Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surface Of The Earth - Interference (LP, Fusetron fuse 020, 1997), 338/Province (7", Fusetron fuse 018, 1997)

I must say I don't know much about this band from New Zealand, and these are the only two records I have by them. The members are Donald Smith, Paul Toohey and Tony McGurk and they play a lo-fi drone guitar music, I guess of a kind that New Zealand is best known for. Music that I like.

link removed

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dikyl Brobojo - Through Time And Trouble (tape, De Koude Oorlog sz 015, 1988)

Recently the name Dikyl Brobojo popped up on various compilations. Today a full release by him. I believe his real name was Dick de Booij, from Den Helder and ran a cassette label called De Koude Oorlog (the cold war), was a member of Szarkov (more of them later on) and played solo music as Dikyl Brobojo. Experimental, electronic music, with a strong fascination for Russia and China, especially communism. This release seems to be made with field recordings from China and casio keyboards.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interpretation Series 1-5 (five tapes, Lor Teeps, 1991-1992)

This is a series of five (perhaps there were more, but I don't have these) tapes released by Lor Teeps from Amersfoort. A more thematic approach per volume. The first volume has only ten minutes of music as a theme, with tracks by Hessel Veldman, Viviane Marc & Jan Kees Helms, Dikyl Brobojo, A.H. Erlebnis, Amy Love & Messy & Hansan and Fred Valkering.
The second volume is 'E O O E' and has Sempiternels, Kapotte Muziek, From Nursery To Misery, Skeletal Remains, A.C. van Wijk & A.H.J. van der Kooi.
The third volume is 'I A A I' with Markus Schwill, A.C. van Wijk & A.H.J. van der Kooi, Mohr, Alain Basso, and Blackhumour (a long piece of silence and one very short sound).
Volume Four is '72 Decolletes And One Nipple' with Factor X, Post Mortem, DSIP, Merzbox, Frak.
Volume Five is 'Ritual And Spherical Cats' with Hybryds, Vrischika, KWI and Die Rache


Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Eject Project 1-5 (five tapes, EKO Tapes 23, 24, 27, 29, 31, 1988-1989)

This weekend I have two postings which include five releases in one series. The first is 'The Eject Project', as released by Egmondse Klank Op-sessie. Four C45 tapes and one C60. A bit of a strange affair, certainly with the first two, where they just list who contributed, but not the order of the tracks. The later three have band names per track, and number five is the longest and most varied one. As far as I can judge only Dutch bands: Slowval, Range Day, Un Voixm Emmy van Egmond, John Valkering, Valdig Fer, One Voice, Edgar Jacobs, Szarkov, Little Seed, A.D. Eker (of De Fabriek fame), Boris, Art The Corp, The H.E.S.S. Group, Hafre, Post Mortem, Tijd Is Geld, Linefarmer 117, Uzi, Militia Chresti, Honeymoon Production and Kapotte Muziek. Many electronic music projects around, but also some more rock outings. More from this label soon. 

Friday, September 26, 2008

Z'EV - The Old Sweat/The Invisible Man (LP, Coercion Records LP 001, 1988)

"The Old Sweat replaced the title 'Pounding The Pavement', and The Invisible Man finally surfaced. This is a sorry saga. Phil S. of the then Coercion label contacted me for something to contribute to a compilation. Normally I do not with compilations (with one or two exceptions), but for some reason I consented, and he came back that Coercion wanted to do individual LPs and would like mine to be the first. I warned him not to, but they went ahead anyway. Red Rhino was doing the production and distribution, the product was completed (my test pressing is in Ursula Block's archive at Gelbe Muzik in Berlin), maybe a few copies were sold, Red Rhino went into liquidation, and that was the fat lady's song. This was the first time I turned tapes over to someone, and they assembled the record. I was satisfied when I heard the test pressing. Cover by Andrew McKenzie. I ended up with a box of 25, and that's going to be my retirement fund!" - From the liner notes of Z'EV's 'One Foor In The Grave'. The Invisible Man has six variations of 'Element L' and 'Q #3', the b-side 'The Old Sweat' remains unindexed and has various live pieces. Despite the story about only a few being sold, I got mine pretty cheap.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Durchschnittsanfall 1 & 2 (two tapes, Prion Tapes 5 and 6, 1987)

