Saturday, January 31, 2009

1.242.285 (tape, Yura Kollektief y.u.r. 1, 1986)

In October I met a guy who asked me about this tape, and it has taken me some time to get it transferred, lots of tracks. The thing is about animal liberation and has some great, mostly unknown Dutch punk bands, like Pragma, Second Auschwitz, Diverse Artiesten, Fugitive, Louie Luis, Stanx, Squandrels, Das Breetels Happy tombs, No Brain Cells, Heartbeat Underground and Bambix.Plus poetry read by Dorpoudste De Jong and experimentalism by Kapotte Muziek. I scanned the entire booklet, but not all the other info papers on this good cause. This was released in an edition of 250 copies.

Not for sale


Friday, January 30, 2009

Omit - Four tapes

One Peter sent me this week a bunch of Megaupload links to various tapes by Omit. So that they don't expire, I thought I would re-post all of those I don't have myself. Four tapes at once, which is a lot, but hey, it's almost weekend, so you can sit back and listen to them. Music by Omit has been posted before, so check it further info. And there is more Omit to come later.

Not for sale

A Block Of Face

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arise All Hammers (tape, De Koude Oorlog sz 004, 1986)

Another compilation, this time from The Netherlands, the first of two I have from this label. Here we find music by Dikyl Brobojo, Une Le Wurg Production, Kapotte Muziek, THU20, Post Destruction Music, Krzysztof Kudea, Szarkov, S Core, St. Cos, Arvid Tuba and From Me To You.

Not For Sale


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Total Recess Grade 2 (tape, Mystery Hearsay, 1988)

An obscure release from the Mystery Hearsay label, ran by Micheal Honeycutt and who had a band of the same name. This is the only volume I have (borrowed), and has music by The Paisley-Hued Eucalypus, Kapotte Muziek, Exterminator, Nechvatal, Jose Bejarano, Abstract Belief, Black Humour, Nick Canterucci/The Underwear Heads, Sismoid and Alfred Startka.

Not for sale


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hapunkt Fix - The Sound of Neoism (tape, 1985)

From deli plain

A tape that directly corresponds to Vittore Baroni's TRAX/Neoist Ghosts: With his friend and collaborator Graf Haufen, Hapunkt Fix (Harald Fix), a Berlin-based underground tape musician and performer, had travelled to the 9th International Neoist Festival in Ponte Nossa, Italy in 1985 and created this sound collage from his field recordings. The zip archive includes, next to the sound files, his 32 pages documentary text and image booklet on the festival.

Harald died from cancer in 2002; for those who can read German, here is an extensive posthumous article on him from a Berlin newspaper. His final work, the sound collage "The Magic of Sampling", can be downloaded

Not for sale


Monday, January 26, 2009

Rite De Passage/Necronomicon - Sport (tape, Fetisj 003, 1982)

This is the third tape of the Fetisj label posted by Dr. Freakowitz and a split between Rite De Passage and the band from the label Necronomicon. Tracks here are along similar musical lines, but the good things is that things are kept to 3-4 minute songs. Nice electronic pop/funk music.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

K9K7 Sept 89 Festival (tape, Hahamandad, 1990)

I posted the live cassette of the 1990 edition of this festival, here is the 1989 edition. It features music by El Hab, Selfs without Shells (which is the band that organised this event), Sack, Das Fet, Gorgonzola Legs, Mahorana, The Voices In The Distance, Blind, Cancel. More of Blind soon, actually. I don't think this was released with a booklet, like the next volume. No other volume exist either, I think.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Achim Wollscheid - Der Freie Fall (tape, 1997), In Your Necessary Ear (7", Bad Alchemy, 2001)

'Der Freie Fall' is the second tape I post with a kind of radioplay by Achim Wollscheid of previous S.B.O.T.H.I. fame. The 7" was released by the excellent German magazine Bad Alchemy, issue 57.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Illusion Of Safety/City Of Worms/Eric Lunde - Live (tape, Big Body Parts bbp 070, 1989)

Discogs gives a lot more information than what I have on this tape. So I called them all untitled, but perhaps this is true?

