Monday, December 31, 2007

Mailcop - Muzak (tape, Midas Tapes taped 022, 1987)

Today a post about fireworks, it's the last day of the year. Odd when you think of it to associate fireworks with the last day of the year, but we really start them on new years day. Oh well. I already posted music by Roel Meelkop before when he was calling himself Happy Halloween. In 1985 or so he changed it to Mailcop, which sounds kinda like his name in English, but it means something else. In his 'Muzak' release, the second cassette he did for Midas, he used the sound of fireworks in the opening track, and for me is one of the best of that phase by him. Ripped and donated by DMDN.



TymexPyres said...

Very interesting piece. I was wondering if you could pull up with some more of that minimal synth you said the netherlands was traditioned with. I love the two clogsontronics releases I have. The first E.pittoresque and Storung release. Das Ding was awesome too. The Netherlands seems to have had its own peticular form of synth that I have grown quite fond of.So if you are ever wondering what to post up, consider something similar to those or more A blaze colour, or if anyone sounded like Mekaknik Kommando(Thats awesome!) Your part of the world has had a very cool scene of music that I would have never know about if not for your blog.Thank-you.

433 RPM said...

i must look because much has been done, like mekanik kommando, vice, and such like. but ultimately there will be more. a blaze colour will certainly come one day.

happy new ear


TymexPyres said...

Thank-you so much friend....Happy New Year Bloggers.


moroder odor said...

great fucking tape!!!!!!! Thanks!

433rpm, do you have the solo tape that Atom Cristal made in '85 titled "First Aid" and which came out on the Tago Mago label? If so, I hope you do post it one day.

I want to thank you for posting the Satellite & Atom Cristal tape you posted a while back. That is now like a total favorite album of mine. It was definitely one of my favorite things that you posted on this blog.

You see, I'm intrested in hearing all of Tago Mago and Camouflage tapes that I never heard.

I know Atom was featured on the first volume of Oscar's X-Mas Carols, do you have that one? I know you posted the second volume of Oscar's X-Mas stuff a few days ago. Thanks for that.

I definitely prefer all the experimental, minimal synth, and synth-punk stuff that you post on No Longer Forgotten Music.

I prefer all the expermential and synth stuff from the Netherlands, like Van Kaye and the Ding Dong tape label rather than the regular Dutch punk stuff. I'm curious to hear stuff I never heard. I wish Van Kaye would have made more or at least a live tape.

THANKS SO MUCH for all the music you share with me during 2007. Happy new year 433rpm!


....moroder odor..........

TymexPyres said...

Actually Moroder...I believe there is an album on The Thing on the Doorstep blog from Van Kaye and Ignit. Or was it Phoenix Pins? One of them posted an album by them.

Jakkrit said...

Thank you for music