Friday, November 16, 2007

Dutch Punk - Third Post

To answer a question from the comments of a few days ago: no, I don't have all of these records, only some. But I try to borrow them, make fresh rips and new scans. So I headed out to a nice guy called Kees, here in Nijmegen, (not the same Kees as from the punk in holland website), and borrowed a whole bunch of 7"s and albums, of which this is the first post (except the Studs which I had myself). It harks partly back to the very first punk records in The Netherlands, and some 7"s are pretty short, so we get no less than 10 today. Mecano's first record is in there, as well as the other two releases (God's Heart Attack and The Helmettes) on No Fun Records, which eventually became Torso Records, and the first 7" on Plurex by Tits, which might be considered a forerunner of Minny Pops. Vopo's are from Zwolle, Princess Of Peace (nice picture disc there and hardly punk) from Arnhem, Suzannes from Enschede, The Brommers from Den Haag and finally The Studs from Amsterdam.

1. The Brommers - Defect (7", Pleasant Piece Of Plastic s3275, 1980)
2. Paul Tornado - Van Agt Casanova (7", De 1000 Idioten IDI 1111, 1977)
3. Princess Of Peace - x-Ray Proved/Nothing You Got (7", Royaltie 1, 1979)
4. God's Heart Attack - Treat Me Like A Doll (7", No Fun no 1, 1978)
5. Helmettes - I Don't Care (7", No Fun no 1/2 2, 1978)
6. Mecano - Face Cover Face (7", No Fun no 2, 1978)
7. The Vopo's (7", Redlux rcs 1109, 1980)
8. Tits - Daddy Is My Pusher (7", Plurex 001, 1978)
9. Suzannes - New Disease (7", De 1000 Idioten IDI 3333, 1978)
10. The Studs - Warning High Voltage (7", Vögelspin bite 003, 1981)


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