Thursday, October 16, 2008

Storung - The Art Of Combining (tape, Combinator Records 1, 198?)

The second contribution by Dr. Freakowitz is the most sought after tape by Dutch electro legends Storung, also on Combinator Records. Storung released a LP, which was recently re-released, along with a CD version of it, and a 7". The recent interest in their music made them play together and release new material. Storung is a duo of Eugenius and Arian Brunwin. I don't have their 'Inside The Black Box' album, in case you are wondering. This cassette release is not mentioned on their website


(not for sale from 433rpm)


Anonymous said...

Very cool contribution a very interesting character in the music scenes. Thank-you guys. I have talked with Eugenius, and he said they are planning on releasing another album off of Clogsontronics which will contain some tracks off of the'Black Box'Lp. There is also a forum that is takeing members to join for the colaboration of the Clogsontronics label projects. Thanks-again for the cool postings. I hope your blog doesn't run dry anytime soon like you said it may. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Seems to be a rare live set they did somewhere at sometime. Not to bad quality either. I do hope Freakowitz becomes a regular contributor too. We can only imagine what treasures he may have aswell.