Saturday, May 31, 2008

Doc Wor Mirran - Welcome To My Butt (10", Wild Honey Recordings 001, 199?), The Shroud Of Bernard (LP, Empty Records MT 100, 1991)

I posted a tape of them before and said they had a diverse musical approach, which is proven by these two records. The Shroud Of Bernard is a one sided LP, in an edition of 20 copies (!) with handpaintedcovers, with a big line up. It was the 5th LP by them and shows them in a more experimental/electronic mood. 'Welcome To My Butt' is more rock/punk like and has contributions from Jello Biafra, among lots of others.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Ret Marut - Interphase (tape, Decay Int 77c, 198?), Phase 2 (tape, Decay Int 44c, 198?)

B. Traven (dates unknown, possibly 1890-1969) was the nom de plume of an enigmatic Twentieth Century novelist whose most famous work is the novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, filmed by John Huston in 1948. The name B. Traven appeared as author of many other novels, including The Death Ship and the epic Jungle Novel series, which is a description of government corruption and an Indian uprising set at the birth of the Mexican Revolution. His writing portrays a bleak and violent world and is notable for anti-capitalist and pro-anarchist sympathies.
His identity is the subject of much speculation. There is important evidence that B. Traven was an individual variously known for different period of his life as Hal Croves, Traven Torsvan and Ret Marut. No one theory of his origins has received general acceptance; one theory is that he was born in Chicago in 1890, name unknown, another that he was born in 1882, a member of the German working-class called Otto Feige.

That is the wikipedia information, but Ret Marut was also a band from Rotterdam, of whom we posted some compilation appearance before. This is hardcore free improvisation rock music. These two tapes were released on Decay Int, also from Rotterdam and there will be more tapes soon on this label. Otherwise I know nothing much about them!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surkursaal - Union (Pion Tapes etc. 1, 198?)

Besides being the bass player of De Div, Marc de Reus also produced records for other bands, he also had this hobby project Surkursaal. 'Union' was their only release, which he recorded with his brother Maarten. Its recorded partly at The Funny Farm and lists thanks to Top Dogs? (who had a flexi disc with Vinyl magazine, but also released a LP which I would very much like to hear! anyone?). Surkursaal gets help from various other people, but none of the names mean much to me. Pion Tapes etc was De Reus' own label, who also released a tape (which I don't have) with soundtracks from movies by Theo van Gogh, composed by Rainr Henzl, who did this until Van Gogh was murdered.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Randell - Kleine Kamers (LP, Keerpunten Platen KP 0002, 1989)

I posted the first Randell some time ago, and I think I said he released a second one, well 'Kleine Kamers' is the one. Still I know nothing about this man, but its still weirdness all around of percussion and dutch poetry.

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John Cage/Ben Johnston - HPSCHD/String Quartet No.2 (LP, Nonesuch H71224, 1970?)

Following the earlier record by John Cage, here is a large mixed media work, dealing with Harpsichords. Seven pieces are played at the same time and then there is no less than 51 electronic sounds. Cage performed this piece together with Lejaren Hiller. A record to clean out the party. On the bs-ide a string quartet by Ben Johnston, of whom I never heard. For me the Cage side is it. I wish more of his music would have this heavy character.


Delfsch Wormen Koor - Oren (tape, 198?)

You may remember that I posted the very first solo music of Roel Meelkop (Kapotte Muziek, Goem, THU20) which he released as Happy Halloween, here the first musical outings by Jos Smolders (also a member of THU20) when he had this band together with future (and long gone) member of THU20 Guido Doesburg and Ernst Waterbolk. Rhythm machines, guitars and bass. This is their only release and shortly after that pre THU20 band Club Rialto was formed. It is an edition of 50 copies.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cora - Ei Blot Til Lyst (tape, Staal Tape, 198?)

