Monday, June 9, 2008

Richard Youngs - Motorway (tape, Chocolate Monk CHOC 052, 1994)

Perhaps the only (or perhaps only few) cassette release by this Scottish singer songwriter, who likes to play a bit of experimental music. From Wikpedia:
"Richard Youngs (born 29 May 1966) is a British musician with a prolific and diverse output, including many collaborations. Born in Harpenden, England, and based in Glasgow since the early '90's, his extensive back catalogue of solo and collaborative work formally begins with Advent, first issued in 1990. He plays many instruments, most commonly choosing the guitar, but he has been known to use a wide variety of other instruments and objects, including the shakuhachi, theremin, oven tray, dulcimer, a home-made synthesizer (common on early recordings) and even a motorway bridge. He also released an album which was entirely A Cappella.
He has toured only once (in 2002, supporting Low) and live appearances were, for many years, very occasional and almost always in Glasgow; he has stated publicly that he finds live performance "incredibly nerve-racking: stomach cramps, tension headaches...".[1] In recent years, he has performed more regularly and many of his recent shows have been predominantly vocal - he told The Wire (issue 284) "I went to a laptop concert and decided I was going to sing".
Motorway is mostly more experimental.



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Thanks for,among many others,Richard Youngs,Neil Campbell & Astray Navigations.

Spirito Bono.

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Yeah, if you're from Harpenden you move away asap. ;-)

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