Friday, September 29, 2017

Larry Wendt ‎– New And Slightly Used Text-Sound Compositions (cassette, 1977)

This is a very limited cassette by this text soundpoet from Americ and one of his earliest releases; "Larry Wendt (1946, Napa, CA, USA) started his creative artistic activities in the mid 70s focusing on creating text-sound compositions. "

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pion Delft Box - Het Gist In De Stad (cassette, Pion, 1984)

While I am not trying to bring any sort of narrative in these posts there is a small connection with yesterday's post. On this compilation you'll find new wave and post punk from the small Dutch city of Delft, including De Div, whom were posted on this blog before, but the connection is that Delftsch Wormenkoor present here as the weirdo group consist of Guidoo Doesborg and Jos Smolders, both of whom had ties to Club Rialto and later on THU20.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Club Rialto - Call Here My Varlet (cassette, Delftsch Wormen Tapes, 1986)

"Club Rialto were a Dutch group comprised of Roel MeelkopJac Van Bussel, and Guido Doesborg. The considerably more prolific and enduring group THU20 began as an off-shoot of Club Rialto, and featured all members, after the name was initially used by just Doesborg and Van Bussel."

They released two versions of 'Call Here My Varlet", one normal and one 'demix' by future THU20 member Jos Smolders, in an oversized carton sleeve with insert. I don't think both versions are the same, but I don't think I have the other one.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Blair Petrie ‎– Noise (cassette, Interference Tapes, 1984)

"From the West Coast, Petrie started his solo career in 1980, was a member of the Sheik And The Sexbeat and had several cassettes of minimal electronics", it says on Discogs. This is some pretty obscure music, sides not indexed, as I couldn't decipher the track titles very easily.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Chicken To Kitchen - In The Cage (cassette, Edition Z9A, 1993

I was quite surprised to see this isn't listed on Discogs. The only release by Chicken To Kitchen listed is the one they did with Joe Jones, who was a Fluxus artist, living in Germany where he died in 1993. This cassette is dedicated to his memory. The music is rather improvised and the group has a rock line up. Quite an odd thing.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Conrad Schnitzler - 00/037 (CDR, private)

ElectroIndustrielExpressive. 60 minutes

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mad In Belgium 7 (cassette, Mad Tapes & Records, 1988)

Third and final compilation I have from this magazine. No scans of the magazine. Music by Nibove, Catherine Jonio, Lollek & Bollek, Saxioma, Bambix, Fermentation Spontanee, Adult Fantasies, The Arch, The Jones, Spermbirds

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mad In Belgium 6 (cassette, Mad Tapes & Records, 1987)

The second of three that i recently ripped. More independent guitar music from bands as Men 2nd, Benjamin Lew (quite the odd ball here of course), Philadelphia Five, War Tempo, Daniel Schell & Karo, Stellingname, Collectionism,  The Spanks, The Hard-Ons, Kobus Gaat Naar Appelscha, L'Attentat, The Chills, Four One & Only's and Eton Crop. No scan of the magazine

Friday, September 15, 2017

Mad In Belgium 5 (cassette, Mad Tapes & Records, 1986)

Alright, so much of the music on this blog is electronic, but if you have been with us since the beginning you remember we posted quite a bit of punk also. Today (and the next two posts) are about independent garage guitar music from the mid 80s. Mad In Belgium was a magazine and their fifth issue also had a flexi; that one I don't have. The bands here are, in case clicking the Discogs is too much work, The Electric Entropy Band, Trockener Kecks, The Mudgang, Rhinoes, The Voners, The Office, Jean-Marie Aerts & Danni Klein, Fred A., Zorkas, Recu Recine, Poppi uk and Metal Guru. Not really my sort of music but it is alright for a change of scenery. No scan of the magazine

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Conrad Schnitzler - 00/034 (CDR, private)

I didn't expect to start again so soon, but I have some tapes again, and maybe get a few more soon, but also I got hold of a whole bunch of rips of private CDR releases by Conrad Schnitzler. He made these on demand, starting already in the mid-90s up to a few days before he died, in August 2011. This friend of mine got a whole bunch of these in 2004 and ripped them before selling them. So, the bitrate seems quite low but it is a Variable Bitrate (VBR) with a high bitrate at complex high pitched parts en a low bitrate at quiet passages but if you think about leaving a comment along the lines 'hey dude (normal nomenclature for some people; I hate that) in this age you can't come along with anything less than Flac', then please don't bother. I moderate comments and will trash them. Expect really a whole bunch to come from these CDRs. My friend didn't make scans of the CDRs, so I have to use the ones from this excellent site, which are rather small. It's this or nothing at all.

Schnitzler wrote back then about these CDRs

Not available in any shop.
You can order different works directly from me. It is music on CDR´s.
To save weight and money, I send the CD´s + CDR´s without the jewelbox.

The normal CDR´s:
White label black letters.
Unlimited + signed + dated + mailed (no frontcard no inlaycard no jewelbox)

New is the paper cover and labeldesign.
1 CDR with picture label + picture cover + title + certificate + signed + dated + mailed

All my tapes + CDR's are numbered. (Studio running numbers)
Cover and labeldesign and title are not in context with the music.
Pictures are better to remember than numbers.

For future posts I won't repeat all of this, but only mention like this: 00/034 is labelled 'ElectroInstru Expressivo Pieces' and lasts 61 minutes. Tracks are untitled.