Saturday, June 14, 2008

Touch Travel (tape, Touch T:4, 1984)

As promised another compilation by Touch, here more or less based on the notion of world music, in an extensive meaning. "Wrapped in a plastic bag with printed matters inside featuring contributions by Peter J. Bach, Neville Brody, Mooie Charrington, Panny Charrington, Kasper de Graaf, John England, John Forsyth, Yvonne Forward, Malcolm Garrett, Carrie Greenaway, Mike Harding, Rob Keyloch, Ben Mandelson, Norrie MacLaren, Andrew McKenzie, Chris Moretone, Garry Mouat, Jill Mumford, Ben Murphy, Fachtna O'Kelly, Tony Reason, D. Styme, Sheila Rock, Kevin Ward, Damian Wayling & Jon Wozencroft." Didn't scan that, just ripped the scans from discogs, but the music is a fresh rip by me

A01 Eithne Ni Bhraonain An Ghaoth O'n Ghrian (The Solat Wind) (2:04)
A02 General Strike My Other Body (3:40)
A03 Brian Gulland & Frank Ricotti Journey (3:40)
A04 Swastikas Bells Untitled (0:28)
A05 1000 Mexicans Trans-Astrakhan (Seeing The World) (6:30)
A06 Old Silk Route Pig Slaughter (2:04)
A07 3 Mustaphas 3 Bam / Tsifteteli (3:49)
A08 Quimantu Interview (2:05)
A09 Unknown Artist Yanomamô Shamanism (2:38)
Recorded By - David Toop
A10 Old Silk Route Mule Bells (0:45)
A11 Eithne Ni Bhraonain Miss Clare Remembers (2:02)
B01 33 Notes From The Underground (2:36)
B02 Andrew Poppy But Does Winston Own A Straw Hat (Part 2) (3:37)
B03 General Strike Snowdrops (3:40)
B04 Quimantu Despedida De Salta (3:59)
B05 Jon Keliehor & Percussion Research Ensemble, The Trance Formations (4:24)
B06 Piedro Insipiedo Creatures Loves Sun (2:29)
B07 Cremation Gamelan Fires In Peliatan (2:12)
B08 Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart Tribal (6:06)

Link removed upon request from the label. sorry


Anonymous said...

could you remove this recording please? we don't have the rights to some of this music. thank you. best wishes, Mike [Touch]

433 RPM said...

oh what a great pity. i guess none of the old Touch tapes should be posted? and just now i spend so much time on them... :(


space debris said...

That's a real shame - though I reckon it's courteous to remove the link at the request of the label.
These comps are legendary and it's a shame to not be able to hear them.
Thank you 433rpm for sharing all this stuff and thank you Mike for the wonderful sounds you have released for so many years.

Kristof Debris (ex-Sono Cairo radioshow)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad. I wanted this for years. I understand the problem, but i really wanted to hear it.

433 RPM said...

contact me then

Psyence Guy said...

Who are all of these bands?

433 RPM said...

hardly a relevant question now, since you can't hear this anymore. world music artists and pop artists with an interest in popmusic.

Anonymous said...

I have that tape and several others form Touch, most still in playing condition. As for the bands, some should still be familiar, like Jah Wobble, 3 Mustaphas 3, and Andrew Poppy. General Strike have a CD at Piano, the label of David Cunningham (Flying Lizards). Eithne Ni Bhraonain got famous when she changed her name to Enya ...

Thanx for posting so much good stuff, I always feel proud when I own a cassette or LP you post here.

Anonymous said...

label added to my black list then

Anonymous said...

booooooh for mike of touch .

why care if it isnt your music ?

433 RPM said...

totally agree with you Metek. this was a way of getting to know it. contact me.

Anonymous said...

You can put the link here and no problem.
Thank you for all

Anonymous said...

I highly commend this blog for removing releases when asked to by the label that published the work.

I only wish certain other blogs would do the same.

Anonymous said...

"You can put the link here and no problem"

hmm .. did u wrote this mike of touch ??

now Im confused ..