Sunday, October 19, 2008

John Havermans - Garden Pt 1 and Pt 2 (two tapes, De Fabriek Records & Tapes, 1983)

Many of the releases on De Fabriek Records and Tapes are by the band De Fabriek, but some are by others, mostly Technological Aquiver (or TLA, or The Lost Attick), but there are also two volumes of 'Garden' by one John Havermans. I have no idea who he is, except that he contributed to De Fabriek's 'Neveleiland' record. On Garden Volume Pt 1 it says all music is recorded by a Moog synthesizer. Garden Volume Pt 2 has no info.

part one
part two


Anonymous said...

Wow. You've outdone yourself. I would have expected a torrent of all De Fabriek's work.. but not a site dedicated to some of their rare forgotton tapes.. I've downloaded them all for my own use and am thinking about posting a torrent of a De Fabriek Discography.. couldn't have come this near to complete without ya.. no one on slsk has these!

433 RPM said...

i'm not on soulseek, i actually hate soulseek. but i'd say wait with your torrent as there is more de fabriek coming, and also some releases on the label by others. in about 60 days this blog is over and then all de fabriek i have is on there


JH said...

Hi all. Thanks for putting my old recordings on the web. I even do not know if I have them myselves. Greetings to all especially to the fabriek. I remember the recordings of Neveleilanden very well, as some of them were made in my appartment (eg trumpet in the bathroom).
John Havermans