Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kapotte Muziek - History Is What Was (LP, If Records CMH 1212, 1989)

As reported before I think Stichting Muziek Nieuws released, besides the previously posted compilation LPs, only this LP containing one band, Kapotte Muziek. One side has pieces from the early stages of the band, when they were a duo (Christian Nijs and Frans de Waard), while the second side has just Frans de Waard working with tapes from others. This is the band's first LP, I think following two 7"s. It was on Earlabs before, but here are also pictures of the cover and the insert. The reason for posting this today is that Frans de Waard will play with Roel Meelkop as Zebra, their latest offering in music, at MS Stubnitz, currently harboring in Amsterdam, tonight. Meelkop will also play as Slo-Fi, Frans as Goem|FDW, and Rechenzentrum. All of that seems to be far away from the origins of this record, but surely nice. check stubnitz for more info.


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