Friday, November 30, 2007

D Day Solo (tape, LeBel Period DD1000, 198?)

D Day was the name of evenings at Paradiso Amsterdam to present various bands on one night. There were one or more events in which solo musicians presented work, recordings which are on this tape release on the Tox Modell label. Included are Andre Bach (of Tox Modell, Det Wiehl), Joop van Brakel (Nasmak), Maria van Heeswijk, Rolf Hermsen (The Tapes, Mathilde Santing), Bea de Visser, Stephen Emmer and Paul Milo (of TTL). Quite an interesting tape of various kinds of music, synthesizer, guitar and vocal experiments.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dier - Four Tapes

I already posted a 7" by Dier, but here are most of their tape releases, at least as far as I know. Martin Hoogeboom, also ran the Stichting Update Materials label who released some of this, is the main man. Other members were P. Kok (of whom I also posted a 7"), V.D. Kruis, Goyaerts, Fakkeldij and van Deursen. Dier is a rock group with a good, healthy dose of experiment, certainly in their early works, 'Fragment/Miltvuur' and 'The Pleasure Culture'. Their later releases were more in the direction of math rock, but didn't have it for me. They also released a 12", called 'Hamer' which I have not yet tracked down, but I believe it came after all these tape releases. Since one of the tapes was released by the Dutch File Bij Vianen label, I also included a compilation tape by that label, called Dutch Vinegars', on which Dier also has a track.

1. Fragment/Miltvuur (tape, Stichting Update Materials st 002, 1981)
2. The Pleasure Culture (tape, File Bij Vianen 002, 1982, later re-issued by Stichting Update Materials st 010)
3. Squareroot (tape, Stichting Update Materials st AAA, 198?)
4. Ketters (tape, Stichting Update Materials stum DDD, 198?)
5. Dutch Vinegars (tape, File Bij Vianen 0-05, 1983), with: The '----', Dier, R. Vergeer, Lucid Dream


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dutch Punk - Seventh Post (Rondos complete works)

So far our punk posts have been a collection of various bands, today a collection of one band. And perhaps a very complete one. The Rondos from Rotterdam are my favorite Dutch punk band. Their Red Attack LP is an all time favorite. But there is more in this post. Kees from the nederpunk site provided some interesting live recordings from 1979 made in Schiedam and an early demo. Also in here (in the Red Attack zip) is their final 7", 'Which Side Will You Be On' and the flexi disc that came with Red Attack. In the other zip also the tracks from the split 7" with The Railbirds and their tracks from the double 7", both of them will come soon for the other tracks (also scans by then) and the two pieces from the 'Rotterdam Collection' LP which will also come in it's entirety later on. But I thought it would be good to have the complete picture here. If any ex-member of Rondos read this: I'd love to release a 2CD set of this, get in contact! (

1. Red Attac (LP, King Kong Records rcs 435, 1980, inc flexi disc)
2. Which Side Will You Be On (7", King Kong Records kkr 007, 1980)
3. split with Railbirds (7", King Kong Records kkr 300379, 1979)
4. split with four bands (2x 7", King Kong Records kkr 150679, 1979)
(other bands from 3 and 4 will come later)

download or download

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nexda - Dirt & Junkride (tape, Studio 12, 198?), Die Krü Blød (tape, Studio 12, 198?)

The first catch from the big, returned box, are two releases by the Studio 12 label from Haarlem, also known as the label from Nexda. These were the only two cassettes I ever had from this label. Both are pretty vague, having music on one side only. On the Nexda tape it says 'Dirt & Junkride' and no mentioning of titles, while Die Kru Blød just says 'bas, tapes, drums'. I believe, not sure though, that it's a side project of Nexda. I separated both tapes into various pieces, though no titles are mentioned on the cover.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Ilo Istatov - Lines (tape, New Bulwark, 1986)

One of the many names used by the same guy who brought us earlier O.R.D.U.C. He has a great sense of naivity breathing from much of his other work, but this tape, released on his own New Bulwark label shows he can do some great ambient music, with a guitar and two tape-decks. Not unlike Frippertronics, at least that's what I imagine when I hear this. Unindexed

The big box of tapes have arrived - it has some true gemms, some which I totally forgot about and some which can be chucked in the bin right away. So I'll start sorting this out soon.

