Friday, October 24, 2008

Vocokesh - Ispepnaibra (LP, RRRecords 068, 1990), Still Standing In The Same Garden (Drag City DC 015, 1992)

Vocokesh is a sort of hobby project of F/i's Richard Franecki along with Jan Schoeber and sometimes others. These are the bands first releases. They play interesting space rock. 'Ispepnaibra' was on tie dyed vinyl, the Drag City release is one side only, while the other side has an etching in the vinyl. More from them later.



litlgrey said...

Vocokesh... YES!!!

Anything Richard Franecki was ever connected with was brilliant. Shame he kind of disappeared from things.

He started as a total ARP-head, but admitted that I was the one who got him gaga over anything made by Richard Buchla. By the point of this recording he had some tremendous Buchla modules to play with, in addition to his heavily Hawkwind-influenced guitar.

The only problem I had with Vocokesh is Jan Schoeber on drums. If you listen to these tracks - and especially at slower tempos - you'll hear him drop strokes all over the place. Oh well! Great music.

Anonymous said...

Ispepnaibara was eventually reissued on CD by another label, but it was sourced from the LP: they used a copy that actually had a skip on one track and apparently never noticed it! Plus, in what I guess was an attempt to disguise its vinyl origin, they EQ'd the hell out of it, and the resulting CD sounds tinny and harsh, very grating on the ear.

The original LP is far superior sounding, and I did my own vinyl rip to CDR and threw the CD out! Stay away from the CD, it's horrible! This LP version is the way to hear this album, thanks for posting it.

And Vocokesh has been active again for awhile. Google them, and you'll find several CDs, most of which are pretty great, like 'Paradise Revisited', 'Through the Smoke', and 'Smile and Point at the Mountain' among others.

Student Driver said...

Any way you could re-up this one?
Would love to hear it!

433 RPM said...

which part you didn't understand? REPORT BROKEN LINKS THROUGH E-MAIL, NOT AS COMMENT.

Student Driver said...

wow. you need to relax.

433 RPM said...

next time no re-up for you. you could have say thanks for instance