Cora is perhaps best known to Dutch people as the woman who talks on sex on the TV ('spuiten & slikken') and is the ex-wife of Willem de Ridder. When they were together she also recorded music and this is a spontaneous opera by her, with the help of Hessel Veldman (synthesizer), Nicole (bass, voice, percussion), Willy The Riddle (voices, whistling, percussion) and Ben Hollander (voice bass). Cora herself gets credit for vocals, percussion, bass and inspiration. Released by Staalplaat as part of the confrontation series. Nice free flow music!

Cora's current website


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ashtray Navigations - A Mayflowe Garland (LP, Outer Orbit:, 2000), Plaster Projection Instruction Record (LP, Men

This is the first of I think two posts with music by Ashtray Navigations, the project of Phil Todd, who once ran Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers and now Memoirs Of An Aesthete. Lots of his releases are designed in a lo-fi way with not much info and sometimes highly limited. 'Plastic Projection Instruction Record' has one side of music only. Both records have a great drone like lofi guitar and electronics sound.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Streetlife - Act On Instinct (12", Factory Records FAC 97, 1983)

Lesser known fact is that besides Smalts there was another side project of Minny Pops, called Streetlife, which was Wally van Middendorp and Wim Dekker. They made 2 12" records for Factory Records, of which I only have this one. Breakbeat/Electro stuff, one track in three different mixes.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miguel A. Ruiz/Francisco Lopez - Rumor De Materia Vol.1 (tape, IEP 106, ?)

I am quite shocked to see the small entry senor Lopez has on discogs! He has so much and yet so less is shown. I wonder why. This is one of his early works, on one side while on the other we have Miguel A. Ruiz. Both explore lengthy experimental and electronics works here on this tape released by IEP Tapes, Luis Mesa's label. There is one more volume in this series with music by Frans de Waard and Micheal Wurzer. I'll post that one later. The second was limited to 45 copies. I don't know how limited this was. And oh, work wants me to travel away for a week, so I'm not sure if I can post everyday, but I'll try. If I skip a day (or 2 or 3) don't worry or panic - I have prepared enough for a week. If worse comes to worse, everything will be posted on thursday evening next week when I return.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

blackhumour - penetration (tape, Harsh Reality HR 128, 1989)

From the cover: ""Quote your sources." Human voice only. Digital and analog editing. No reverb, no effects. No speed- or back-masking."
"Voices - AMK, Alice Hall, Amber, Barb Fishcake, Das, Joanne King, John Hudak, Ken Gerberick, Kim Cascone, Lora Meyers, Mark Metz, Paul Dickerson, Robert Anton Wilson, Sharon, Tangie, Tina, blackhumour"
Less drone based more collage cut up.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Best Of Zimbo (tape, Zimbo Tapes 4, 198?)

The first of several tapes from this highly obscure Dutch label. It was run by John de Pagter and in many of the projects he was involved himself. I tried seperating the various tracks, but didn't succeed as they are linked together. Included are The Kif-brothers, John & Peter, The Smelly Tongues, Zimbo & Wedge, Embryo, Zimbo, Some Bizarre, The Book Of..., Mojique. None of these names mean much to me, as I only saw them on Zimbo Tapes. The music is all electronic, from minimal synth to experimental. More to come!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Lands End (tape, Touch T33.4, 1985)

One of the best labels as far as compilations go is UK's Touch, especially in the 80s when they were still a cassette only label, they released many great ones. What I like about them is the combination of experimental music, pop music, electronic and found sound - the latter making things not easy to seperate. I did this already a while ago, and today I was looking at discogs for this and saw they have a different tracklisting, but I lumped in a few together. Included are Nocturnal Emissions, Sudden Sway, Eliot Sharp, Zoviet France, Lol Coxhill, Det Wiehl, Suns Of Ara, Grame Miller, Frank Ricotti, Gilbert & George, Regular Music, Wolfgang Wiggurs. I'll do more of Touch tapes in the future.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Last Few Days - So The Last Shall Be The First and First Last For Many Be Called But Few Chosen (tape, Staatape OOB, 1984)