A1 Illusion Of Safety Francis Ford Studio Milwaukee 7 22 89
Performer - Dan Burke , Jim O'Rourke , Mark Klein
A2 City Of Worms Club Lower Links Chicago 7 17 89
Performer - Jeph Jerman
B1 City Of Worms Club Lower Links Chicago 7 17 89 (Conclusion)
Performer - Jeph Jerman
B2 Eric Lunde Francis Ford Studio Milwaukee 7 22 89
Performer - Dave Szelwinski , Eric Lunde

I don't know. I gave up believing what I read.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Groeten Uit Nijmegen (LP, Waaghals w01, 19??) plus two 7inch records

From McDoomey LTD collection three records that deal with Nijmegen. The first is a six group compilation with: The Bips, Bambix, Shanks, Poppi Uk, Maximum Bob, Frugifer, all bands from the garage. It was released by the local record store De Waaghals which still kicks around. From The Bips also a 7". In their ranks is the drummer from The Squats, and they play a song from them. Older is a 7" inch by Poppi UK, once an ultra hip band from this city. All bit too garage rock/normal punk for me, but not bad at all.

The Bips - This Time For Real 7inch no label. 2002
Poppi UK - Hip Hop Lobotomy, 7inch, Poppi Disk
Groeten Uit Nijmegen, LP, Waaghals w01

Not For Sale


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

De Fabriek - Moda Bella (tape, De Fabriek Records & Tapes fab 5, 1982)

Another fine release by De Fabriek, an earlier one, with more small tracks. Some of these ended up on a various compilations.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meer Staal (tape, Limbabwe c013, 198?)

As promised. I have the tape but lost the big card board that is the cover of it, but finally someone send me a photograph of it. This band played music on playing metal, but not like Test Dept or Einsturzende Neubauten. More celebral and quiet I think, which makes it quite nice. Meer Staal after this released a LP + 7" called 'Hartslagen' in 1987 and a CD 'Ad Libitum' in 1996, both of which are still available from:

Floor van Riswick
D'n Herk 84
5803 DN
Tel: 0478-786418
No e-mail address, but grab a stamp and order them through mail. Or maybe through the website, which documents the whole punk/squat scene from Venlo. This site includes many covers from Limbabwe as well as a lot on the squat scene of Venlo. No link to our various posts on the music though.

a video from meer staal here


Monday, January 19, 2009

Intifada (LP Konkurrel k031/116, 1988)

I think before I expressed my non-interest in politics, as I just never ever believe anybody who is politically inspired and especially when it comes to making promises: 'I can change the world' - or rather, in 21st century newspeak: 'nobody can change the world on his own, but together we can' (once it turns out to be another lying through his teeth politician, don't come complaining here, thank you), but of course punk is sometimes a lot about politics, and struggle for or against something. In the McDoomey LTD collection there is this album to support the Intifada, which is the first struggle of the Palestinian's against Israel. Another compilation that comes with an uberextensive booklet, which I didn't scan. The music is by The Vernon Walters, The Plot, Swampsurfers, Seein' Red, De Kift, The Ex, Trespassers W

Not For Sale.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Emma (2LP, M.A. Draje Records 001TM4, 1986)

Double LP with recordings made at the legendary punk venue Emma. Lots of more traditional Dutch punk bands, but also the arrival of hardcore. I didn't scan the more than elaborate booklet though.
with: No Allegiance, Pandemonium, Tu-Do Hospital, BGK, Morzelpronk, Nog Watt, Impact, Deadlock, The Ex, Membranes, Kaki's, Zowiso, Vacuum, Sjako!, Zak In As, Sonic Youth, IF, Electric Hannes, The Gentry, Svatsox & Dorpoudste De Jong, Krapuul, Grin, no Pigz, Negazione, Indigesti, Hostages Of Ayatollah, Capital Scum, Combat Not Conform, Murder Inc. III, UBCF.

Not for sale


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Religion (tape, Zeal SS 084, 1987)

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get this separated in tracks. Mainly due to the various 'links' between the tracks, made by Banned Pdts & The Grey Wolves. I lost the original packaging but Peter Zincken of Odal sent me the scan for it. On this tape are DC Poeln, Psy Phalanx, Satori, Iron Brotherhood, Vandal X, Arvid Tuba, Odal, The Moralunary Class, Kapotte Muziek, Comando Bruno, Con-Dom, Face In The Crowd, Redemption Inc, Tactical Aid Group, S.Core, Apostles, Hilaire Brisdak Ensemble, NTRA and Nails Ov Christ. Heavy noise boys.

