Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot Poop - Er Is Geen Brug (tape, Kubus Kassettes, 1981)

There is no bridge is the translation of the title of this tape by Hot Poop. This was a collaboration between Kubus founer Rob Smit (who played a crucial part on many early Kubus releases) and one Bas de Groot. Two thirty minute pieces of which the first sounds like early ambient industrial and the second more industrial - that is the first half. The second half, well, the second half... you should listen for yourself and see if you make it until the end. Another great Kubus release, and seeing the few amount of downloads on Mark van Kempen (compared to say the Dutch punk posts), I think it's all a bit wasted on you. Hence I will persist in forcing this down on you.



noisepress said...

hi 433rpm,

little request: have you heard of Sluik? would be great if you share more tapes:)

thanks for your great work!


433 RPM said...

actually i know him, but i don't think i have any tapes by them. 'hembrug', a compilation in the first days of this blog, has a few pieces. i am not sure he released much on tape.


Anonymous said...

I made it through the second side. So there.