Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hours (LP, Plurex, 1982)

The idea behind this record to present music for certain hours. So at 6.55 you should feel great with Eric Random. The sleeve had a big paper watch as a wrap around. One of the nicer post punk compilation with tracks by Nasmak, X Mal Deutschland, The Project, Dislocation Dance, A Blaze Colour, Minny Pops, Section 25, Eric Random And The Bedlamites. I saw this on another blog but the link didn't have all the tracks. Thanks to my friend RM who had this as a MP3, I can now, hopefully bring the lot.



Andre said...

Cool, I forgot all about that album. I just checked, yes it's still in good shape. When I get my room sorted and the record player connected that will be the first one to give a spin again.

433 RPM said...

yes, it's still a nice indeed!