Monday, September 15, 2008

Sandoz Lab Technicians (LP, Siltbreeze SB55, 1996)

"Free-improv and underground New Zealand group comprised of James Kirk, Tim Cornelius, Nathan Thompson and occassionally Mark Curragh." Their releases aren't that many, but this LP is their oldest one. Low fi guitar drone music. I don't know if this band still exist.


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Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for posting this great LP!
Sandoz are still around albeit in a slightly different orbit from the Siltbreeze LP. Recent releases have a more exotic improv sound with very little in the way of drone/free noise guitar clang.
Just for the record they have put out 5 albums since this one and their most recent release is the excellent The Western Lands CD on the Last Visible Dog label.
They even play live a couple of times a year.
Check them out at: