Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A 433RPM boxing day gift

The Netherlands have a 'great' tradition of two christmas days, in some countries the second is known as 'boxing day'. So instead of a regular post of a tape or piece of vinyl, I compiled a small surprise box for you. It has some christmas pieces that I found scattered around the house, and some pieces of tapes and vinyl which were hard to lump into a more regular post, partly because it's from tape with pieces that came to you otherwise (in one case) and a compilation LP with crap music save for the two in the folder, plus two 7"s which I happen to like. Curious? I hope so, start unpacking now. If you leave a comment - great, but don't spoil the fun for others, right?



ONECHORD said...

man oh man... wonderful compilation :)

merry xmas to you and thanks for this amazing blog!!


ps: wish i was 17 again ;D

433 RPM said...

wish i was 17 too. but alas. 50 isn't bad either


Anonymous Schizo said...

a few days late but this is a great comp, i'm gonna have to hunt down a few of these artists. Thanks!!