Today a much more regular compilation including Kapotte Muziek, No Unauthorized, Die Rache, EMPAC, Enstruction, PCR, Costes, Pacific 231, X-Ray Pop, If Bwana, Phaenomenalismus, Der 7. Versuch, Victor-victim, The Grey Wolves, Silent Voices, Une Le Wuerg Production, Doc Wor Mirran, Kopfschmerztablette, The Haters, Context and Beserker. I didn't scan the entire booklet that came with it. It was released in an edition of 250 copies. There have been more volumes in this series, but I could just find number 3 here, although it was released with number 4. I'll look a bit harder.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Support Your Local Underdogs (tape, Zsbrodje Tapes, 1986)

Many of the compilation cassettes I borrowed from Kapotte Muziek deal with noise, electronics and experimental music, and many cover much of the same names. I posted a few already, and will do many more. They will be an encyclopedia of noise of the mid to late 80s. There are however some odd balls in this pile, and this is one. It's a punk compilation with for me unknown bands such as Powerage, Kina, Subterranean Kids, Les Gnomes, Afflict, Bad Preachers, Guy de Simpele, Hate Crew, Bap, Attic 22, Parasites and their music is a bit hardcore like, or some such. But in between most tracks there is also Kapotte Muziek, providing machine like 'links' between the tracks. When asked, Frans de Waard said, 'he couldn't remember much about this thing, or why it was made like this'.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

City Of Worms - Ashent (tape, Big Body Parts bbp 027, 1988)

Second post with music by City Of Worms. One side seems to be studio recordings and one side is live. The second live was recorded via telephone.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Nightporters (tape, Jeremy Bamber Tapes JBT 027, 1992)

'Perhaps one of the last compilations I was involved in as Kapotte Muziek, but hearing back this track, I must say it's quite nice', wrote Frans de Waard on this 100 minute compilation.

A1 Yximalloo H-A-E #2
A2 Sebastian Gandera Les Parfums Illusoires
A3 Wash Your Brains No.5-Sein: '87
A4 D.A.R.P.A. Superficial Superman
A5 Georg Sieger Die Brücken Zu Sich Selbst Einreißen (Asynchron II)
A6 De Fabriek Feurtanz
A7 MØHR Fazit (Live 28.10.90)
A8 MMVP, The La Fontena Del Omblia
A9 Sebastian Gandera Le Regard Du Peintre
A10 Beyond Therapy Beyond Therapy, Paelologos '90
A11 Die Netten Mieter Zwei Fenster Zum Hof
A12 Frater Naurigo DFHL 3.2.4
B1 Kapotte Muziek Is One
B2 Schielend Vor Wut Knock-Knees
B4 D.A.R.P.A. Deautomatization And The Mystic Experience
B5 Sebastian Gandera La Houle Suggère (Dedicated To Natalia)
B6 Yximalloo Ivan The Terrible #5
B7 Einsatzkommandos Join Into The Christian Army
B8 Die Rache Brot Für Alle
B9 Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer KingKong in HongKong

There is a volume two of 'Nighporters', but I don't have that, nor does Frans.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Egmond (three tapes, Lor Teeps 23, 24, 25, 1989)

The second trilogy this weekend is a look at the small Dutch village Egmond aan de Hoef. Here hailed a pretty active group of musicians, around the brothers John and Fred Valkering, who recorded solo, as well as with bands such as Comrades Creating, Hafre and Dust & The Minds. They had a label called Egmondse Klank Op-sessie, of whom I will be posting some tapes in the future. Today however three tapes they released on Lor Teeps, from Amersfoort. One tape is by Hafre, one by John Valkering and one is a split by Slowval and The Art Corp. Except synth music by Valkering, experimental stuff by Slowval and The Art Corp and rock avant-garde by Hafre. download

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mirror compilation (three tapes, Seiten Sprung Aufnahmen, 1989)

Two trilogies this weekend. The first is a series of three split cassettes released by the same guy who released the Statue Series. It contains thirty minutes of music by Slowval, Dikyl Brobojo (who was the guy who ran the label De Koude Oorlog, of whom I'll be posting more tapes soon), Recycled Body Programm (who is present on two of these mirrors), The Linefarmer 117 (I have no idea who he is), and Odal. Odal's Peter Zincken is, as Dr. Bibber, today the judge in the Eurovision Noise Contest, held in Tilburg, along with a guy named A3 and Frans de Waard. Event starts at 17:00! Should be more fun that serious. No cover scan for the Dikyl Brobojo side.


