Friday, October 3, 2008

Idealistic Idiot Volume 1, 2 & 3 (three tapes, Nihilistic Recordings, ?)

Peter Zincken of Odal fame is an active exchanger of music. Here has released many compilation tapes, such as Material and Nice Noise. His biggest set, as far as I know, is however nine volumes of under the banner of Idealistic Idiot. I have them all and post six this weekend and three next weekend (plus another three ninety minutes cassettes, but I'll reveal that next week). This is a very complete picture of late 80s cassette from the true underground. Lots of these people never made records, let alone CDs.

One has music by Zona Industriale, Mario Marzidovsek, A Violate Body, Juryen, Memphis 10 sc, Kapotte Muziek, Post Destruction Music, Gurk, Odal, Experiment Incest, Zanstones, Croyners, Zweiter Korps, Blackshirtorchestra

Two has music by Wienergesangknaab, Twirk, Nails Ov Christ, Paul Hurst, Anschluss, Odal, Zusammenwaschen, John Hudak, L'Akstremauncio, Urbain Autopsy, Lyke Wake, A Violated Body, Pregroperativistic Movement

Three has music by Vidna Obmana, Arvid Tuba and Klaus Groh. This is unindexed.





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soundhead said...

these are great, thanks.

C B said...

Fantastic stuff. I can't imagine how I would ever get to hear these otherwise.