Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Neckparty (tape, no label, 1986)

This compilation is not released by any label, which probably shows the extend of the old tape days: 'send me some music, and I'll make a compilation'. On this tape we find Anschluss, Nails Ov Chrsit, Catharsist, Arvid Tuba, Maybe Mental, Kapotte Muziek, Ulrich Blume, Narzisse, 37 Pink, De Fabriek, Asod Dvi, If Bwana, Urbain Autopsy, Odal, Experiment Incest and Hollow Men. Quite a nice industrial tape.


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Anonymous said...

This tape was released in Sweden by Markus Arvidson in 1986. Many thanx for your blog. it makes my day every day.

By the way here is the Asod Dvi MySpace;