Not For Sale


Friday, January 16, 2009

Meet Lt. Murnau (tape, VEC, 1980)

From Deli Plain

Lieutenant Murnau was not only an early multiple artistic identity, but a plunderphonics project before the name plunderphonics had been invented. The mastermind behind the project, and this tape, was Vittore Baroni of "TRAX" fame, although it was released on the VEC label of his Mail Art collaborator Rod Summers in the Netherlands.

In Vittore Baroni's own words: "Lieutenant Murnau was invented as the name of a ghost musical group. It was started in 1980 and ended in 1984. The image came from a photograph of film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau while serving as lieutenant in the German army. This photograph was taken and reproduced onto posters, leaflets, fanzines, badges and all other memorabilia of pop mythology to create an interest in something that did not exist. The next step was to provide Lt. Murnau fans with invisible music. I managed to produce various records and cassettes without playing a single note, simply releasing mixages of recorded music. The 'Meet Lt. Murnau' tape, for example, was a deliberate confusion of Beatles and Residents records. I also used
soundtracks of F.W. Murnau's films and music provided by other groups in hommage to Murnau. To mess up things even more, I had some of these tapes and records released in different countries by different people. Lt. Murnau also appeared on stage, masked, mixing different records and crucifying a Beatles LP. Hundreds of life-size Lt. Murnau-cardboard masks were printed which people could wear. Anybody could make Lt.
Murnau music and become Lt. Murnau, and a few people did it."


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dutch Punk #15

About a year I posted Dutch Punk #14, and after that some more Dutch punk, but they were not numbered. I can finally present, thanks to McDoomey Ltd, present some more Dutch punk records, and several more to come. This is a collection of the oldest 7"s in his collection (at least, from the ones he recently lend to me). Here we have:

De Kift - De Dag 7inch. Recorded in 1988. De Kift is the follow-up to Svatsox, and still a well respected band in The Netherlands.

Morzelpronk - Ralborsong 7inch. The band from Dolf of Joke's Koeieverhuurbedrijf where many Dutch punk was recorded. Not necessarily a punk record though. From 1984. On Ralbor Records

Spoilers/Mort Subite 7inch. Two bands from Limburg on a split record. From 1980 on Friet Records

Pandemonium - Who The Fuck Are You? 7inch (1983)
Pandemonium - Wir Fahren Ins Grune 7inch (1985)
Hardcore punk band from Venlo. Both records were released by Limbabwe.

Roeg Toeg - Stad & Plat 7inch
from Groningen. On Beltoon. 1981

Rufters - Pats 7inch
from Middelburg/Serooskerke. 1980. No label

None of this is for sale


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Corneil Nies - Luchtspiegels In DB (tape, Silly Noise, 1983)

Whatever happened to? That's a question we could ask ourselves a lot, which of course we never do. Corneil Nies released three tapes, recorded at home on a bunch of synthesizers and rhythmmachines. Nice, but never great. Dr. Freakowitz and I think Silly Noise was just his own label, and he released three tapes. I think this one was his first, but Dr. Freakowitz thinks its his second. Oh well. Nice atmospheric stuff anyway.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Roy G. Biv - Kazjdji Ochtonik (tape, 1983)

The final release by Roy G. Biv, as promised by dr. Freakowitz. He asks me to ask you if someone can read the title, but according to Frans de Waard's 'Cassette Catalogus' (edition 1983), the title reads as 'Kazjdji Ochtonik' and is the Russian equivalent of RGB (Roy G Biv), a way to remind which colors there are. (well, or some such I hear myself mumbling). More heavy than the previous two.

Not for Sale


Monday, January 12, 2009

Alu - Live Im Risiko (LP, Der Letzte Schrei DLS 1981/10, 1981)

I borrowed a bunch of records from someone named McDoomey LTD, and I transferred them all. By his own special request record this Alu is the first one, at 320 kbps. This was a live concert by Alu, of whom I posted some music before, in some sort of improvised action, concert. Great raw minimal synth music.

