Sunday, October 12, 2008

Claustrophobia (tape, Interrupt IP01, 1988), Schizophobia (tape, Interrupt IP02, 1989), Necrophobia (tape, Interrupt IP03, 1989)

As promised here is another trio of long compilation cassettes, released by Interrupt Productions, who I believe were good friends of Peter Zincken at the time. I think the guy had his own music project in Splendor Solis, but maybe my mind is blurred. Three long compilations, all ninety minutes each.

Claustrophobia has music by Dwarf Farm, Szarkov, Odal, Vidna Obmana, Ditto, No Unauthorized, Kapotte Muziek, Ioss, Dva Met Dva Nichts, Travella 4, Thae Collective, S Core, M.Nomized, 6de Kolonne, SBOTHI, Sluagh Ghairm, Psy 231

Necrophobia has music by Stefano Biasin, Recycled Body Programm, Solanaceae Tau, LSD, SCore, Context, Blackhumour, DZ Lectric, The Grey Wolves, Enema Och Gejonte, Not Half, Pyrom, Vandal X, If Bwana, Factor X, Costes Cassette, DZ Lectric, Pronegatif

Schizophobia has music by Militia Chresti, Nostalgie Eternelle, Szarkov, ORDUC, M. Nomized, Lyke Wake, PBK, Winter, Vidna Obmana, Line Farmer 117, Appi, Dikyl Brobojo, Big City Orchestra, No Unauthorized, The Grey Wolves





Phillip B. Klingler said...

PBK here... One of my compositions appears on "Schizophobia". Peter Zinken's project was Odal, I believe.

For those interested, you can find a number of rare releases as free album downloads at my blog, The Sound Genetic:

-PBK & Vidna Obmana-Depression And Ideal (noise ambient)
-PBK-The Mescaline Tracks (psychedelic electronica)
-PBK-Headmix (psychedelic electronica)
-4/4 Quartet-Ode To Sony'r (jazz/rock freenoise fusion)
-De Fenestra w/PBK & Guillermo Gregorio(Hat Art Recording Artist)-Chicago Pieces (freenoise & jazz fusion)
-Acclimate-Dreams Into Dust (industrial rhythm & drone)

Download, Share, Review, Repost!

hexwarden said...

thanks very much for these

Anonymous said...

thanks again for uploading all those rare tapes... btw i would like to ask if you have any tapes by non toxique lost and das synthetische mischgewebe you would like to share? that would be great...

433 RPM said...

nope, none of those around here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the tapes which I lost throughout the years.
I compiled them with a friend of mine (Erik Brouwer) when we were aged 16/17.
I designed the covers also.
Quite harsh images but in line with the black-romantic cassette-culture at the time. ;-)
It was put together for the love of all the colorful artists who
were hometaping en mailed their
music all over the world. The purpose was to share. Really noble.

Great that you digitalized the recordings! I really thought I wouldn't meet those items ever again!

The artists did a great job!!!