Friday, October 31, 2008

De Fabriek - Music For Zelftapes A & B (two tapes, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 19??)

I just realized I am not going to near electricity tomorrow, let alone near my blog, so I decide to give tomorrow's post today already. Its a rather large post of two lengthy, almost 120 minutes, by De Fabriek from the phase where information on the cover didn't really count. I have plenty more, all in due time.


Hands To &Hands To & Others - Rework Odiom (tape, E'Ostrate ATR 004, 1992)

"The Principle: Rework / Odium is a C90 CR02 gathering collaborative works of some of the most innovative sound makers. It is based on the mutual exchange of raw material between Hands to and five groups appearing on the ORK SIDE. The final processed sound-pieces being edited on this tape. With Hands to on the REW SIDE and Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Kapotte Muziek, Merzbow, PBK, and S.B.O.T.H.I. on the ORK SIDE." This was released in an edition of 200 copies.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tango Djoboko - Tarzans Nachtmerrie (tape, Limbabwe Cassettes 003, 1982)

Another gem from Limbabwe cassettes. Tanjo Djoboko were a five piece band: Johnnie on drums, Floor on bass, Cor on vocals, Hay on metal percussion and Bregit on saxophone, as it says on the cover. Music to think and dance. Not unlike the other bands on the same label: a combination of punk and post-funk


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Konstruktivits - A Dissembly (LP, Flowmotion FM 002, 1982)

The first LP by former Throbbing Gristle helper Glenn Micheal Wallis, who calls himself NKVD on this album. He plays synth, keyboards, perkussion, vokals, kompters (whatever those are). Furtherline up conists of Dave Rouse (guitar), Adrian Grover (piano, tapeloops), Dave Kenny (engineer, treatments, tapes) and Martha (keyboard solo on one track). Konstruktivits were never really, a real industrial group, but more fucked cosmic synth band. Later on NKVD also produced a record with Chris & Cosey. official website


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dikyl Brobojo & Arvid Tuba - Zeewater Is Niet Vies/Blodskambrudgum (tape, De Koude Oorlog sz 006, 1986)

From Dikyl Brobojo I posted some music before. This is a split tape with a video soundtrack by Dikyl Brobojo on one side and four tracks by Markus Arvidson, also known as Arvid Tuba on the other side. Come to think of it, I think its this guy who released the 'The Neckparty', which I posted earlier. The Brobojo is nice electronic while Arvid Tuba plays rhythmic industrial music, in which the voice plays an important role.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Comrades Creating - Underground (tape, Egmondse Klank Op-sessie 35, 198?)

Another release by the Egmondse Klank Op-sessie, and its by Comrades Creating. I believe this was one of those bands by this label, which involved Fred and John Valkering, who operated in various guises. Also like other releases a fine combination between rock, improvisation, electronics and experiment.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The History Of Jazz (tape, L'Agence Des Refusés,1984)

The 'other' compilation by the same label, another contribution from Dr. Freakowitz. It seems that Rapidshare has a new policy that for free accounts no more than 10 people can download, so for the time being I upload through megaupload. Maybe I'll buy a premium account for Rapidshare. Don't know yet... Megaupload does allow really big files, so that's good...

A1 Commie Martyrs Medley Of Unreleased Greatest Hits (4:44)
A2 Nexda The Man Who Smiles Dub (4:09)
A3 Algebra Suicide Somewhat Bleeker Street (1:30)
A4 Renaldo & The Loaf Cast Iron Smile (2:00)
A5 Dave, The Old Lady Dirt Box (2:57)
A6 Bright Too Late Love And Betrayal (3:22)
A7 Lady June Hipoppopothesis (3:45)
A8 New Warmth Vacation (5:58)
A9 Jung Analysts Boys On The Job (1:52)
B1 Port Said Cobra (5:02)
B2 Short-Term Memory Third Hand (4:13)
B3 Twilight Ritual Surrounded (4:48)
B4 Algebra Suicide Lethargy (1:54)
B5 Dega Ray Touch (4:00)
B6 Minimal Man (2) Ascension (3:04)
B7 Bourbonese Qualk Going Through The Motions (2:03)
B8 Lady June Mission Person (2:43)
B9 Algebra Suicide Agitation (1:25)


Not for sale from 433rpm

Saturday, October 25, 2008

One For Bangkok (tape, L'Agence Des Refusés A,D,R. 001, 198?)