When Staalplaat (here on the cover spelled as Staal Plaat, funny enough) as a label started, the first releases were live tapes of bands coming through The Netherlands and who played in Amsterdam at the NL Centrum (perhaps known from the compilation LP set 'QED', which documents this) and the first two were Laibach (to be posted soon) and this one from the Last Few Days. I believe this release was not for sale for very long, since at that time the band was very much against having releases available. Two concerts here, a 'living recording' from Amsterdam and a live recording from Eindhoven.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

S.Core - Gush (tape, Extreme XCT 003, 1990)

"Active since the mid of the eighties, japanese musician Yutaka Tanaka released his works under the name S-CORE. Early works are all cassette albums he put out on his own cassette label Afflict Records, many of those were recorded via mail collaboration with many sound artists from international underground scene, such as Stefano Biasin (Italy), Telepherique and Trigger B (Germany), Merzbow (Japan), Al Margolis/If, Bwana (USA), Rafael Flores (Spain)." (Discogs)
As far as I know Tanaka is one of the true lost musicians from the cassette scene and not seen since (like Mario Marzidovsek!). He has released a whole bunch of cassettes, 7"s and CDRs, and curious enough 'Gush' is the only one I have.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Eric Lunde - XCHDX: On The Terrain Of Prophecy (LP by Alamut Records/Big Body Parts, AL-BBP 004, 1989)

This record was recorded by (or for) a presentation of a work at Walkers's Point Center For The Arts in Milwaukee WI and using metallic and electronic sounds. One long piece on one side and a very short on the other. The rest of the b-side is an etched image of a man suspended by meathooks download

Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Uncommon Nature (LP, Anomalous Records nom 6, 2001)

After the blasts of noise from the last few days, here a quiet record, dealing with fiel recordings and some electronic music. Included are Jeph Jerman, Mirror, Agog, Climax Golden Twins, Jonathan Coleclough, Mike Shannon, Monos, Richard Lerman and Dave Knott.

Download removed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Decay Of The Angel (LP, New Strength, 1985)

Don't you just love those compilations? Along the lines of yesterday's post a more industrial affair, again:

New Strength Side
A1 Uterus 28 & Grey Wolves, The The Chaos Of Creation
A2 Ramleh Phenol
A3 Lunatic Stupid Dogs Antipleasure
A4 Con-Dom Get Right With God II
A5 White Hand Prologue
A6 Terre Blanche Still Brilliant
A7 Psy. Phalanx Inferno
Thee Order Ov Wolves Side
B1 Uterus 28 For Sensorium
B2 Information Aggression Machine Pulse
B3 Vidna Obmana Eardome For Memory
B4 Psychic Workshop, The Richards Therapy (Live)
B5 Ice Crystal Sun Dog Formation Gathering Gods
B6 Subliminale Texturae Psichofonike
B7 Grey Wolves, The Survival
B8 Sigillum S E.O.F. (Elevation Of Fear-Making Occasions Out Of Neurosis)


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Musica Venea (tape, Inner-X Muzick, 1985)

Compilations were the tune of the cassette world in the 80s and I happen to have a few. This one was released on John ZeWizz (of Sleep Chamber) fame Inner-X Muzick and is a more industrial one with bands from the label such as Seven From Life, The Mahcanik, Noizeclot, Hidious In Strength and Jonathan Briley but also F/i, P16.D4, Controlled Bleeding, Merzbow, and Coup De Grace. This time I also scanned the booklet.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Registro De Voces (tape, IEP tapes 108, 1987)

