Friday, November 30, 2007

D Day Solo (tape, LeBel Period DD1000, 198?)

D Day was the name of evenings at Paradiso Amsterdam to present various bands on one night. There were one or more events in which solo musicians presented work, recordings which are on this tape release on the Tox Modell label. Included are Andre Bach (of Tox Modell, Det Wiehl), Joop van Brakel (Nasmak), Maria van Heeswijk, Rolf Hermsen (The Tapes, Mathilde Santing), Bea de Visser, Stephen Emmer and Paul Milo (of TTL). Quite an interesting tape of various kinds of music, synthesizer, guitar and vocal experiments.



mahler haze said...

the year was 1982. Allegedly exists on LP too,but has yet to be verified.Great upload of a VERY rare tape.

433 RPM said...

i never heard of a lp version of this