The first of two compilations by Belgium's L'Agence Des Refuses. I posted a long time a double cassette 'Alle Zegen Komt Van Boven', Dr. Freakowitz submits today 'One For Bangkok', a more internationally oriented compilation.

A1 Cleaners From Venus This Rainy Decade (2:13)
A2 Y Create Reprise (2:08)
A3 Terra Della Sera Il Principe E Gli Autichi Uccelli Part 4 (7:32)
A4 Cleaners From Venus Midnight Cleaners (5:08)
A5 Dream Flesh Original Copylat / Iguanapella (6:26)
A6 Legendary Pink Dots, The The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes (6:17)
B1 Enno Velthuys Swamp (4:30)
B2 Bene Gesserit Mr. 4XQ (3:10)
B3 Pascal Comelade Dedicated To Conlon Nancarrow (2:04)
B4 Mark Klee Baby Jesus (2:27)
B5 Tara Cross It's Cold (4:37)
B6 Autumn Reach You From Behind My Walls (2:56)
B7 Steve Ainsworth Concern (4:05)
B8 Subject (2) The Man From Outer Space (3:27)
B9 Enno Velthuys A Lifetime Of Lovelyness (2:35)


Not for sale from 433rpm

Friday, October 24, 2008

Vocokesh - Ispepnaibra (LP, RRRecords 068, 1990), Still Standing In The Same Garden (Drag City DC 015, 1992)

Vocokesh is a sort of hobby project of F/i's Richard Franecki along with Jan Schoeber and sometimes others. These are the bands first releases. They play interesting space rock. 'Ispepnaibra' was on tie dyed vinyl, the Drag City release is one side only, while the other side has an etching in the vinyl. More from them later.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Best Of Bauplatz (tape, Limbabwe Cassettes, 1982)

Also on Limbabwe, but without a catalogue number is this compilation. Bauplatz was the local Venlo place for alternative youth culture and for a while had some great bands. All cuts here from the period 1981-1982 and were recorded with a small cassette recorder. Not the best quality, but certainly some great names, such as The Ex, Theatre Of Hate, The Brassers, Einsturzende Neubauten, Pandemonium (early harcore punk band), as well as the more unknown Prompt, Zoo, Metall Tanz, Alive Detail and Motel Bokassa.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cherokee - Wipis In Tipis (tape, Limbabwe Cassettes c006, 198?)

I borrowed some releases on the Limbabwe Cassettes label, of which I previously posted the 'Vlaaikots' compilation and Der Junge Hund's 'Live In V2'. Limbabwe was from Venlo, the part of The Netherlands called Limburg and had in the early eighties a lively music scene. Limbabwe released mostly experimental music in the best post-punk tradition with lots of funky influences. None of the bands mean much to me, Cherokee was Ingrid on vocals, Carin on drums, Henk on guitar, Gert-Jan on bass, Hans on percussion and Ger doing the technical side. I am actually looking for the cover of the 'Meer Staal' cassette, im case anyone has this, please send me a scan (


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

De Fabriek - Music For Endless Cassettes (tape, de Fabriek Records & Tapes, 19??)

Yesterday somebody asked for more De Fabriek and Vivenza, and I am in a hurry, otherwise I would have scanned the cover of a split cassette I have by them, and I'll surely do soon, but today one of those other obscure De Fabriek releases. No track titles, and on the cover a whole bunch of names of people that they used tape loops from.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Memphis 10SC - Big Band (tape, BBB, 7c 262-60521, 19??)

