Friday, October 10, 2008

Portion Control - Live In Europe (10", Big Noise In Archgate, BNIA ONE, 1988)

Also on 10", just like yesterday, is this 10" by Portion Control, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon, Brixton Ace and two tracks from unnamed places in Spain and Sweden. The label also released a 10" by DDAA, Psy 231 and a compilation - none of which I have actually.



tristan.koreya said...

hi, you can find DDAA 10" here :

litlgrey said...

I had this 10" once! I remember the sound quality being really dodgy.

The problem with Portion Control is, creatively, they peaked insanely early... even then they were highly derivative of others, but their most memorable material between 1982-83.

W. said...

I disagree.

"The Great Divide" 1985, Awesome.

"Psychobod..." 1986, Excellent.

"Well Come" 2007, Supurb.

They've done thngs that I've not liked but it's all worth it for the good stuff.

litlgrey said...

Your opinion is cool, it serves you well, but I can't go there with ya. I just can't.

W. said...

Thanks litlgrey.

I love that we (human beings) can have totally different opinions on something and still retain mutual respect.

I agree with you that the quality of this 10" is poor; in my opinion it is worth a listen but is only likely to be of lasting interest to fans and completists.

W. said...

There is some Portion Control material that I'd love to hear for example;

"A Fair Portion" cassette
"Assault" cassette
Various obscure compilation tracks (Zink Zamler, Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 2, Pluralism, and Katastrophe No. 10 On Tape !!.

Does anyone have them to upload/download?

433 RPM said...

i believe vinyl on demand will release a box by them this year with some of their earliest work, maybe these are included?


litlgrey said...

This stuff isn't considered early.

433 RPM said...

sounded 'early' enough for me..

litlgrey said...

No, earl would be like "Surface and Be Seen," "I Staggered Mentally," and the cassette-only stuff leading up to 1983.

W. said...

Thanks for the tip about Viny-On-Demand.I shall keep my eye on the newsletter they send me.