Monday, September 8, 2008

De Noordmannen (tape, 1982)

The final obscurity from Red Bol's archiefkast, a duo with Jan Boeijink on organ, guitar and vocals and Jan De Noord on bass and vocals. I have no idea where they are from - I believe from Winterswijk. They do play a dutch version of Crass' 'Bloody Revolutions', but here too I had problems separating the tracks. All I have to say really!



Red Bol said...

I'm afraid there's something fishy going on here: I suspect that I dubbed the original Noordmannentape on one side of a cassette that has Gefahrzone on the other side. Which is something completely different (albeit from the same region). Gefahrzone is in fact a spin-off of K√łmmentaar BV, the band from friday's post. Maybe I can shed some more light after I complete my download! Hopefully mr. Boeijink will forgive me.

Red Bol said...

well: I dont know exactly about side A but the Noordmannen's piece starts after 7.5 minutes on side B

Red Bol said...

its even more complex: after the Noordmannen gig, 4 minutes before the tape runs out: a live track by another Achterhoek band: Anguish!

maybe mr 433 would be so kind to split the B-side in three parts?

433 RPM said...

i can't seperate one mp3 into more parts, and i no longer have the original wave file. maybe you could give more exact timings for this and perhaps the other side?