Saturday, November 24, 2007

J'nitors United C.O.D. - Rhyxxxthm (tape, Small Town Sound, 1981)

As promised a few days ago here is a post about J'nitors United C.O.D., a band from Asten, The Netherlands. They had a traditional line up of Hans Jacobs on guitar, Erik Hoebergen on rums and Johan van de Meulenhof on bass, but their music was quite curious mixture of wave, punk and experiment. On their 'Rhyxxxthm' they improvise over a background tape, for them an experiment which, according to the cover of the tape, the audience didn't like. A lot of extra's come with this post, thanks to DMDN, in the form of live an rehearsal recordings. Hans Jacobs played later on, with DMDN, in Lewd (and recently did a great reunion concert). And as an extra I scanned an article from Vinyl, but it's in Dutch of course. Also I am happy to announce that the Popinstituut will return my donation of Dutch tapes which I gave them 10 years ago, but which they never unpacked. I get it back and can keep it until they find new space for a new archive, which may not happen. So loads and loads of tapes will come, and the box will be here on monday. I have no idea what's even in it, as I lost my list...


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