Sunday, October 5, 2008

Idealistic Idiot Volume 4, 5 & 6 (three tapes, Nihilistic Recordings, ?)

Second batch of this nine cassette series. Unfortunately I couldn't index Volume 4 and6 of this. Four has music by Stefano Biasin, Odal, Commando Laars, Enema Syringe, Technica Material, Solananceau Tau, Not Half, S.Core, Marcelo Exposito, Context, Big City Orchestra, Uriniglirimiranglu, Vandal X, Andrew Chalk, Bercomize, Merz. Five has music by 1348, Lyke Wake, Eric Iverson, MGZ, Exterminator, Odal, Chaos Combo, John Wiggins, David Prescott, Esruk, Due Process, Bill Makechnie & Chris Marion, Not Half, LOSP, Little Seed Six has music by L.S.D., The Psychic Workshop, Costes Cassette, Ditto, Odal, Radical Change, Appi, Stream Of Consciousness, Cephalic Index, Brume, Dva Met Dva Nichts, John Hudak, Domaine Poetique, Esruk 

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