Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Disabuse Transmissions (five tapes)

This lot was kindly donated by Frans de Waard with the special request to post it today, January 7th. He wrote: 'January 7th is the day that most likely my friend and first band member of Kapotte Muziek commited suicide in 2002. He left his house on January 5 and was found at the end of March by farmer on his land nearby Nijmegen. I learned of his death in 2006. When we made music together, in 1984-1987, he was very much interested in the whole notion of releasing cassettes, and he started his own label, Disabuse Transmissions. I don't think he ever sold any, but he gave me the covers and masters, so I could sell them through my own label. I also helped him getting the Nails Ov Christ release and the 'Ontwaakt' compilation. The other three releases were all recorded by Christian. Two of them as Factor 6, of which I no longer know what it stood for. The Factor 6 tape on Opus Dei Society was not recorded by him, but by me. The 'Rock N Roll' release by Kapotte Muziek is entirely Christian solo. This is the entire catalogue of his label." More on Christian here

the catalogue:

DT 1 Factor 6 - Chemical Warfare (c15)
DT 2 Kapotte Muziek - Rock N Roll (c30)
DT 3 Nails Ov Christ - Dark Night Of The Soul (c30)
DT 4 Ontwaakt! compilation with Nails Ov Christ, Kapotte Muziek, Narzisse, Factor 6 and small links in between by Post Destruction Music
DT 5 Factor 6 - Beyond Birth And Death



Anonymous said...

Thanks, nice stuff here.

Joe Davis said...

I have Dark Night Of The Soul on cassette and it is great to have it in MP3 format. Ilove these releases. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Hi 433!! There also is a split tape between Nails Ov Christ and Kapotte Muziek called Dark Night Of The Soul / Aim: Destruction. Can we expect a post of this in the near future??

433 RPM said...

such a tape release doesn't exist, and no don't believe what discogs says, please. i'll explain: a lot of tapes on korm plastics, opus dei society and disabuse were 30 minute tapes, so many were copied back to back. so one side had 1 release and the other side another. usually the cassette box contained 2 entirely different covers. apparently someone added such one to discogs, and now everybody think this is an official. korm plastics, whom i know, complained with the guy who did the entry, but he was like 'i have it so it exists'. once again: the internet is a place for false information.