Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strange Project - Some Bizarre (double tape, Zimbo Tapes 7 & 8, 198?)

Yesterday John P, formerly of Zimbo Tapes left behind some comments and it included a link to Hyves, the very Dutch equivalent to Facebook (or some such crap), so maybe go there. I'd prefer if John would start his own blog for the rest of Zimbo, because this double tape is about the last thing I have from this label: the final thing is a six or seven cassette compilation, which I may do, at one point further away in time and a regular cassette. This tape, Strange Project is a regular Zimbo release, but it came with a free tape, in an edition of 12 copies, also part of this post.

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bingo said...

Really enjoyed the Strange Project. Waiting to see if more Zimbo comes down the tube.

I'll probably post a thing or two at


when I have the time. Thanks for the efforts and music!

Anonymous said...

Just for fun I googled for "Zimbo Tapes" some time ago and found this site. I was surprised, because all happens about 20 years ago. For quite a long time I want to publish te complete story of Zimbo Tapes and all its sequels... I start with a spin off on hyves and the intention is to create a own site in the future. It all depends on the time I can spend on it in my busy life, but I started the inventarisation...

433 RPM said...

that's great. i have one more zimbo release to do, others i don't have. schrijf me prive john! 433rpm@gmail.com