Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Konstruktivits - A Dissembly (LP, Flowmotion FM 002, 1982)

The first LP by former Throbbing Gristle helper Glenn Micheal Wallis, who calls himself NKVD on this album. He plays synth, keyboards, perkussion, vokals, kompters (whatever those are). Furtherline up conists of Dave Rouse (guitar), Adrian Grover (piano, tapeloops), Dave Kenny (engineer, treatments, tapes) and Martha (keyboard solo on one track). Konstruktivits were never really, a real industrial group, but more fucked cosmic synth band. Later on NKVD also produced a record with Chris & Cosey. official website



litlgrey said...

A total low-rent classic, and a hint of what even more incredible work was still to come. I adore each of the Konstruktivits LPs of this period.
By the way, if you listen to these LPs and know analog synthesizers, you begin to realize just how much Wallis accomplished with only a Korg MS-20.

Tim Jones said...

A great long lost LP, I only had a copy on tape years ago, thanks for letting me hear it again! ;-)