Earlier this month I posted Idealistic Idiot 3 and it had a track by Memphis 10SC, one Björn J from Norway. Dr. Freakowitz just send me this rather short by nice cassette by Memphis 10SC, who also had a track on International Sound Communication, Volume Number Nine. Oterwise we both know nothing about him. The music is a curious mix of electronics and early big band jazz beats


(not for sale from 433rpm)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

John Havermans - Garden Pt 1 and Pt 2 (two tapes, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 1983)

Many of the releases on De Fabriek Records and Tapes are by the band De Fabriek, but some are by others, mostly Technological Aquiver (or TLA, or The Lost Attick), but there are also two volumes of 'Garden' by one John Havermans. I have no idea who he is, except that he contributed to De Fabriek's 'Neveleiland' record. On Garden Volume Pt 1 it says all music is recorded by a Moog synthesizer. Garden Volume Pt 2 has no info.

part one
part two

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nice Noise Volume One and Two (two tapes, Nihilistic Recordings, 19??)

If you think that with the Idealistic Idiot series we are done with Peter Zincken's compilation tapes, then you are wrong. A much smaller series, in fact only two (I know off), is the Nice Noise series - and the double ninety minute tapes of Material still has to be done! On volume one we have Minoy, The Gerogerigegege, Mike Shannon, John Hudak, Big City Orchestra, Factor X, Black Humor, Mortuary Attendant, Misogny and Murilee Ariac. On Volume Two we have Sceptic Birth, Mysogny, John Hudak, Mike Shannon, Context, Majorana, Birth-birth, Mind Scan, Factor X, The Gerogerigegege, Odal and Minoy.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Small Cruel Party - Three 10" Records

The other day I saw the first Small Cruel Party CD on Nostalgie de la Boue, so its time to move to the three 10" records by Small Cruel Party. These are:

Small Cruel Party - Urgent Tube
Label: Small Cruel Party
Catalog#: SCP-001
Released: 1991

Small Cruel Party - In Thicket
Label: Sounds For Consciousness Rape
Catalog#: SFCR 10"001
Released: 1994

Notes: Limited to 550.

Small Cruel Party / Chop Shop - Scmaolpl -C-r-u-e-l- Psahrotpy
Label: RRRecords
Catalog#: RRR 093
Released: 1995
Notes: A literal split 10" - the record is cut in half and in a 5" x 11" folder. As each artist has one side of the original record, the idea is that you can recombine their two pieces by physically reassembling the vinyl record.
A small number of copies were left intact.

The copy I have is one of those that are intact!

urgent tube

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Storung - The Art Of Combining (tape, Combinator Records 1, 198?)

The second contribution by Dr. Freakowitz is the most sought after tape by Dutch electro legends Storung, also on Combinator Records. Storung released a LP, which was recently re-released, along with a CD version of it, and a 7". The recent interest in their music made them play together and release new material. Storung is a duo of Eugenius and Arian Brunwin. I don't have their 'Inside The Black Box' album, in case you are wondering. This cassette release is not mentioned on their website


(not for sale from 433rpm)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Par Accidente (tape, Combinator Records 4, 198?)

I have been suspicious of stuff that people offer for this blog, and I prefer to do things myself, ripping, scanning etc. I can tell when something is wrong, since I have the original. Some people have contributed stuff, but these are people I know and trust. Today the first post by hopefully a more regular contributor, being Medicijnman a.k.a. Dr. Freakowitz ("famous member of the Trumpett Tapes scene"), who found this blog and said he had some stuff. Today its a cassette on Combinator Records, of which I posted Ex Arare Musica. We don't know anything about them, and the music is certainly a weird electronic thing combined with funky guitars.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

K Salvatore - Four Impossible Puns (2LP, Siwa #1/2, 1997)

I don't know much about K Salvatore, but it seems to be an off-shoot of the No Neck Blues band. Their records are beautifully packed. Lo-fi improvised guitar music, free percussion and odd objects. No doubt a highly limited release


