Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Club Rialto - Call Here My Varlet (cassette, Delftsch Wormen Tapes, 1986)

"Club Rialto were a Dutch group comprised of Roel MeelkopJac Van Bussel, and Guido Doesborg. The considerably more prolific and enduring group THU20 began as an off-shoot of Club Rialto, and featured all members, after the name was initially used by just Doesborg and Van Bussel."

They released two versions of 'Call Here My Varlet", one normal and one 'demix' by future THU20 member Jos Smolders, in an oversized carton sleeve with insert. I don't think both versions are the same, but I don't think I have the other one.


Mrs. Inside said...

dank u wel!

Stefano said...

thanks . always gratefull to your amazing lost cassettes . 1st blog ever!!