And from the 'Voices End Abruptly' I freely made the association to this tape, 'Registro De Voces', the registration of voices, a compilation released by Spanish IEP tapes and all of the musicians deal with the sound of voices. Included are Giancarlo Toniutti, Audiopeste, Juan Teruel, Rafael Flores, Lt. Caramel, MTTF, Kapotte Muziek, Francisco Felipe, Luis Mesa, Non Sterile, Randy Greif/Alva Svoboda, Ejumboeke, Pacific 231, Abstract Belief, Esplendor Geometrico and Marcelo Exposito. Not as 'industrial' as some of this may suggest. It came with a booklet, but that seems to be lost.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Voices End Abruptly (LP, Chimik Communications cc 007, 1985)

Another compilation LP is this one with bands from Vancouver. Best known are The Haters (from nowhere in particular, really), but it's throughout a nice record with msuic by Redshift Subunit, Convulsive Trance, Blind Hunters, QRN, Fuoko, Coda 3 DR Ama, Words Of Anger, Human Remains and Debasement. The same label also release Cadavres Exquis, a more international oriented compilation, which I may post another time (anyone got a scan of that cover for me?).


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nasmak - 4Our Clicks (CD, Eksakt Records 038, 1988)

Hey, again '4Our Clicks'? Yes, again. Before I posted the well-known LP version released by Plurex, but later on this album was re-released by Eksakt Records. Apparently they sold two copies and then went bankrupt. Somewhere there should be a 1000 copies of this. Also apparently this was the first in a series 'Ducth Indie Classics' - makes you wonder what else they had planned. There are various musical differences between this and the LP: it's remixed, various instruments have been added and there some extra tracks. The downside is that the cover is horrible. Thanks to the person who found a copy in his cities library!


Friday, May 9, 2008

Ciguri (LP, Odd Size os 1, 1987)

French label Odd Size started out with this LP compilation, which had already known names HNAS, Pacific 231, PGR/Thessalonians, P16.D4, and Asmus Tietchens, but then also introduced us to Dreaming Together, Vox Populi!, Nox, ACEMS and Eleve Modele, which was the group of label man Laurent Perrier, who is still active these days with his own music. Limited to 500 copies.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

PBK & City Of Worms & John Hudak & Illusion Of Safety (tape, Harsh Reality HR-175, 1990)

A typical product of the 80s underground. Everybody sends in sounds and then somebody will mix the whole thing. Here PBK delivers drones, City Of Worms plays casio sk1, John Hudak concrete sounds and the whole thing is 'collaged, sampled, add to & assembled by Dan Burke of Illusion Of Safety. Nice drone music of a rough kind.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two Daughters (tape, Methane Music, 1980)

Anthony and Paul are the Two Daughters, who had a short lived career, releasing this tape and one LP, plus a track on Cherry Red's 'Perspectives & Distortion'. Interesting collage music. No cover, as the person who gave me this on CDR didn't make a scan of it, but said 'it's just a black piece of paper'.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hula - 1000 Hours & Voice (2LP, LP, Red Rhino, 1986, 1987)

The final post for Hula, with their 2LP '1000 Hours' in two zips, and the first album is a live one, recorded in Amsterdam. That one comes unindexed.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Five 7inch Records from Cologne

Following the posts by Frank Dommert and C. Schulz here's five 7 inch records from Cologne. First we have Marcgraf's great disco stab. Behind this name is Marcus Schmickler. On the same label an also with Schmickler is Blockwart, which also included C. Schulz and Georg Odijk, still the owner of A-Musik, the excellent shop in Cologne. Frank Dommert recorded 'Hunruck' and 'Ramon der Monsterjunge' with HNAS from Aachen. On Dommert's label Entenpfuhl we find a 7" by Ralf Donert and Peter Wilbert, of which I know nothing. Their music is pretty noise, compared to the other four here. Four Square Logos had a track on the ;ive cassette on Erfolg (which I don't have) but released only one 7" on Gefriem in 1994. This band has Mouse on Mars members FX Randomiz and Jan St. Werner and guitar player Joseph Suchy.

