Friday, September 15, 2017

Mad In Belgium 5 (cassette, Mad Tapes & Records, 1986)

Alright, so much of the music on this blog is electronic, but if you have been with us since the beginning you remember we posted quite a bit of punk also. Today (and the next two posts) are about independent garage guitar music from the mid 80s. Mad In Belgium was a magazine and their fifth issue also had a flexi; that one I don't have. The bands here are, in case clicking the Discogs is too much work, The Electric Entropy Band, Trockener Kecks, The Mudgang, Rhinoes, The Voners, The Office, Jean-Marie Aerts & Danni Klein, Fred A., Zorkas, Recu Recine, Poppi uk and Metal Guru. Not really my sort of music but it is alright for a change of scenery. No scan of the magazine

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