Monday, October 13, 2008

Theatre Of Hate - He Who Dares Wins - Live in Berlin (LP, Biber BI 6110,1981)

Early 80s new wave rock band with members: Kirk Brandon, Stan Stammers, Billy Duffy, John Lennard, Luke Rendall, Nigel Preston, which were quite a popular band. There are various titles with 'He Who Dares Wins', some of which are bootlegs and one is an attempt to stop the bootlegs. I think this one is a bootleg, but I'm not sure. There is the track 'Poppies' here, which I believe is the same version as was released by Vinyl Magazine on flexidisc - another favorite of mine. This album was recorded live in Berlin in 1981. Theatre Of Hate still exist, see their myspace.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Claustrophobia (tape, Interrupt IP01, 1988), Schizophobia (tape, Interrupt IP02, 1989), Necrophobia (tape, Interrupt IP03, 1989)

As promised here is another trio of long compilation cassettes, released by Interrupt Productions, who I believe were good friends of Peter Zincken at the time. I think the guy had his own music project in Splendor Solis, but maybe my mind is blurred. Three long compilations, all ninety minutes each.

Claustrophobia has music by Dwarf Farm, Szarkov, Odal, Vidna Obmana, Ditto, No Unauthorized, Kapotte Muziek, Ioss, Dva Met Dva Nichts, Travella 4, Thae Collective, S Core, M.Nomized, 6de Kolonne, SBOTHI, Sluagh Ghairm, Psy 231

Necrophobia has music by Stefano Biasin, Recycled Body Programm, Solanaceae Tau, LSD, SCore, Context, Blackhumour, DZ Lectric, The Grey Wolves, Enema Och Gejonte, Not Half, Pyrom, Vandal X, If Bwana, Factor X, Costes Cassette, DZ Lectric, Pronegatif

Schizophobia has music by Militia Chresti, Nostalgie Eternelle, Szarkov, ORDUC, M. Nomized, Lyke Wake, PBK, Winter, Vidna Obmana, Line Farmer 117, Appi, Dikyl Brobojo, Big City Orchestra, No Unauthorized, The Grey Wolves




Saturday, October 11, 2008

Idealistic Idiot 7, 8, 9 (three tapes, Nihilistic Recordings, ?)

Continued from last weekend. Seven has music by Con-Dom, Sterile Womens Joy, Treble King, 60 Spun Yellow, Ustad, J.S.L., Minoy, City Of Worms, achau Ensemble, Uriniglinimarnaglu, Odal, Big City Orchestra. This one is unindexed. Eight has music by Jomnous Ensemble narcissus, The H.E.S.S. Group, Odal, Nostalgie Eternelle, Minoy, Fred Valkering, Not Half, Pronegatif, Lyke Wake, Mental Anguish, John Hudak, Canmcerous Growth, Pu-ni-sh-me-nt Nine has music by Die Rache, Minoy, Splendor Solis, John Hudak, Pronegatif, Mental Anguish, Welschmerz, La Sonorite Jaune, Big City Orchestra, Mike Shannon, Audio Syncarcy, Factor X 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Portion Control - Live In Europe (10", Big Noise In Archgate, BNIA ONE, 1988)

Also on 10", just like yesterday, is this 10" by Portion Control, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, Brixton Ace and two tracks from unnamed places in Spain and Sweden. The label also released a 10" by DDAA, Psy 231 and a compilation - none of which I have actually.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

2x10" (double 10", Empty Records mt 079, 1990)

Another of those 'pay along as you contribute' compilations, just like the various albums of IF Records and De Fabriek, but here on the Doc Wor Mirran label. This is the track list:

