Sunday, October 26, 2008

The History Of Jazz (tape, L'Agence Des Refusés,1984)

The 'other' compilation by the same label, another contribution from Dr. Freakowitz. It seems that Rapidshare has a new policy that for free accounts no more than 10 people can download, so for the time being I upload through megaupload. Maybe I'll buy a premium account for Rapidshare. Don't know yet... Megaupload does allow really big files, so that's good...

A1 Commie Martyrs Medley Of Unreleased Greatest Hits (4:44)
A2 Nexda The Man Who Smiles Dub (4:09)
A3 Algebra Suicide Somewhat Bleeker Street (1:30)
A4 Renaldo & The Loaf Cast Iron Smile (2:00)
A5 Dave, The Old Lady Dirt Box (2:57)
A6 Bright Too Late Love And Betrayal (3:22)
A7 Lady June Hipoppopothesis (3:45)
A8 New Warmth Vacation (5:58)
A9 Jung Analysts Boys On The Job (1:52)
B1 Port Said Cobra (5:02)
B2 Short-Term Memory Third Hand (4:13)
B3 Twilight Ritual Surrounded (4:48)
B4 Algebra Suicide Lethargy (1:54)
B5 Dega Ray Touch (4:00)
B6 Minimal Man (2) Ascension (3:04)
B7 Bourbonese Qualk Going Through The Motions (2:03)
B8 Lady June Mission Person (2:43)
B9 Algebra Suicide Agitation (1:25)


Not for sale from 433rpm


litlgrey said...

If anyone has any background on the circumstances under which Lydia Tomkiw from Algebra Suicide passed away a couple of years ago, can you post about it?

She was a doll.

Anonymous said...

HI , I'm Looking for Niki Mono - CONTRADICTIONS ARE A LUXURY lp
Have You Some Links ?
Thanks anyway

433 RPM said...

i never even heard of it..


Anonymous said...

Do you have more tapes of "Agence Des Refuses"? I love to see them on your blog page.
I know Alain Caby when I also lived in a town near Vilvoorde.
I think he had some more tape labels.
Do you know what happend with Alain?


433 RPM said...

not me, but i think dr freakowizt will share more. i don't know which people were behind it.


Anonymous said...

Thx for the reply.
Where can i find more about the Doctor Freakowitz or do I have to wait till he post on this blog.

Thx anyway for all the beautiful music that you place on these pages.

Greetings from Belgium

433 RPM said...

i would love to forward this comment to him, but why would he respond to someone who is anonymous?

Dave said...

"Sylvia said...

HI , I'm Looking for Niki Mono - CONTRADICTIONS ARE A LUXURY lp"