Friday, September 19, 2008

The Azusa Plane - Three 7inches, One 10inch, One LP

I read in today's newspaper that Maurizio Kagel died yesterday, after a long disease. More or less unconsciosness I picked out some music by The Azusa Plane, the one man project of Jason DiEmilio. Born in 1970, he took his own life in 2006 when I believe he was getting deaf. His output as The Azusa Plane was quite big and I don't have that many, more or less what you will find in this post. The Azusa Plane was primarily about explorations of the guitar, but it could be drone like or even rock song like. Sometimes it was his solo project, sometimes he played with other people, adding guitars and drums.

Azusa Plane, The - Live
Label: Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club
Catalog#: BBPTC 027
Notes: This is number 2 in a monthly series of limited live 12" 1 sided records. Courtesy of BlackBean and Placenta Tape Club.
Cover is photo copy glued to a thrift shop found record sleeve.

Tin Foil Star / Azusa Plane, The - Split
Label: (K-RAA-K)
Catalog#: k001
Format: Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition
Released: 01 Sep 1997
Notes: Silkscreened covers. edition of 600

Azusa Plane, The / Ahisma Observatory, The - Split
Label: Little Mafia Records
Catalog#: LM017
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Released: 1997

Azusa Plane, The - Cheltenham
Label: Ochre Records
Catalog#: OCH024
Format: Vinyl, 10"
Country: UK
Released: 1998

Loopdrop / Azusa Plane, The - Siempre Azul / United States Investment In Other Countries
Label: Rocket Girl
Catalog#: Rgirl 5
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single
Released: May 1999

Notes: Recorded at Miner St Studios, Philidelphia, USA.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pitfall/Six Minute War (tape, Finger In The Dike hole 001, 1981)

I picked up a new tape deck, well second hand, but hardly used and decided to try this tape again, which failed before. I still don't know if the tape is warped on the first 4 Pitfall tracks on my copy, or whether that is a defect on the master. These are the first recordings by this Dutch punk band, of whom we posted a 7" before. A bit like The Ex/Rondos, and actually quite nice. On the other side, undindexed, there is a live recording by Six Minute War. a London punk band. Both sides aren't the best in the world of recording quality. This release started the Finger In The Dike label, and is really one of the few punk releases on that label.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Splintered/ASP (10", Fourth Dimension FDTEN53, 1997), Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith- 444D (10", Fourth Dimension FDTEN50, 1996)

Splintered were a noise/rock group from the UK, which included: Colin Bradley - Guitar treatments, Paul Dudeney - Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Richard Johnson - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, James Machin - Lead guitar, Percussion, Steve Pittis - Wasp, Keyboards, Sampling, Percussion, Paul Wright - Bass, David Dudeney - Percussion. ASP are sort of oof-shoot by Richard Johnson and Steve Pittis. Pittis we heard before with his Band Of Pain. Johnson is the man behind the label Fourth Dimension, as well as the magazine Adverse Effect.

And simply because it's the same format on the same label, I also upload '444D' by Richard Youngs & Simon Wickham-Smith.

And oh, this is post number 433!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Netherlands (tape, Harsh Reality Music HR 106, 1989)

I was looking for a good oppurtunity to mention the blog by Beequeen with all their live recordings, and today's post is the right one. 'The Netherlands' is a compilation with only bands from the Netherlands (duh) and was part of a larger series with other countries. I remember at least two volumes from the USA, Germany and France - I no longer have them. On this volume the omni-present Kapotte Muziek (who borrow this one to me, and Frans says that his track should be called 'Audio Plagio 6' and not 'Audio Placio 6', as it says on the cover) and Odal, also Gorgonzola Legs, Weltschmerz, Dva Met Dva Nichts solo and with PDM (another moniker from Frans de Waard then), Winter (being Peter Duimelinks of THU20, Kapotte Muziek, Goem), Honeymoon Productions (being Freek Kinkelaar of Beequeen), Splendor Solis (the guy that ran Interrupt, of whom we we put some tapes up too), Y Create, and Beequeen, with a cut from their first concert ever. Also there is John V (not to be confused with John P of Zimbo), this is John Valkering from Egmond binnen) and Havre (which is also a misspelling,it should be Hafre). Both of them were part of Egmondse Klank Obsessie, and I will put some tapes up from them too in the future.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sandoz Lab Technicians (LP, Siltbreeze SB55, 1996)

"Free-improv and underground New Zealand group comprised of James Kirk, Tim Cornelius, Nathan Thompson and occassionally Mark Curragh." Their releases aren't that many, but this LP is their oldest one. Low fi guitar drone music. I don't know if this band still exist.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Neue Muster 8 & 9 (two tapes, Tonspur Tapes 40/41, 1992)

To continue with compilations with Kapotte Muziek, Frans says: 'one of the two compilations which had a track by Merzbow Kapotte Muziek, both of them created by me. I was at the time quite involved with Merzbow to create music by mail, and made one cassette and two LPs and some compilation tracks'. Besides Merzbow Kapotte Muziek you'll find on this compilation Doc Wor Mirran, M. Nomized (with lots of small tracks), De Fabriek, King Ubu, Maeror Tri, Brume, The Dead Goldfish Ensemble, Deleted, Semptiternels, Klimperei, Luis Mesa, Pacific 231/Ennairam, Deaf Goes East and L'Edarps A Moth. I have no other volumes from this series, but 1 & 2 can be downloaded here

volume 8 & 9

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Angst (two tapes, Therapie Organisatie teip A02, 1987)

Bummer! I borrowed a whole bunch of compilation cassettes from Kapotte Muziek, and with my own rest of the tapes still waiting, my cassette deck broke down yesterday. No tapes were hurt in making this blog. Kapotte Muziek had been involved in many compilation cassettes in the very early years (1984-1992) and of course Frans de Waard still has them. He asked if I'd be interested in making MP3s of them, and he would write some comments. Here is 'Angst', a double sixty minute tape about fear, released by Therapie Organisatie. Frans says: "for my piece I recorded my father's voice about fear. Its a bit of an early radio play like work. The visuals in the box were made by me also. I thought the piece by Stilte is a bit stupid, its just silence." Also included are A Violated Body, Albert Paris, Het Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble, Blood Shame, PSB and Vidna Obmana. I just made a scan of the front.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Massimo Toniutti - - Il Museo Selvatico (LP, Idanna 003, 1991)

Yes, brother of the more well-known and still active Giancarlo. Massimo released three cassettes and one LP and was on a few compilations. I have no idea what he does these days. I am pretty made the index of this LP wrong. Lots of silence and concrete sounds. But quite nice still.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs - Knish (LP, Ignivomous IG-07, 1996)

More music by Richard Youngs (lots more to come) and the first I post of his many collaborations with Simon Wickham-Smith. "Simon Wickham-Smith was born in 1968 and studied English Literature at London University. It was there that he met Richard Youngs, with whom he has produced music in a variety of noisy and droney styles and a large number of discs on labels from all over the world. In recent years, he has begun to produce solo albums and to write more traditional, acoustic music. His solo and collaborative work have been released on labels in New Zealand, Australia, Russia and the United States and he has performed in Finland, Lithuania, Australia and the United States." This LP was released in an edition of 500 and contains a live recording from WKCR, NY on June 7th 1995. Simon plays the 'baby grand piano' and Youngs electric guitar.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Small Cruel Party - Six 7inch Records

"Small Cruel Party's work is focused on the inherent mysterious and beautiful quality of sound itself, with the emphasis on noninstrumental sound sources, the source itself not being readily apparent. Work generally involves manipulation of physical objects in acoustic space and a great deal of concentrated activity. Even in pieces involving dense sound at high volume the resultant effect is one of intense calm."
Today we have a look at various of his 7"s, in fact almost all of them, just one split missing with Daniel Menche and his eM13 7" here. But we have:

Anodyne Effect Of Habit
Label: Small Cruel Party
Catalog#: SCP-003
Format: 2 x Vinyl, 7"
Released: 1992
(the cover scan is from the test pressing I have, not from the original release)

Before The Dream
Label: Drone Records
Catalog#: DR-11
Format: Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition, 33.3 RPM, 1st Edition, Yellow
Released: Feb 1995
Limited to 250 handnumbered copies on clear yellow vinyl in a handmade cover. Included is a 2-sided 7" sized info sheet.
Side A recorded in Seattle.
Side B recorded in Arnhem.

