Saturday, October 25, 2008

One For Bangkok (tape, L'Agence Des Refusés A,D,R. 001, 198?)

The first of two compilations by Belgium's L'Agence Des Refuses. I posted a long time a double cassette 'Alle Zegen Komt Van Boven', Dr. Freakowitz submits today 'One For Bangkok', a more internationally oriented compilation.

A1 Cleaners From Venus This Rainy Decade (2:13)
A2 Y Create Reprise (2:08)
A3 Terra Della Sera Il Principe E Gli Autichi Uccelli Part 4 (7:32)
A4 Cleaners From Venus Midnight Cleaners (5:08)
A5 Dream Flesh Original Copylat / Iguanapella (6:26)
A6 Legendary Pink Dots, The The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes (6:17)
B1 Enno Velthuys Swamp (4:30)
B2 Bene Gesserit Mr. 4XQ (3:10)
B3 Pascal Comelade Dedicated To Conlon Nancarrow (2:04)
B4 Mark Klee Baby Jesus (2:27)
B5 Tara Cross It's Cold (4:37)
B6 Autumn Reach You From Behind My Walls (2:56)
B7 Steve Ainsworth Concern (4:05)
B8 Subject (2) The Man From Outer Space (3:27)
B9 Enno Velthuys A Lifetime Of Lovelyness (2:35)


Not for sale from 433rpm


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Bow scrape... bow scrape. Another sweet hot cake. Tastes VERY good!