Nico Selen wrote: Not officially released by New Bulwark Records, but in fact the last release as such, before splitting up into Stichting Muziek Nieuws and Sun Sound Systems. Three pieces are on this tape:
A1. "Faces" 31:10
B2. "Lines" 22:01
B3. "Dates" 7:36
'Dates' was used by De Fabriek for their 'Attentie' release.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dutch Punk - Sixth Post

I'll never be a proper punk rocker, too systematic I guess. For the sixth post we point our browser to Wormer, a small village in the north western part of The Netherlands, which surely had the most active punk scene, certainly when seeing the size of the village. The Ex lived there for a while, so their style of playing was often copied by the other bands. This resulted in 'Oorwormer', with no less than thirteen bands, including Wormer's own version of Bob Dylan, Verz Ed. Included in this post is also the three group flexi disc 'Villa Zuid Moet Blijven', with The Ex, De Groeten and Svatsox, to raise interest in their squat Villa Zuid. Also to fill up things, the very first 7" by Svatsox - in a seperate post I will post their two albums soon.

1. Oorwormer (LP, Het Gat van Wormer Records, wrmr 701, 1982)
2. Villa Zuid Moet Blijven (flexi, no label, 1981)
3. Svatsox (7", Wand Records 3,14, 1981


Saturday, November 24, 2007

J'nitors United C.O.D. - Rhyxxxthm (tape, Small Town Sound, 1981)

As promised a few days ago here is a post about J'nitors United C.O.D., a band from Asten, The Netherlands. They had a traditional line up of Hans Jacobs on guitar, Erik Hoebergen on rums and Johan van de Meulenhof on bass, but their music was quite curious mixture of wave, punk and experiment. On their 'Rhyxxxthm' they improvise over a background tape, for them an experiment which, according to the cover of the tape, the audience didn't like. A lot of extra's come with this post, thanks to DMDN, in the form of live an rehearsal recordings. Hans Jacobs played later on, with DMDN, in Lewd (and recently did a great reunion concert). And as an extra I scanned an article from Vinyl, but it's in Dutch of course. Also I am happy to announce that the Popinstituut will return my donation of Dutch tapes which I gave them 10 years ago, but which they never unpacked. I get it back and can keep it until they find new space for a new archive, which may not happen. So loads and loads of tapes will come, and the box will be here on monday. I have no idea what's even in it, as I lost my list...


Friday, November 23, 2007

Dutch Punk - Fifth Post

Following the previous dutch punk post, we stay for today in Utrecht, with the three remaining records I have on the Rock Against Records plus one from a band that was on yesterdays LP. The Lullabies were quite active in a short time span, seeing these releases, one 7" and a double 7". The Megafoons played 'acoustic punk' with their great anti royalty statement. Their second 7" will follow soon, but that's a great pain - terrible music. The Bizon Kids was a particular favorite of mine for they had serious lyrics but also some great nonsense. If you are dutch you will hear it, and if you're not: too bad.

1. Lullabies - Next One, 7", Rock Against Records Z5, 1981
2. Lullabies - Double Single, 2x 7", Rock Against Records, Z3, 1980
3. Bizon Kids - Get Your Kicks By Throwing Bricks, no label, 1981
4. Megafoons - Nix Geen Trix, Rock Against Records, Z1, 1980


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Muziekkamer - Op Zee (tape, Muziekkamer, 198?), Filmmuziek (tape, Muziekkamer, 198?)

The final post on this great lost band from The Netherlands. 'Op Zee' continues their first most ambient release, while 'Filmmuziek', the third release is their most varied release, pop like rhythms, ambient passages and indeed filmic in tone. 'Filmmuziek' comes in a regular cover, like the first two releases while 'Op Zee' has a nice transparant tape with lettering burnt into the box and glue (or something) to give that sea like look. Both tapes are unindexed.

op zee
(op zee is cut as one track and is complete. it is aiff rather than mp3)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eight Dutch Singles

While looking for all this great Dutch punk music, several people stumbled on weird 7"s from The Netherlands which are not punk at all. I lump them together here in this post. The Bugs 7" is mentioned in that dutch punk, but it's nowhere near anything punk, more like dub and reggea. Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkest is on MCCB, of which several other 7"s can be found on Mutant Sounds, and it has involvement of Geoff Leigh of Hnery Cow. Also from Rotterdam is How To Get Rich In Rotterdam about whom I know nothing, just as Nadagen. I have no clue about them at all. I believe they released this as a 12". Kewi A Go Go Party later where called De Kewi's and their members are founders of the 1000 Idioten label. Also no information The Rooftop, the oldest record of this bunch. Another is the solo 7" by Charlie The Frank, former vocalist of Suspect and recorded at Backstreet Backlash. As a teaser I also enclose the only 7" by J'nitors United C.O.D. of whom I'll post more soon, when I transferred their tape. More on them then.

Kewi A Go Go Party - De Meester Van De Zesde Klas Heeft Beatlehaar (7", De 1000 Idioten IDI 4444, 198?)
The Rooftop (7", A Knock Out Production, 1978)
How To get Rich In Rotterdam - Dapper Dan (7", Vormgeving Rotterdam Records VR 1, 1981)
Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkest - Do The Residue (7", M.C.C.B. 004, 198?)
J'Nitors United C.O.D. - Zix Cuts 81 (7", Small Town Sounds R001, 1981)
Bugs - Amstel (7", Amstel 1, 1982)
Nadagen (12", ?, ?)
Another (7", Backstreet/Backlash Records BBR 007)


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dutch Punk - Fourth Post

So I said it would be chaotic posting, but this one focusses entirely on the city of Utrecht. The great Rock Against Records put out some lo-fi records, mostly 7"s but also LPs. The LP here is untitled and even hard to decipher what is on there. But with the help of 'Het Gejuich' I could name all tracks (although slighty inaccurate, but let's not bore with the details). I also added the 'Utreg Punx' compilation 7", that also included The Ex, one of the members came from Utrecht. I will only post music by The Ex when it's part of a vinyl collection, and nothing else by them. All of the material is on CD and I suggest you buy them all. The third one is a seven inch by the all female The Nixe, also from Utrecht.

1. Untitled LP compilation, Rock Against Records b1, 1981
2. Utreg Punx, Rock Against Records z2, 1980
3. Nixe, Rock Against Records, 1981


Monday, November 19, 2007

Enno Velthuys - A Glimpse Of Light (tape, Exart EA 021, 198?

Enno Velthuys is a somewhat obscure character in the world of Dutch electronic music, who released a whole bunch of tapes in the 80s, mainly on the Exart label from IJmuiden. Highly ambient synthesizer music. He is the son of the well-known children book author Max Velthuys. From what I remember when reading an interview with him, he said he had son which was a troublemaker and a psychiatric patient. I have no clue what Enno does these days. I tried separating the pieces but failed, so I made one long track of side a and side b. And unfortunately the sound quality is not the best around.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Softies - two singles, one LP

This post could have been labelled 'Dutch Punk Fourth Post', since the two 7"s are mentioned in 'Het Gejuich Was Massaal', but the Softies are merely a power pop band, but a very nice one. On the two 7"s, there is guitarist Frank N Stein who played also in Helmettes and Speedtwins. When he left the other two members left for England and recorded the LP. The nice thing about 'Jet Boy Jet Girl', a song about a gay relation, is that it was recorded with Captain Sensible, who by then had left the Damned and lived in Amsterdam for a while. He didn't want to have this single on the UK market because of the content but couldn't read the Dutch contract. New wave lovers will recognize that song as a cover of Ca Plane Pour Moi, from Plastic Betrand.

