Monday, December 17, 2007

Tranquil Eyes - Walks (tape, Stichting Stopcontact, 198?)

I did remember this tape as being very good minimal synth, so it was among the first to digitize it, but it turned out to be a less good. The songs are good, and Tranquil Eyes certainly had great potential, but the mix could have been better and the sound quality of the tape in general too. It has two songs that were also on the previously posted 'Contact Discs' and were one of the main bands on Stichting Stopcontact. Still, it's pretty decent synth pop and highly enjoyable, but somewhat more dated than say Das Ding.



Unknown said...
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433 RPM said...

i really don't think my little text said something to the extent of me not liking it. but reading in the age of the internet is a rarity.


Anonymous said...

It's been a wehile since i last visited this amazing blog.
Now looking for a decent copy of the Tranquil Eyes K7.
Could it be that your copy had the extreme dolby surpressing effect as result of a low musicsignal?

Is this the quality of the tape or can it be improved by switching the dolby of?

If so it love to hear the music in clear sound. Maybe a repost?

greets from tilburg,

433 RPM said...

keep looking for a 'decent' copy. i copied this as copy all my tapes.

no repost.

keeping looking elsewhere.


Alex said...

Most masters have been found, as well as more Tranquil Eyes, Frozen Ducks, Cheiron and Beatnik Love Affair tapes, and they are being worked on for future re-release.
Please be patient,

Lex Grauwen

pop80s said...

Hi Lex, this is a great new, really I'm very interested in your music.

Alex said...

Tranquil Eyes - Walks,
the album, has finally been re-released on vinyl,
in a greatly enhanced re-mastered version by Ruud Braumuller on February 21 2012 by Onderstroom Record, Belgium.

Go get it here:

Thanks everyone,
Lex Grauwen

PS. It will be available also as a digital release shortly ! Stay tuned !

433 RPM said...

greatnews. do you want me to remove this link on my blog

pop80s said...

Great news Lex :-)