Friday, December 7, 2007

Das Ding - Two Tapes

The Netherlands have a strong tradition in minimal synth bands, some of which re-surface every now and then, like Ensemble Pittoresque, but there is more to discover, like Das Ding. Danny Bosten was from Terneuzen (I think) and ran Tear Apart Tapes. His first release was a split c20 with Les Yeux Interdits, which was one J. de Koeyer. Another release, the 'Kalkulator' compilation will be posted later. I have none other releases on this label, although there is at least one other Das Ding release on this label. The other Das Ding release is on Dier's Stichting Update Materials label and also a c20. Great minimal synth as they could only make in the early 80s.

Das Ding/Les Yeux Interdits, tape, Tear Apart Tapes tat 001, 198?
Das Ding - Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement, tape, Stichting Update Materials st 008, 198?



Josef said...

Those three les yeux interdits tracks where terrific, muchas gracias!

johan said...

in the download of tat001
the files are mixed up,
file 04, 05, & 06 are actually
tracklist 01, 02 & 03 (side A)
file 01, 02 & 03 are
tracklist 04, 05 & 06 (side B)


433 RPM said...

if you say so... you might be the johan of les yeux interdits?


Danny said...

man! so "Josef"is actually complementing the wrong band?

Unknown said...

This is one of the greatest musical introductions I have received in '07. I hadn't heard of these two bands, more info/music would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Danny "Daniel" Bosten = "one hell of a Dude". Rond 1982 was hij te bescheiden, this guy was too modest in that age of "punk" , big hairdo's, Birthday Party's, and Limited Public Images (You could be wrong, you could be right, eh, Danny?!>) Danny Bosten never really seeked the limelight of stage performance, but believe me:

Danny Bosten = One HELL of a musician! A force 2 Breckoned with.
Das Ding?
Mah Thing!

Yo Homiez, chk out dem Wicked electro-beats, and Analog-style Funky Grooves. Diz 100% Jive-ass honkie bring SHINE to any rap-crew. Total(ly) Cosmopolitan, lean & mean Moddaf*ckin' Synthi-Beats that even make Zombies dance! No pun intended: Danny Bosten? He got GROOOOOOVE, and he really BEAT(s) it!