Not For Sale


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Circles Of Infinity (two tapes, Myotis Records, 1998)

Great double tape compilation, which much to my surprise was released in 1998, which seems kinda late, but with the better names and pieces by Bad Sector, Troum, Brume, Caspar COC, Ultra Milkmaids & Etereo Expandeum Club, Inade, Rapoon, Toy Bizarre, Kapotte Muziek, Aube, Klangkrieg, V.O.S., Q-sphere, Big City Orchestra, Tesendalo.

Not for sale


Saturday, January 10, 2009

John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors Of America - World Of Lying Pigs (tape, Ladd-Frith LF 80, 1991)

I already posted some music before by this crazy but great guy, and here is another long tape by him. I believe parts where later released on CD. Good solid rock songs and some weirdo stuff, such as sound poetry and prank phone calls.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Omit on 7"

Three 7" releases by Omit, of whom we posted stuff before. Two of them are
lathe cut record, hand pressed by Peter King on plastic and they were released on his own Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic, whilst the third is a collaboration 7" with Dust on Fisheye. Dust is Bruce Russell, of the Corpus Hermeticum label and A Handful Of Dust. More of his music in the future.

Omit - Complacency/Dissipation
Label: Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic
Catalog#: none
Format: Lathe Cut, 7"
Released: 1998

Omit - Zero
Label: Deepskin Conceptual Mindmusic
Catalog#: none
Format: 2 x Lathe Cut, 7"

Released: 2001

Dust & Omit - Fore Casts
Label: Fisheye fish 1
Format: 7"
released: unknown


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jon Rose - Featurisms (tape, Fringe Benefit Records, 1985/6)

From Deli Plain

Released in 1985 or 1986 by Fringe Benefit Records in Australia, this highly obscure cassette marks the early beginnings of Jon Rose's monumental - both serious and 'mad scientific' - musical research project "The Relative Violin". Enough said!

Not for sale


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Disabuse Transmissions (five tapes)

This lot was kindly donated by Frans de Waard with the special request to post it today, January 7th. He wrote: 'January 7th is the day that most likely my friend and first band member of Kapotte Muziek commited suicide in 2002. He left his house on January 5 and was found at the end of March by farmer on his land nearby Nijmegen. I learned of his death in 2006. When we made music together, in 1984-1987, he was very much interested in the whole notion of releasing cassettes, and he started his own label, Disabuse Transmissions. I don't think he ever sold any, but he gave me the covers and masters, so I could sell them through my own label. I also helped him getting the Nails Ov Christ release and the 'Ontwaakt' compilation. The other three releases were all recorded by Christian. Two of them as Factor 6, of which I no longer know what it stood for. The Factor 6 tape on Opus Dei Society was not recorded by him, but by me. The 'Rock N Roll' release by Kapotte Muziek is entirely Christian solo. This is the entire catalogue of his label." More on Christian here the catalogue: DT 1 Factor 6 - Chemical Warfare (c15) DT 2 Kapotte Muziek - Rock N Roll (c30) DT 3 Nails Ov Christ - Dark Night Of The Soul (c30) DT 4 Ontwaakt! compilation with Nails Ov Christ, Kapotte Muziek, Narzisse, Factor 6 and small links in between by Post Destruction Music DT 5 Factor 6 - Beyond Birth And Death download

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Roy G. Biv - Metamor (tape, 198?)

Here's another one by them as I'm in a rush... see also a few days ago.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Trax - Neoist Ghosts (tape, Trax 1085, 1985)

From Deli Plain

To answer L'étranger's question about "Basis Orguna / AKAUCN": No, that tape is not the same as "TRAX 1085 Neoists Ghosts". The proof is in the pudding, or rather: in this posting. "TRAX 1085 Neoists Ghosts" was edited and published by the Italian mail artist and underground musicia Vittore Baroni in 1985, two years after his tape Area
Condizionata 3: Videogames For The Blind
. It was the final "post-mortem" release of his legendary TRAX label, made in a period when he actively participated in Neoism (and ten years before having his hands in the similar-minded Luther Blissett project).