Seminal Brainpan
Label: Dom America
Catalog#: DOM USS 13
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Released: 1995

The Subtle Body
Label: Banned Production
Catalog#: BP- 69
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Released: 1997

To Have Been Seen
Label: Shirocoal Recordings
Catalog#: T-73EP
Format: Vinyl, 7", Single Sided, Limited Edition
Released: 1998
Notes: Self-released; limited to 300 copies.

Ceremonies Of Memory I & II
Label: Fylkingen Records
Catalog#: FYSP 1003
Format: Vinyl, 7", 33.3 RPM
Released: 2002
Notes: Recorded in January of 1996 in a ravine in Seattle next to the house of Jim Woodring for a proposed and unrealized collaboration with this visual artist.
Front cover photo: Lake Crescent, Olympic Peninsula, November of 1992.
Back cover photo: Folkestone, U.K., 16 April 2000.

and as a bonus a split 7" with Cheryl E. Leonard. Here its Key Ransone early piano works under his own name

Cheryl E. Leonard / Key Ransone - Apraxia Composer Series Vol. 1
Label: Apraxia
Catalog#: PXR 24501
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Released: 1996
Genre: Electronic
Notes: Edition of 600 copies.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Ex/Morzelpronk+Nico/Zowizo - Support The Miners' Strike (LP by Records Against Thatchsim rat 001, 1984)

Ok, I know. I said it before, but I do have more cassettes to post than vinyl for the time that this blog may last. But I did a lot of tapes lately, so I promise to do some more vinyl, and hey why not, some more Dutch punk. This benefit LP was 'made to raise money! Money for the striking miners i.e. as the proceeds from the sales will be sent directly to British mining communities' as it reads on the cover. There were 15 concerts, the first three by The Ex, Zowizo and Vacuum, and the last 12 by Zowizo, The Ex and Morzelpronk. The recordings aren't the best around, and hard to be separated - I gave up.


Monday, September 8, 2008

De Noordmannen (tape, 1982)

The final obscurity from Red Bol's archiefkast, a duo with Jan Boeijink on organ, guitar and vocals and Jan De Noord on bass and vocals. I have no idea where they are from - I believe from Winterswijk. They do play a dutch version of Crass' 'Bloody Revolutions', but here too I had problems separating the tracks. All I have to say really!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camille - Selectie 78-83 (tape, 1984), Camille (tape, ?)

More highly obscure stuff from a student from the art academy in Enschede, the AKI. I have no idea about who he is, but the 'Selectie 78-83' is a nice selection of various kinds of musical styles, from punk to electronics and some radio play stuff. I tried separating this into various tracks, but especially on side two I got lost. But this is a great tape. The other tape doesn't have any information, not even a title, and is basically two 45 minutes of noisy guitar trash. I must admit I didn't like it that much, but for the real diehards I enclose it here.



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Vorderingen (two tapes, WW Tapes wc 7, 1984?)

No doubt one of the more stranger guys from the Dutch punk scene was Jan van den Einden, who was foremost a writer in which he showed a great talent for offensive language. I have various books published by Erik Vloeberghs in which Jan also contributed letters and they are funny, at least, if you are not the receiver. Jan van den Einden also played in various bands, like Second Auschwitz. On his label WW Tapes he also released a whole bunch of tapes which are spoken word related. I only know this one, a double taoe with mostly poetry and talking in Dutch by Jan himself, Henk K, Guy de Bievre, Didi de Paris, Flurk Notschaele, Erik Vloeberghs, Paul Citroen, de Ridders van het Ronde Meubel and in English by Andy T, Gill, Wild Man Fischer, The Redundants, Chris Larkin and in spanish by Salvador Dali.

green tape

red tape

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kommentaar B.V. (tape, KBV 001, 1982)

Actually the main idea to borrow a bunch of tapes was not the weirdness of yesterdays, but because my friend was concerned that my blog lost a bit of that obscure Dutch punk edge. Pretty much everything I have is already posted, and since I only post things that I actually have had in my hands means some stuff is left out. There is another record collection in town which I need to inspect. So my friend gave me this highly obscure punk (?) band from the small Dutch village of Aalten of which I never heard nor have other information of. One side is recorded in a garage, the other side have basically the same songs but then recorded live in CSA in Aalten in January 1982. Nice crude (post-) punk songs.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jeroen Scheifes (tape, 198?), Njedjez (tape, 198?)