A1 Voices In The Distance Mystryonyt (3 Tap Pan)
A2 Macadam (3) Tarmac
A3 Karl F. Gerber His Master's Noise
A4 Kopfschmerztablette Hanover-Braunschweig
A5 Unanimous Anonymous Unberechenbar
B1 Wolfgang Foag SPXmas
B2 PCR Secrets Of Strangers
B3 Value Stress Peck Order
B4 Sack Baby, Baby, Baby
B5 Sack Gluck, Gluck, Gluck
B6 Sack Klofrau (Live, Clausthal-Zellefeld 1989)
B7 Sack Rolle Ohne Klopapier
B8 Sack Rote Flecken
B9 Jesus Drum Nicht Geburt
C1 PCR Lateral Thinking
C2 Doc Wor Mirran* Sex Is Dead
C3 Ampzilla's Delight The Moloch
C4 Kapotte Muziek + Dead Parliament Figuratie
D1 De Fabriek Mediterraneo (Excerpt)
D2 Nostalgie Eternelle Slow Motion
D3 Mengrad Neila's Entdeckung
D4 Ditto But What Is Fear?
D5 Onomatopeia I Am No Longer Infacted
D6 Onomatopeia I Thought It Was Because You Were Interested In Me The Human Being

However I made all Sack tracks into one piece.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

De Fabriek - Mont Cantis (cassette, De Fabriek Records & tapes fab 23, 1987)

This week I started transferring the many cassettes of De Fabriek that I have, some 25 in total! This one I did a while back already, and its a kind of blueprint for their album 'Made In Spain', which can be found here
which seems a new blog to me. I thought it was on Mutant Sounds, but maybe I am wrong. Anyway, this cassette came before the LP, so real fans might want to spot the differences... put them in the comments! Some of these tracks were also released on 'Dreams Of Child' by Minus Habens (which I don't have). More obscure De Fabriek soon. This one has a catalogue number according to Frans de Waard's Cassette Catalogus, although I don't see it on the cover.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A-Soma & Eve Libertine - Last One Out Turns Off The Lights (LP, Red Herring Records RH1, 1989)

Bronwen Jones is the real name of Eve Libertine, who is best known as one of the female singers of Crass, one of my favorite UK punk bands. When somebody once gave me this record, I was quite surprised by its content. No punk at all, but spoken word in combination with 'field recordings', although I don't think the word was used back then.

"'Last One Out Turns Off The Lights' is a performance of sounds and spoken words with occasional visual interaction. It is presented to an audience situated in darkness. This record which is a document of the event might also be listened to in this way.' Subtitled '(Collage - Composition - Documentation)'.
Track A2 composed entirely from unsampled natural sound sources."

I have no idea who or what A-Soma is. Libertine still performs music and poetry with former Crass members Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, but it's free improv and jazz like. I guess more modern than regular punk.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Tog Dogs? - Funny Farm Residents (LP, Funny Farm Records, 1981)

Ok, following all the noise of this weekend, for now something completly different. When I got Vinyl 12 I thought it a great flexi disc. Eyeless In Gaza on one side and on the other Top Dogs?, a duo of two brothers, Bass and H.W. Blom. They lived in the lunatic asylum, hence the name of their label Funny Farm. It mentions they are from Zwolle, although two De Div members play on a track here. It took me until very recently to get the LP mentioned in the article, and I must say it didn't live up to its exceptations. Much pop/rock like songs, with a bit of a weird sound here and there, but its quite alright. Not that good, not that bad. Today, you can judge for yourself. The zip contains the LP, the vinyl flexi disc and for those who read Dutch, the article about them.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Idealistic Idiot Volume 4, 5 & 6 (three tapes, Nihilistic Recordings, ?)

