Monday, September 29, 2008

Dikyl Brobojo - Through Time And Trouble (tape, De Koude Oorlog sz 015, 1988)

Recently the name Dikyl Brobojo popped up on various compilations. Today a full release by him. I believe his real name was Dick de Booij, from Den Helder and ran a cassette label called De Koude Oorlog (the cold war), was a member of Szarkov (more of them later on) and played solo music as Dikyl Brobojo. Experimental, electronic music, with a strong fascination for Russia and China, especially communism. This release seems to be made with field recordings from China and casio keyboards.



NĂ©antror said...

that tape is really good thanks..

Anonymous said...

many many thanks dick de booij was a good frend a big insperation for many people he did also a lott off audiovisual stuff .he past away about 13 years aggo he was 32.

433 RPM said...

hi robin

i didn't know this. shit. i will post some more from him, but i don't have his entire catalogue.