The "SMILE side" of the cassette consists of a sound collage based on Vittore's field recordings from the 9th Neoist Festival in the Northern Italian village of Ponte Nossa. It features the voices and sound material of Pete Horobin, Istvan Kantor, Glassmadness, Rod Summers, Graf Haufen & Hapunkt Fix, Ginny Lloyd, Andy Stenhouse, Robin Crozier, Al Ackerman, Emilio Morandi, tENTATIVELY, G. Achille Cavellini, David Zack, Arthur Berkhoff, Gerald Jupitter Larsen, Stewart Home, Mark Bloch, Basic
Essentials, Gordon W. & Dave Porter, Black Hand Gang, Chico Louis, Niels Lomholt, Tristan Renaud, Boris Wanowitch, First Aid Brigade & the people of Ponte Nossa.

The "SNARL side" contains five tracks by Déficit des Annees Anterieures (DDAA), Die Form, Roberto Marinelli, Zone Verte, Daniele Ciullini & Vivenza in a nonstop mix.

The download file includes Vittore's liner notes to the cassette, his obituary for the TRAX project, and selections from his SMILE/SNARL magazine published in the same year. And, in order to either avoid or perfect the confusion, "Trax 1085 Neoist Ghosts" is not identical to Hapunkt Fix's "The Sound of Neoism", another field recording sound
collage from the same festival based on partly the same audio material.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Series Vol. 1 (tape, L'Agence Des Refuses RS 1, 1984)

We already posted some tapes by L'Agence Des Refuses, all compilations, and here is another one, donated by Dr. Freakowitz. Although volume one, we don't think there was ever another volume. The idea was to present more serious, almost modern classical music. Included are pieces by Wendy Chambers, Pascal Comelade/David Cunningham, Ros Brandt & I.I.M.E and Otto J. Grunbauer, the man who once ran Red Rat Recordings, the biggest cassette label of the netherlands. Some websites:

Ros Brandt

Otto J. Grünbauer


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Roy G. Biv - Audition Coloree (tape, 1981)

Roy G. Biv was a band from Amsterdam who produced independently some tapes. Edward Vuderink (guitars, voice), Frans Evers (keyboards), Robin Deirkauf (keyboards), Dr R.G.B. Eggs (drums). More pschedelic music and not always great, but as Dr. Freakowitz said, they stand through time.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Dirt Lib 1 (tape, Cliche Productions, 1983)

Some time ago, Dutch writer Martin Bril wrote about the 80s, saying 'your friend would buy an album, you would tape it for yourself and other friends, make a cover, color it and all of this on the dole'. I had to think of that writing when looking at the first (and only?) issue of Dirt Lib, a magazine and cassette. I can't scan the magazine without damaging it, so I didn't. Their idea was 'to capture sound and music on paper and cassette'. It was made by one Ulf Mappe, who is also on the tape, also with E23, Truuk + Mutella, Guy de B, Beats Per Minutem C.A.U.W. and H.v.Z. + Nettie. The sound and poetry recall the 80s very well. Its not the quality of what you, its do it yourself, I guess.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

F/i / Vocokesh - Merge Parlour / 3 New Untitled Tracks (LP, RRRecords RRR 082, 1992) F/i - From Poppy With Love (7", SSS Productions, RRRecords SSS 50

Every bit of music is a piece of firework as far as I'm concerned, so today no special firework release. I realized I didn't post a piece of vinyl is some days, so here's one. Music by Vocokesh has been posted before and as said then Vocokesh is a sort of hobby project of Richard Franecki, whose main band is F/i.
"F/I are From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been around since 1981, releasing half a dozen LPs on RRRecords. The band started out as a unit elaborating on noise structures in the tradition of Throbbing Gristle or Nurse With Wound. They are also influenced by Hawkwind and Spacemen 3. In 1983 they changed their name from Surfin´ Führers, The to F/i. Richard Franecki later went on to form Vocokesh but still returning to F/i once n a while." This is a split record of both bands. What it says on discogs "12" comes pressed on clear vinyl in a clear plastic sleeve with a sticker that says "WARNING! This Record Will Kill You" might not be true, at least my copy doesn't have the sticker. Also in this post a 7" by F/i.