Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Support Your Local Underdogs (tape, Zsbrodje Tapes, 1986)

Many of the compilation cassettes I borrowed from Kapotte Muziek deal with noise, electronics and experimental music, and many cover much of the same names. I posted a few already, and will do many more. They will be an encyclopedia of noise of the mid to late 80s. There are however some odd balls in this pile, and this is one. It's a punk compilation with for me unknown bands such as Powerage, Kina, Subterranean Kids, Les Gnomes, Afflict, Bad Preachers, Guy de Simpele, Hate Crew, Bap, Attic 22, Parasites and their music is a bit hardcore like, or some such. But in between most tracks there is also Kapotte Muziek, providing machine like 'links' between the tracks. When asked, Frans de Waard said, 'he couldn't remember much about this thing, or why it was made like this'.


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