Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Alle Zegen Komt Van Boven Volume 1 and 2 (two tapes, Agence Des Refuses, 198?)

This is the release I wanted to upload yesterday. Part 1 worked fine, but part 2 didn't. The rapidshare link in that one may not work. 'Alle Zegen Komt Van Boven' means something like 'all blessing comes from above us', and was a highly limited double cassette on Belgium's Agence Des Refuses and features only Dutch artists - hence the title (look on a map). Some names are known such as De Fabriek, Het Zweet, Era Ora, Enno Velthuys (more on him later), Andre De Koning (from Trumpett Tapes), but there is also Operatie Lulkoek, Rotterdans, Allard Munsters and P. Winnibust. I don't have the original so no cover scans for it, and I hope I retyped the cover allright when I borrowed this from De Fabriek, I think, somwehere in 1987. Also I don't know when it was released exactly, but it's quite a nice compilation of synth music and some more experimental sounds.


Kernit the Font said...

Link down. :(

433 RPM said...

instead of sending this comment twice, you could have better read this: REPORT BROKEN LINKS THROUGH E-MAIL, NOT AS COMMENT