Second batch of this nine cassette series. Unfortunately I couldn't index Volume 4 and6 of this. Four has music by Stefano Biasin, Odal, Commando Laars, Enema Syringe, Technica Material, Solananceau Tau, Not Half, S.Core, Marcelo Exposito, Context, Big City Orchestra, Uriniglirimiranglu, Vandal X, Andrew Chalk, Bercomize, Merz. Five has music by 1348, Lyke Wake, Eric Iverson, MGZ, Exterminator, Odal, Chaos Combo, John Wiggins, David Prescott, Esruk, Due Process, Bill Makechnie & Chris Marion, Not Half, LOSP, Little Seed Six has music by L.S.D., The Psychic Workshop, Costes Cassette, Ditto, Odal, Radical Change, Appi, Stream Of Consciousness, Cephalic Index, Brume, Dva Met Dva Nichts, John Hudak, Domaine Poetique, Esruk 

Friday, October 3, 2008

Idealistic Idiot Volume 1, 2 & 3 (three tapes, Nihilistic Recordings, ?)

Peter Zincken of Odal fame is an active exchanger of music. Here has released many compilation tapes, such as Material and Nice Noise. His biggest set, as far as I know, is however nine volumes of under the banner of Idealistic Idiot. I have them all and post six this weekend and three next weekend (plus another three ninety minutes cassettes, but I'll reveal that next week). This is a very complete picture of late 80s cassette from the true underground. Lots of these people never made records, let alone CDs.

One has music by Zona Industriale, Mario Marzidovsek, A Violate Body, Juryen, Memphis 10 sc, Kapotte Muziek, Post Destruction Music, Gurk, Odal, Experiment Incest, Zanstones, Croyners, Zweiter Korps, Blackshirtorchestra

Two has music by Wienergesangknaab, Twirk, Nails Ov Christ, Paul Hurst, Anschluss, Odal, Zusammenwaschen, John Hudak, L'Akstremauncio, Urbain Autopsy, Lyke Wake, A Violated Body, Pregroperativistic Movement

Three has music by Vidna Obmana, Arvid Tuba and Klaus Groh. This is unindexed.




Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Stuhlgangblockade N! (LP, Schimpfluch SH 09, 1991)

"Original material by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck sent to various contributors, who then processed it and sent it back, after which Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck edited the material together.
Reissue of the Stuhlgangblockade cassette (SHP 1) edited in 1989.
Originally sold with booklet and various objects such as plastic bulb, screw or dish. Limited edition of 350.
Includes 16-page booklet explaining the process of composition.
features AMK, Andy Guhl, Architects Office, Audiosyncracy, Bräker, C-Schulz, Drängende Hebelkraft, Due Process, Frank Dommert, G*Park, Gfreeze, The, Grandbrother, Haters, The, Hirsch Quadrat, Illusion Of Safety, Inzekt, John Wiggins, Jörg Thomasius, Kapotte Muziek, Lieutenant Caramel, Maeror Tri, Merzbow, New Carrollton, Norbert Möslang, Not 1/2, PGR, Renkel Und Beins, Rudolv Eb.Er, Sudden Infant, Vehikel & Gefäss (& Ventilator), Vehikel + Gefäss, factor X

I didn't scan the entire booklet, and while typing this I made a note to ask Kapotte Muziek if they still have the original cassette with raw material that was used for this. Maybe later.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brian Lavelle - Towers Cooling (tape, All Kinds Of Things It Seems Upset The Apple Cart, 1997)

Second post with music from him, and I think I have no other releases by him.

Brian Lavelle is a "Scottish sound artist, born in Glasgow in 1972 but now living in Edinburgh. He has been recording since around 1990.
His recorded material can be described as resonant, textural layers of digital material, drones and processed field recordings. He has used the electric guitar in many of his recordings, often using it as a drone instrument or percussive accompaniment."



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Neckparty (tape, no label, 1986)

This compilation is not released by any label, which probably shows the extend of the old tape days: 'send me some music, and I'll make a compilation'. On this tape we find Anschluss, Nails Ov Chrsit, Catharsist, Arvid Tuba, Maybe Mental, Kapotte Muziek, Ulrich Blume, Narzisse, 37 Pink, De Fabriek, Asod Dvi, If Bwana, Urbain Autopsy, Odal, Experiment Incest and Hollow Men. Quite a nice industrial tape.