Marcgraf - My Belle/Tambourine (7", Erfolg folk 2, 1991)
Blockwart - Neuntoter/Schwungmasse (7", Erfolg folk 3, 1991)
Frank Dommert & HNAS - Hunsruck/Ramon der Monsterjune (7", DOM V 7-08, 1987)
Ralf Donert & Peter Wilbert - Zimmerpflanzen Im Endstadium (7", Entenpfuhl, 1996)
Four Square Logos - Ingwer/Warmdesk (7", Gefriem, 1994)


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dry Lungs II (LP, Placebo Records PLA 021, 1986)

Following my very recent postings of Dry Lungs 1 and 3, somebody whom I know for quite some time donated volume 2. No cover scans, but here's a track list:

A1 Croiners Untitled
A2 Jeff Greinke Uprising
A3 Randy Greif The Hole To Heaven
A4 Monochrome Bleu Ballerinas Of Manaus
A5 Tim Story Untitled
A6 Controlled Bleeding Letters To The Life Cycle (Part 3)
B1 Severed Heads Clairaudience
B2 If, Bwana Beauty And The Beast
B3 Un Drame Musical Instantané French Resistance
B4 Asmus Tietchens Medienlandschaft 2
B5 Jarboe A Song In The Dark (Excerpt)
B6 YBO Trash! Crash!
B7 Hijoh Kaiden*


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Swab Sound Horror - Four Tapes

A big post today, but it's for die hards only I guess. Imagine Nurse With Wound meeting early Severed Heads and you get a grasp of the music of one Benjamin Jansens from Nijmegen. In the late 80s he released a bunch of cassettes, of which this is an almost complete selection. The best is 'A Ghastle Silence' in which he explores the NWW/SH connects through what is called 'pause button' editing, a very primitive form of sampling. That will give you a good impression. 'Chance Dying' is good but less impressive. The folder called 'Ants Irrit Dy Um' is lesser and include a piece called 'Onkura Veda', in which he uses sound material from Kapotte Muziek. That was released as a split cassette, with both of them reworking eachothers sounds. The Kapotte Muziek side is not included. All of these tapes were released in video boxes with various graphic inserts as well as texts which I don't understand. I used to bump into him in those days, but I have no idea what has become of him.

1. A Ghastle Silene (Ultimate Skin Labs, US 01, 199?)
2. Chance Dying (Ultimate Skin Labs, US 005, 199?) (including bonus tape)
3. Ants Irrit Dy Um (Ultimate Skin Labs, US 014, 199?)/Onkura Veda (Interrupt Prod, IP 04, 199?)


Friday, May 2, 2008

The Monomen - Hystery Of (tape, Tham Tham 005, 1982), Come In Handies (7", 1000 Idioten ID 9999, 1980)

For a long time I wanted to post the cassette by The Monomen from Arnhem, The Netherlands, but only if I had their 7". Someone borrowed this to me last week, and now I am happy to post this. The Monomen was the band before Van Kaye & Ignit, with Van Kaye, whose real name is Ed van Kasteren, as their enigmatic singer. Soundwise it has nothing to do with Van Kaye & Ignit, as The Monomen are much more punky and new wave like, with some resemblance to Pere Ubu. This is all they ever released, one 7" and one cassette.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

De Volharding (7", Volharding label, 1973)

A short post today, but one that fits the May 1st celebration well, I think. Louis Andriessen's small orchestra De Volharding play working class inspired tunes, such as Hanns Eisler's 'solidarity piece', 'song from the power of the people' (by one Luis Advis) and Louis Andriessen's 'Dat Gebeurt In Vietnam' (that happens in Vietman). The proceedings of this record went to the medical comittee Netherlands-Vietnam. All around fine left wing music. Louis Andriessen is still active as a composer and sold his archive for some big bucks. Willem Breuker is also part here, as well as Jan Wolff, the director of 'De IJsbreker' and pulling strings in the world of Dutch music. Elitist these days perhaps, but that's the way ideals goes, says the cynic in me. Xirror doesn't work, hopefully for a short time, so this is on rapidshare only.

Proletarians of all countries