Bugged (LP, Fusetron/Giardia, 1997)

Neil Campbell is/was a member of: A Band, Basquadeck Shelf, Filthy Social Club, Smell & Quim, Tape Hiss and Vibracathedral Orchestra and has many solo releases to his name. This one shows his drone guitar work, very nice lo-fi stuff.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Escherichia Coli - Die Traurigkeit, Die Toten Kann (tape, Gezonde Boerse Copulaties GBC 03, 1984?)

E. Coli is Luc van den Bruel, who worked closely with Erik Vloeberghs, a.k.a. Angst. Many of the Angst (and related) releases can be found on the excellent Club Moral Podcast but I don't think they will do this one. It's one of the two tapes made by E. Coli for the Angst label 'Gezonde Boerse Copulaties'. According to the Club Moral list E. Coli "is now a successful businessman". Nihilistic style low ambient noise, not too dissimilar to Angst.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Zimbo - Cat (tape, Zimbo 1, 1984)

Another release by Zimbo, in fact the first one they ever did. The musical credits go to Zimbo, but I think its John P who recorded this. Nice minimal experimental synth music.


Monday, June 2, 2008

From The Hills Of Dream (tape, Direction Music DMC 24, 1994)

Interesting dark ambient compilation with Maeror Tri, Andrew Pinches, J.S. Bach (which seems to be Plant Bach Ofnus with Travis), Robert Andrews, Colin Potter and Kevin O'Neill.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

On-Slaught No. 6 (tape, Idiosyncratics, 1985)

Definetely one of my all time favorite compilations, for it's sheer pleasant combination of electronic songs, new wave and punk. Not all the tracks were original to this one, or perhaps none. Onslaught was a magazine run by Mark Lane and it always came with a cassette or flexi disc. Number 6, this one, and perhaps the only one I have, was the last issue. I didn't scan the entire magazine.

A1 Bamff Mini-Crisis
A2 Qi-ZZ Beach Music
A3 Angst Jury And Judge
A4 Paris Working Downtown
A5 Tranquil Eyes The Average Indian Reservation Song
A6 Popular Science When Science Came To Town
A7 Ende Schneafliet* Rendezvouz With Betsy
A8 Actor, The Deutsches Madchen
A9 Data-Bank-A Intervention
B1 Jumbo Zen Almost Wallpaper
B2 Satellite (2) & Atom Cristal Boulevard Circulaire
B3 De Fabriek Snowdance (Pt. 2)
B4 1/2 Japanese Interview With Jad Fair Of 1/2 Japanese
B5 Doxa Sinistra Alien
B6 Cultural Amnesia Where Has All The Difference Gone?
B7 Project Electronic Amerika Iremember
B8 Tone Poets Pente
B9 Vox Populi! Brave Old World
B10 Andre De Koning* Party Talk
B11 Actor, The Simple Pop