Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pitfall/Six Minute War (tape, Finger In The Dike hole 001, 1981)

I picked up a new tape deck, well second hand, but hardly used and decided to try this tape again, which failed before. I still don't know if the tape is warped on the first 4 Pitfall tracks on my copy, or whether that is a defect on the master. These are the first recordings by this Dutch punk band, of whom we posted a 7" before. A bit like The Ex/Rondos, and actually quite nice. On the other side, undindexed, there is a live recording by Six Minute War. a London punk band. Both sides aren't the best in the world of recording quality. This release started the Finger In The Dike label, and is really one of the few punk releases on that label.



Listen and Understand said...

Can you re-upload this please?

433 RPM said...

its funny you call yourself 'listen and understand'. that clearly doesn't involve 'reading and understanding', as just what exactly didn't you understand of this:
now, call me anal, but if you would have cared to e-mail me i could have told when it was re-up.

Listen and Understand said...

Sorry about that. I was working on a post about Six Minute War around 4 in the morning and was completely out of it and didn't notice that. You can just delete these comments if you want.