Thursday, October 9, 2008

2x10" (double 10", Empty Records mt 079, 1990)

Another of those 'pay along as you contribute' compilations, just like the various albums of IF Records and De Fabriek, but here on the Doc Wor Mirran label. This is the track list:

A1 Voices In The Distance Mystryonyt (3 Tap Pan)
A2 Macadam (3) Tarmac
A3 Karl F. Gerber His Master's Noise
A4 Kopfschmerztablette Hanover-Braunschweig
A5 Unanimous Anonymous Unberechenbar
B1 Wolfgang Foag SPXmas
B2 PCR Secrets Of Strangers
B3 Value Stress Peck Order
B4 Sack Baby, Baby, Baby
B5 Sack Gluck, Gluck, Gluck
B6 Sack Klofrau (Live, Clausthal-Zellefeld 1989)
B7 Sack Rolle Ohne Klopapier
B8 Sack Rote Flecken
B9 Jesus Drum Nicht Geburt
C1 PCR Lateral Thinking
C2 Doc Wor Mirran* Sex Is Dead
C3 Ampzilla's Delight The Moloch
C4 Kapotte Muziek + Dead Parliament Figuratie
D1 De Fabriek Mediterraneo (Excerpt)
D2 Nostalgie Eternelle Slow Motion
D3 Mengrad Neila's Entdeckung
D4 Ditto But What Is Fear?
D5 Onomatopeia I Am No Longer Infacted
D6 Onomatopeia I Thought It Was Because You Were Interested In Me The Human Being

However I made all Sack tracks into one piece.



Anonymous said...


nice compilation, but i think there's a fault in your tracklist: when i listen to track 11, it's in fact track 9: band Sack instead of PCR.
And track 9 instead of track 11???
Can you check?

All the best ;-)

433 RPM said...

odd mistake indeed. but you're right