Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jeroen Huisman & Roelof Bakker - Don't Use Violence (tape, Bijna Alles Kan 001, 1983), Herzog - Laughing In The Warmth (tape, Bijna Alles Kan 002, 198

When the Dutch Popinstituut mailed back the box of tapes to me, I also dusted off the latest version I could find of Frans de Waard's Nederlandse Cassette Catalogus because I was thinking I could now finally post all the works by such and such and such label. How disapointing, since a blink in this small bible of cassettes learned me that there is very little that I have complete, it will be scattered pictures. But one label that is complete and presented today is Bijna Alles Kan (almost anything goes), who released two twenty minutes. The first one is by labelowners Jeroen Huisman and Roelof Bakker, the second by Herzog. I have no idea who is behind Herzog and Jeroen and Roelof never told me. They lived in a nearby village so I went there on my bike. Both releases are electronic, with vocals and political lyrics, certainly in the case of the Huisman/Bakker. They also had a bootleg cassette for sale with, I think, Joy Division's concert in Eindhoven but also a long version of 'Isolation', by Hannett that was supposed to be a 12". I never heard anything anywhere else about this piece. Roelof Bakker these days lives in London and Jeroen Huisman is a visual artist in Arnhem. True long forgotten music, but quite nice one and surely one should hear.



Niels said...

Just wanted to say: great idea to post all this obscure cassette-only music! I wonder what that Frans de Waard guy is doing right now... BTW, if you're going to post more Svatsox: I have a very early demo of theirs, primitive but fun; let me know if you're interested!

433 RPM said...

Probably he spent his evening in a bar on saturday night, but otherwise he's busy with his and his label Korm Plastics as well as making music. I posted his Kapotte Muziek LP before.
and oh yes, i'll surely post more svatsox, so let's have those demos :)