Monday, October 6, 2008

Tog Dogs? - Funny Farm Residents (LP, Funny Farm Records, 1981)

Ok, following all the noise of this weekend, for now something completly different. When I got Vinyl 12 I thought it a great flexi disc. Eyeless In Gaza on one side and on the other Top Dogs?, a duo of two brothers, Bass and H.W. Blom. They lived in the lunatic asylum, hence the name of their label Funny Farm. It mentions they are from Zwolle, although two De Div members play on a track here. It took me until very recently to get the LP mentioned in the article, and I must say it didn't live up to its exceptations. Much pop/rock like songs, with a bit of a weird sound here and there, but its quite alright. Not that good, not that bad. Today, you can judge for yourself. The zip contains the LP, the vinyl flexi disc and for those who read Dutch, the article about them.



P@ndora said...

Thanks for this. Which Div members are on this? And are they only on the flexi or also on the LP?

Thanks, Frank

433 RPM said...

i don't think i suggested they are on the flexi. maarten de reus plays saxophone on 2 and marc de reus plays bass on 4 - as it says on the cover actually.