The Softies - Suicide Pilot (7", Charly Records CYS 1036, 1978)
The Softies - Jet Boy, Jet Girl (7", Poker Records, POS 15077, 1978)
The Softies - Nice 'n Nasty (LP, Charly Records CRL 5012, 1978)


Saturday, November 17, 2007

De Kommeniste - 1000 Titels (LP, Mastik, 1980) Wonder Der Techniek (7", Payola Records, 1979)

When I talked with the Kees of yesterday's post about Dutch punk, he said (what he always does when this subject comes up): forget everything from Dutch punk, and listen to De Kommeniste, a Belgium group from the late seventies. Well, come on, let me borrow that record. I must say this is indeed a great record, of which I never heard of in those days. They opened for The Cure and Joy Division and made this LP '1000 Titels', which in fact was pressed in an edition of 1000 and had a blank square on the cover, so each could be called different. The band consisted of Marc Meulemans on vocals, bass Herman Tallein, drummer Bob Campenaerts and another guitarist called Mark Meulemans. The vocalist became well known designer, designing cover for dEUS and 2many DJs and he died in Janaury 2007.

Two days after this initial post of the LP, here is also the 7" by them! great! thanks anonymmm


Friday, November 16, 2007

Dutch Punk - Third Post

To answer a question from the comments of a few days ago: no, I don't have all of these records, only some. But I try to borrow them, make fresh rips and new scans. So I headed out to a nice guy called Kees, here in Nijmegen, (not the same Kees as from the punk in holland website), and borrowed a whole bunch of 7"s and albums, of which this is the first post (except the Studs which I had myself). It harks partly back to the very first punk records in The Netherlands, and some 7"s are pretty short, so we get no less than 10 today. Mecano's first record is in there, as well as the other two releases (God's Heart Attack and The Helmettes) on No Fun Records, which eventually became Torso Records, and the first 7" on Plurex by Tits, which might be considered a forerunner of Minny Pops. Vopo's are from Zwolle, Princess Of Peace (nice picture disc there and hardly punk) from Arnhem, Suzannes from Enschede, The Brommers from Den Haag and finally The Studs from Amsterdam.

1. The Brommers - Defect (7", Pleasant Piece Of Plastic s3275, 1980)
2. Paul Tornado - Van Agt Casanova (7", De 1000 Idioten IDI 1111, 1977)
3. Princess Of Peace - x-Ray Proved/Nothing You Got (7", Royaltie 1, 1979)
4. God's Heart Attack - Treat Me Like A Doll (7", No Fun no 1, 1978)
5. Helmettes - I Don't Care (7", No Fun no 1/2 2, 1978)
6. Mecano - Face Cover Face (7", No Fun no 2, 1978)
7. The Vopo's (7", Redlux rcs 1109, 1980)
8. Tits - Daddy Is My Pusher (7", Plurex 001, 1978)
9. Suzannes - New Disease (7", De 1000 Idioten IDI 3333, 1978)
10. The Studs - Warning High Voltage (7", Vögelspin bite 003, 1981)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bruitiste Boxset Tapes (2 tapes, RRRecords, ?)

The great US noise label RRRecords released often limited editions - 'boxsets' of their vinyl with something extra, which were usually down to fifty copies. The 'Bruitiste' 2LP featured four of the better known industrial bands of that time, P16.D4, Esplendor Geometrico, Etant Donnes and Vivenza. Some day I might transfer the 2LP set, but here are the two tapes that came with the limited box set. I am not sure if it's all really exclusive material - the die-hard fans should tell us, I guess.