Friday, June 27, 2008

Daask - Beat Holy Island (tape, Staalplaat, 198?)

And to stay in the corner of Finger In The Dike, there is also this tape by Daask. I believe that this was a group of film/video makers, and this tape of course only contains the soundtrack, as recorded by Sluik/Kurpershoek. They worked together from 1982 to 2001 on music, video and visual art. Staalplaat released a CD by them. According to Frans de Waard's cassette catalogue Finger In The Dike released this, but the small booklet mentions Staalplaat. I gather just for distribution. Oh well. Nice industrial music.

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Ron Sluik said...

where did you find that one?

DAASK - DEDO (Harry Heyink, now teaching on Rietveld academy Amsterdam), Auto Awac (Kees de Groot, director Planetart/Gogbot festival) and Sluik (in Norway) and Kurpershoek.

An audio scape of an audio-visual Tour 1983 through England with performances in London Coop and The Basement Newcastle and some place in Brighton.

Underestimated history, if i am allowed to say so.

NIMK Montevideo Amsterdam released a DVD called Record Memorandum in 2007.

Give it a try!

Ron Sluik said...

and another one:

SLUIK 1981 on Vinyl 2007

433 RPM said...

i bought it in staalplaat i guess, or perhaps got it from finger in the dyke. that long ago :)