Monday, June 16, 2008

Ha Fijn 8.15 (tape, magazine, Edele Delen, 1986)

Today a short compilation, as requested by the guy who compiled it, Heer PJ (Roggeband). Ha Fijn was a magazine for poetry, comics and stories and had various issues - I don't excately recall how many. But with issue 8.15 there was a compilation cassette, fifteen minutes in length. It was the only issue with a cassette, and the thematic approach was computers. Industrialists as Jacinthebox and Kapotte Muziek are present, but also musicians and poets as Smeerpoets, Hugo Kaagman, Lucas Simonis, Dorpoudste De Jong, Heer Peejee, Diana Ozon and SP Vuyk. I didn't scan the entire magazine however.



Ego Kornus said...

Neeee, was de hit van de dag gisteren!!!

433 RPM said...


Anonymous said...

Onze dank is groot!

Ha! Fijn? leeft weer een beetje.

433 RPM said...

hoog tijd voor een nieuw nummer dan!