More borrowed obscurities - this will go on for a few more days - until monday to be precise, here with more free jazz inspired music. Jeroen Scheifes is from Nijmegen, and he is, perhaps, best known for a couple of novels which I never bothered to read. He smokes a pipe, which is nice to see. On his tape, which seems more like a demo of some kind, he has various improvised music pieces, solo and with others. He plays the piano and sings. He's also a member of Njedjez, which seem to be from Nijmegen, although the telephone number is in Amsterdam (perhaps no longer works). Members are Jos de Vooght on saxophones, Bart van Ratingen on saxophone, Frans Heeremans on trombone, Hein Peijenburg on basclarinet, Scheifes on piano and vocals, Peter Vissers on electric bass and one Rene on drums and vocals. None of these names mean anything to me, except for Scheifes whom I used to see on a bicycle every now and then. Partly free jazz inspired punk - well, or vice versa. This too might be more a demo of some kind.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Music by Lukas Simonis (Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W, Demogorgon)

Less obscure, from the same source, is this rather big post with music by Lukas Simonis. He's a guitar player from Rotterdam and played in lots of bands in that city, as well as being a solo artist. This post deals mainly with his work with his band Dull Schicksal.
From his website:
"Lukas Simonis has his roots as an instrumentalist and musical 'activist' in the industrial music and noise rock of the Eighties ( Throbbing Gristle, the Residents, Pere Ubu, Sonic Youth and beyond).Being a part of the Rotterdam jazzbunker scene (a collective that consisted of heavy drug induced punk rockers, freejazzers, early electronic musicians and pre-postrock combo's) he discovered the delimited world of improvisation. In the meantime & after he played in bands like Dull Schicksal, Trespassers W, Morzelpronk, AA Kismet, Liana Flu Winks, VRIL and Coolhaven. At the same time he was organizing concerts, events and films, first at the Jazzbunker in Rotterdam later on the Dissonanten festival, the Dissidenten festival, Popifilm, Dodorama and finally WORM, a multimedia centre for experimental art.
Nowadays he collaborates with lots of people from different backgrounds. For instance; Apricot My Lady (with Ann La Berge and theBohman Brothers), Vril (with Bob Drake, Pierre Omer and Chris Cutler), Goh Lee Kwang (Kuala Lumpur), Jim Whelton (London). Pierre Bastien(Paris/Rotterdam), Dave Brown (Melbourne), The static Tics (with Henk Bakker and Steve Beresford), Eugene Chadbourne (USA), and lots of other people. He's still involved with WORM, mostly working in the elctronic studio and making radiophonic pieces. It’s only since appr. 3 or 4 years that Simonis started to play solo-concerts, after (and before) the release of his first solo album, STOTS, which got a good reception."

In this post five tapes by Dull Schicksal, of which three were also released on CD, 'Dikke Mannen', 'Haal Die Pijp Uit Je Mond, Jij Hond' and 'Ambush'. In the third zip you'll find more music by Lukas from the band before Dull Schicksal, Demorgorgon. Part of that was already on the V2 3D compilation posted earlier and this release was made for this evening. Simonis was also a member of Trespassers W, and I have nothing else by them, except this tape, which I also borrowed from the same source. This is the most normal typed rock music. It's a big post...

Dikke Mannen (1993, tape/CD)
Ambush (1997, tape/CD
Mjoeksysk By Wired Yet Palatable (1986, tape)
Unrelaxed Behaviour (1987, tape)
Neem Die Pijp Uit Je Muil Jij Hond (1992, tape)
Trespassers W - TW 4 (tape, TW records, 1987)
Demogorgon - Live (tape, Golden Mercy Products, 1985)