Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dutch Punk #12

Various 7"s this time with texts in Dutch. There are two by the great De Straks from Delft, personal favorites of mine. Which can't be said of the second 7" by Megafoons, acoustic punks from Utrecht. I really don't like this one, but I put it anyway. The 7" by Zowizo is also great, they were from the great Wormer scene. Miranda's and Subway were donated by Kees of that great Dutch punk site, but I have no scans for them.

De Straks - Vrij Onverteerd (7", no label, 1982)
De Straks - Groeten Uit De Vrije Wereld (7", no label, 1982)
Megafoons - Nooit Meer Fascisme (7", Rock Against Records, 1983)
Zowizo - Beat Per Minute (7", Hotse-Knotse-Kneuzenrally Records, 1983)
Subway - Jesus Loves Me But I Don't Care (7", No Fun 3, 1978)
Miranda's - For Promotion Only (7", prut 001, 1981



Niels said...

Another great post! I hadn't heard the 2nd Straks EP for ages, miles better than I remembered.
Any chance of posting the (super-rare and unfindable, even in mp3 form) Spoilers/ Mort Subite split EP?

433 RPM said...

a friend of mine has it, but i don't see him that much, but eventually it will come.